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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #12 Who Knows What!?

RECAP: Vansh along with Deep irritates Riddhima. She get angry. Vansh has to convince her.

Riddhima hands the basket of flowers to Vansh and starts going away. He holds her by her wrist and pulls her. The flowers in the basket bounce due to force. It gives him an idea. He throws the basket in the air. The flowers fall on them. But, Riddhima is adamant.

Vansh: Come on, yaar! I can bring a smile on your face this way or that! Why are you wasting time?

Riddhima: You won’t be able to make me smile!

Vansh: Are you challenging VR?

Riddhima: Maybe… I am!

Then she pulls his cheeks and runs inside the house.

Vansh: Challenge accepted!!

1 PM

Vansh: Dad! Mom! Uncle! Aunty! Daadi! Let’s play passing the parcel!

Ishani: Ya! Sing or out!

Sia: Good Idea!

Riddhima: I’ll call Rakshit.

They all sit in a round. Rakshit plays the music. When the music stops, it is in Vansh’s handds. He sings…

Heer to badi sad hai ji

Aaj kal very mad hai oye

Heer toh badi sad hai ji

Ho ishq hai maachis, dil hai diesel

Dono change duram door

Kaante paante aakh aakh ko

Sapne kar gaye chooram choor

Aaj kal very bad hai oye

Heer to badi sad hai ji

Aaj kal very mad hai oye

Heer toh badi sad hai ji

Everyone claps while Riddhima frowns. Deep notices this. He tells vansh…

Deep: I told you… She won’t be easy to convince…

Vansh: She has challenged me… She said that I won’t be able to make her smile… and she is going to lose the challenge!

Deep: I am in a dilemma! Both my kids are against each other! What to do!

Vansh: Nothing! You just wait and watch!

The cushion stops in Dadi’s hand. She sings… 

Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahaani

Yaa Hai Mohabbat Yaa Hai Jawaani

Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahaani

Yaa Hai Mohabbat Yaa Hai Jawaani

Laaa… Laaaaa.Laa.Laaa.Laaaaa

Dil Ki Baato Ka Matlab Na Pucho

Kuch Aur Humse Bas Ab Na Pucho

Dil Ki Baato Ka Matlab Na Pucho

Kuch Aur Humase Bas Ab Na Pucho

Laaa… Laaaaa.Laa.Laaa.Laaaaa

Jiske Liye Hai Duniya Deewaani

Yaa Hai Mohabbat Yaa Hai Hai Javaani

Kisse Puraane Yaade Puraani

Yaa Hain Mohabbat Yaa Hain Jawaani

Laaa… Laaaaa.Laa.Laaa.Laaaaa

By the end, everyone was singing along. Next, the cushion stops in Pradeep’s hands. He refuses to sing and goes out. Then, it lands on Uma. Since Pradeep is out, she decides not to sing, but then everyone convinces her.

Lag jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raath ho na ho

Shaayad phir is janam mey mulaaqat ho na ho

Hum ko mile hai aaj yeh ghadiyaan naseeb se

Jee bhar ke dekh leejiye hum ko kareeb se

Phir aap ke naseeb mey yeh baat ho na ho

Paas aayie ke hum nahin aayenge baar baar

Baahein gale mein daal ke hum ro le zaar zaar

Aankon se phir yeh pyaar ki barsaath ho na ho

Lag jaa gale ke phir yeh haseen raath ho na ho

Then, the pillow lands on Riddhima. She sings…

Kya hua… Tera Wada…

Woh Kasam… Woh Irada…

Vansh understands that she is talking about the challenge.

Kya hua tera wada

Woh kasam woh irada

Bhoolega dil jis din tumhe

Woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga

Kya hua tera wada

Woh kasam… Woh irada…

Vansh joins in…

Bhoolega dil jis din tumhe

Woh din zindagi ka aakhri din hoga

Kya hua tera wada

Yaad hai mujhko tune kaha tha

Tumse nahi roothenge kabhi

Vansh eyes Riddhima. She almost smiles on the way the lyrics have turned. Then stops herself remembering the challenge.

Dil ki tarah se haath mile hai

Kaise bhala chootenge kabhi

Teri baahon mein beeti har shaam

Bewafa yeh bhi kya yaad nahi

Vansh remembers Ragini and Riddhima remembers Kabir. Both get sad. Sensing the atmosphere changing, Ishani snatches the pillow from Riddhima. They continue playing.

