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Hamariwali Good News 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sumitra arrives home

Hamariwali Good News 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Renuka saying we have tried every way, we didn’t find any way, we had to lie to Sumitra so that she doesn’t insult Navya. Mukund is shocked. Renuka says Navya isn’t pregnant, she can never get pregnant, I had no courage to tell the truth to you, I was thinking what to do. Mukund gets a screw driver and opens the bolt. Renuka says Bansiwale showed me a way, but I can’t walk on that way without holding your hand, I need your help for the sake of children’s happiness. Mukund opens the door and comes out. She gets scared. He slaps her and drags her out. He says everyone is a liar. Adi and Navya come and ask what happened. Mukund says I trusted Navya, you also broke my trust, you all are liars, get out of my house. He throws them out and scolds them. He locks the door. Renuka’s dream ends. Mukund asks her to open the door. Renuka opens the door. She says I didn’t know when you came. Mukund scolds her.

Kusum calls her out and says just see who has come. Mukund and Renuka go to see Sumitra coming with her relatives and band. Mukund dances and greets her. Renuka says he didn’t say you are coming. Sumitra says we came to surprise you, I have come to stay here after many years. Mukund asks Lallan to get the luggage. Sumitra says we had a little dance also. She asks Mukund to pay the band artists. She goes inside the house. Renuka makes tea. She says I will not get time to talk to Mukund, I have to find a way, I can’t lose so soon, I have to explain Navya to stay safe from them. Adi talks to Sanjay. He says its good thing, I will talk to Anchal. Navya asks what happened. Adi says Sanjay wanted to ask Anchal about the honeymoon location, he is a good person, don’t know why people say back about him without any proof. He goes to talk to Anchal. Navya thinks I shouldn’t share about Sanjay’s PA until I m sure.

Renuka wakes up at night and sees everyone sleeping. Sumitra talks in sleep. Renuka hides and goes out to Mukund. He says you come anytime and scare me. She says I need to talk to you. He says I have much work at shop, I get tired and feel sleepy, give me the water. She says no, you have to listen to me first. He argues and tries to snatch the bottle. Sumitra wakes up and says where did Renuka go. Renuka falls over Mukund. Her chain gets stuck in his shirt button. Sumitra comes there. Renuka frees the chain. Mukund drinks water. Renuka says I wanted to say, Navya… She sees Sumitra and stops. He asks you here at this time, I was feeling thirsty so came here to take water, will you have it. He goes. Renuka lies to Sumitra. Mukund says she is lying to Jiji. Sumitra asks her to go and sleep.

Its morning, Renuka asks Navya to be alert of Sumitra. Sumitra sees them and asks Indu to let Bhaang go in their stomach, then everything will be clear. Preeti and Sandhya come home. Renuka welcomes them. The neighbor ladies come. Anchal sits. The ladies sing badhai…. Sumitra signs Indu to go. Indu asks Renuka to take samosas. She takes the drinks. She adds bhaang in the juice. She gets it. She worries seeing the spiked drink. Kusum takes the juice and drinks it. Sumitra holds her hand and signs Indu to get another bhaang drink. Kusum feels strange. She stops everyone and says I will dance now. She dances. Everyone smiles. Renuka says what happened to her. Indi says this time, I will give the drink to Renuka. Navya takes the drinks. Indy goes and takes the class. She asks Navya to give it to Renuka, she is working since morning. Navya gives the drink to Renuka. Indu signs Sumitra. Sumitra asks Renuka to drink it. Renuka drinks the juice. They smile.

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