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Excuse Me Madam 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam enjoys with Sanam as a BFF

Excuse Me Madam 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam romances with Kranti. They come to bed. Kranti blushes and looks away. Sanam says poetry for her and about to jump on her but she runs away. Madam calls Sanam and says you are hiding behind your wife? I am outside your house. Come out and have chole bhatore with me. Sanam says I am coming. He ends the call and tells Kranti that I have to go and meet my friend, he is not feeling well again. He leaves. Kranti thinks something is fishy.

Addu is massaging Amar’s feet. Amar talks about Sanam’s friend. Addu says he is a good friend of Sanam. Amar gets Kranti’s call. Kranti says Sanam went away again. Amar says I will catch him red-handed soon.

In the morning, Sanam, Addu and Bhaisa are in the garden. Addu tells him how Amar was doubting his friend. They see madam coming there with Mishti. Sanam is mesmerized to see her. Addu sees Kranti and Amar coming there too. They get stunned. Sanam and Addu hide behind the bushes. Bhaisa barks so Kranti looks around but Sanam asks him to shut up. Bhaisa says I want to see Mishti. Addu sees Madam coming near Kranti and Amar. Addu says they are going to meet each other now. Madam passes by Kranti and Amar and leaves. Sanam sighs and says I am on the edge.

Scene 2
Madam is checking her waist. Chatterjee comes to her office and says I have brought sweets for you. I don’t think Sanam deserves your friendship, he might get your wealth. Sanam comes there and greets Madam like a BFF. He hugs Madam and says we will go and watch a movie.

Amar is beating a criminal in her station. Kranti comes there and asks her to stop it. Amar comes to her and says why are you worried? Kranti says I am worried about Sanam. Amar says I will find out the truth, she asks her officer to keep an eye on Sanam. Kranti thanks her.

Sanam is leaving the office with Madam. He shows her a bike. Madam gets excited. Madam says let’s go and have fun. She sits on the main seat, Sanam sits on the secondary seat. They both drive on the road and dance together. Madam drives faster and her eye twitches, she goes crazy and gets into an accident. Sanam wakes up and asks Madam to wake up. He pinches her and says we got saved.

PRECAP – Kranti cries and tells Amar that I am worried about Sanam. Amar says I am sending my PI for him.
Sanam is dancing with Madam in the bar. The manager says lady inspector is coming here. Sanam gets worried.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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