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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman misses Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman recalling Shravan’s words and writing about him in the diary. She pours her thoughts in the diary. She writes I wish to meet him and scold him a lot, why am I feeling bad that he is going away. She gets his message. He asks her to lock his room. Suman goes and locks the door. She says what’s so imp that he asked me to lock it. Its morning, everyone sits to have food. Suman sees noodles and recalls Shravan.

She says you know Shravan has allergy to mushroom, why did you make it, thank God Shravan isn’t here. Beena asks didn’t Shravan come home from party, his door was locked. Suman says his CO called so he left. Beena asks when will he come back. Suman says don’t know. Kanchan thinks don’t know what happened to Suman. Suman works out. Kanchan plays the radio. The song Ek duje….plays…. Suman goes to stop it. Kanchan asks her to increase the volume, its a good song. Suman gets a call. She asks who’s this. Shravan asks did you delete my number. She says oh, I didn’t see my phone, tell me, what’s your work. He says yes. She says order me, my life has no work. He asks were you waiting for my call, I know you are busy, can you go to my room. She asks why, you made me lock the room. He says that file is imp, get it from cupboard, click its pics and send me. She asks why. He says it will be your favor on me. She says fine, which favors shall I count. She goes to his room. He guides her. She gets a towel and thinks of their moment. He says that’s not your towel, I had thrown it, its my new towel. She gets the file. He asks her to click pic of the papers and mail him. She asks him to hold. She clicks pics and sends him. She asks him to check mail. He asks her to keep file back and lock the room. She says I know the way to leave. She disconnects. She checks the file. She cries.

She says he took the papers and went on dangerous mission, he didn’t even say once. Vikram asks Sophie to have coffee and say how is it. She says well done, I think Suman is making you practice. He says no, she isn’t demanding. She asks did you ask about her old love story. He says yes, I don’t care for her past. She says she would have told you about Shravan. He says no, its not imp, it was just a childhood crush, it ended, did Shravan say anything else. She says we are discussing current relationships, Shravan told the same, you know him, he doesn’t share his feelings, I was trying to find out about him, I thought to ask you about him, not Suman.

He says no, I m happy for him, he is a nice guy. She says he is out of town, you, me and Suman can go out. He says great idea. She says so call Suman. She thinks lets find out will she come without Shravan or not. He calls Suman. Kanchan asks Suman to answer the call. Suman answers. Vikram says we shall meet, Sophie is also there. Suman says I m busy. He says its okay, we will plan next time. Kanchan asks why did you lie to Vikram. Suman says don’t know. Kanchan asks why are you behaving weird. Suman says what shall I do if my mood is bad, why are you giving judgment when Vikram has no problem. Kanchan asks are you fine. Suman says yes. Sophie says we will plan later. Vikram says sure. She thinks to find out what’s the past things that Avni doesn’t want to come out. Suman calls Shravan. He doesn’t answer. She writes … sorry Shravan, you went on secret mission and didn’t even say about it, when you come back, you will get old Sumo back. She cries and thinks are you fine Shravan, please be okay.

Beena says Suman, you are Shravan’s doctor, you would know where he went. Suman asks how will I know. Kanchan says we will go out. Suman says no, I don’t want to go. Veer says Shravan… Suman hears this and runs smiling to see Shravan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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