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My greetings to all the readers. Episode 4 is here. Hope you all will like it. Sorry, I think there are less scenes of Kuku Today. So please don’t mind it. As you move further with the episodes, the scenes will be great.

Ft. Mishbir and Kuku

Episode 4

At the college ;

Narrator : It’s the first day of college. There was a fresh and cheerful environment in college. Kuhu, Kunal, Abir and Mishti went to the auditorium. The Dean was addressing the students.

Dean : Good Morning, Students. Hope you all are fine with the atmosphere of college. As you all know, this is a medical college. This is the first year for you all in this St.Teresa College. St. Teresa Medical College is a college with high facilities and experienced lecturers and professors. It’s a brilliant college with excellent students since 25 years….

Narrator : The speech was over and all the students went to their class sections. All the four were in same section. Mishti and Kuhu sat on one bench whereas Kunal and Abir sat on one bench. Kuhu and Mishti were at front. And Abir and Kunal sat just behind them. The Professor came. Everybody greeted the professor and he returned the greetings too. He introduced himself and class was going on.

Mishbir and Kuku talks during the class : Whispering…

Abir : Kunal, don’t you think this professor is too boring? Or our neighbours are boring? (Pointing at Mishti, in a funny mood)

Mishti heard this and says : For some people important things seems to be Unnecessary or boring topics! Right, Kuhu?

Abir also hears this and says : Yeah for some people only some topics are boring, but for everybody some people are only boring, like The girl sitting infront of us! Right, Kunal?

Mishti is irked.

Class ends. At Canteen :

Kuhu and Mishti sat on one table. Seeing them, Kunal takes Abir to Mishku’s Table.

Mishti : You? You are stalking us?

Abir : Stalking? Oh hello! For your kind information, because of My brother’s friend, I came here. Not because of you! Mishti : Oh! Really?

Kuhu : Mishti, please let them sit na.

Mishti : When I refused?

Kunal and Abir both take their seats.

Kunal : How was your first day, Kuhu?

Kuhu : Nice! What about you?

Kunal : Same here

Mishti : And for some people class was boring, right?

Abir : No, Class was alright. But the people with whom I was surrounded were literally too Boring!

Kuhu : What? Do you mean, I am #Boring?

Abir : No, No, Kuhu. Not you, but your sister is #boring

Mishti : Oh, Really? Then why are you sitting here?

Kuhu : Guys, just chill. This is our first day and you are fighting like cats

Kuhu : No, Kunal. #Like Dogs.

Kunal : Whatever you think is right!

Kuhu : Yeah! Now you both say sorry to each other and shake your hands with each other. Like good friends

Abir : What?

Mishti : Friends?

Abir : Shake Hand?

Mishti : Sorry?

Kunal : Yes, Abir and Mishti. You both should say sorry to each other. Or else I will not talk to you, Abir.

Kuhu : Me too! I will also not talk yo you Mishti.

Mishti and Abir are feeling angry at each other. But for the sake of their siblings.

Abir : Sorry, Mishti.

Mishti : No, no. You please don’t tell sorry. I should apologize to you.

Abir : No, no.

Kuhu and Kunal get happy. They both go for ordering some snacks.

Abir and Mishti give each other an angry gesture.

After sometime; Abir: Actually, I am really sorry. I shouldn’t tell you boring.

Mishti : It’s okay. And by the way, I am sorry too.

Abir take his right hand to Mishti for shake hand and say : Friends?

Mishti : Will think about it.

Kuhu and Kunal bought some snacks for eating. All the four share the snacks and have fun.

Narrator : The first day of college was pretty good for all the four. Now let’s see Will Mishti accept Abir’s Friendship request or not? And what will be the next twist in Kuku’s friendship?

Keep reading. Thank You for reading❤💝

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