5 PM

Everyone disperse. The Raichands leave for their mansion. Vansh and Aryan are working. Sia is completing her assignments in her room while Ishani is painting a wall in her room.

At Raichand Mansion

Deep: Sejal, Riddhima, I wanted to talk to you both regarding business…

Riddhima: Dad, Rakshit will handle it, naa!

Sejal: Yes! Dad! And anyways, we both are not gonna be around for more than a year… So, what will we do of the business!

Tara: Usually, girls are sad to go to another house!

Riddhima: She is in a hurry! Not me! Because I know, even after going there, only the address and surname will change… nothing else…

Rakshit: That’s like my Di!

Sejal: Anyways, Riddhima, we have a new project… let’s work on it!

They both start working. Rakshit is painting in his room (Hey guys, what do you think? RakShani or IshIt? Or something else? Actually, even SiShit/RakYa is possible… you guys suggest… I am not sure of anything right now!)

Sejal and Riddhima are in the study room. Riddhima gets a message from Vansh.

Vansh: Meet me in 10 mins at the park near your house.

Riddhima: I am busy. I can’t come so soon.

Vansh: Okay… 20 mins

Riddhima: Okay, I’ll be there.

Vansh: Good!

They continue working. After 25 mins… Riddhima goes to freshen up and Vansh calls. Sejal picks up the call to tell him that Riddhima is coming. But as soon as she picks up the call…

Vansh: Inteha ho gayi intezaar ki… Ayi na kuch khabar mere yaar ki!

Sejal: Someone is still in the mood of singing!

Vansh: Sejal? Where is Riddhima?

Sejal: No! No! Sing further! Yeh hamein hai yakeen bewafa woh nahi! Phir wajah kya hui intezaar ki?

Vansh: That’s my line Sejal! So tell me! Phir wajah kya hui intezaar ki?

Sejal: New project! And she’s gone to freshen up… She’ll be there in 5 mins.

Vansh: Okay!

After that, Vansh gets a call…

Lady: Hello, beta!

Vansh: Hi Auntie!

Lady: You don’t need to call me Auntie… You are going to be my son in law! You can call me Maa! (Tadaa! Arohi is alive!!!)

Vansh: Okay, Maa… There was no new lead today… Kabir did not do anything… But today, Ra… Rag… Ragini was spotted near their house… I think Anupriya aunty finally told Kabir about her…

Arohi: I know, my child, it is difficult… I am still unable to believe that Anupriya! My sister! My best friend! She tried to kill me! Anyways, I had not called for those nasty people! I called for some other reason!

Vansh: What?

Arohi: Riddhima loves pottery… Try pottery!

Vansh: Offo! Even Deep uncle told me the same thing! I have already set up everything!

Arohi: Accha! We’ll see!

Vansh: Okay! Bye, Maa!

Arohi: Bye! Take care!

He cuts the call. After some time, Riddhima arrives. She stands in front of him folding her hands. He smiles at her and pulls her into his car.

Riddhima: Where are we going Vansh?

Vansh: Farmhouse.

None of them talks throughout the way.. They peacefully hear the songs.

When they reach the farmhouse, Vansh takes Riddhima to the backyard where there is a pottery wheel kept and some clay. Riddhima gets happy but doesn’t smile. She sits and starts spinning the wheel. Vansh comes and sits behind her. He keeps his hands on the lump of clay on the wheel. Their hands move in perfect sync as they make a pot. None of them speaks anything. When they finish it, Riddhima looks at it. It is perfectly smooth and in a proper shape. She is so happy with the pot that she smiles not realising that she lost the challenge. Vansh clicks a picture of her.

Riddhima: What are you doing?

Vansh: I won the challenge!

Riddhima: Oops! But it’s okay! You convinced me already! But how do you know that i love pottery? Dad?

Vansh: Ya! Even Maa told me!

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: Nothing! And anyways, I know you since two years! Of course I know you love pottery!

Riddhima: Ya! And I am still thankful to you for returning my family to me! And helping with that Kabir’s matter!

Vansh: We love each other, na! Then there is no space for thank ou! And he went after you because of me! Anyways, just play along with him, ookay?

Riddhima: I will! How dare he think he could use Riddhima Raichand as a pawn!?

Vansh: It’s almost Riddhima Raisinghania!

Riddhima: Same difference!

Precap: Kabir shows Riddhima a picture of Vansh pointing a gun at Ragini. Riddhima to someone: The fish is in the net.

(Tada! I am back with a bang! See you guys tomorrow! And thank you for being so patient!)

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