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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti entertains as Jhonny Joker

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori says to Amaji we will celebrate your birthday lavishly, Amaji says you always do this, last year you feed 1000 people, Angoori says for you i can feed 10000 and this time its your 50th birthday again, and so its should be fun, Amaji says no need just fees poor that will do, Tiwari walks in and says its your 50th so it will be great celebration, shall we call any bhojpuri actor, Angoori says how about a performance by Joker, Amaji says i like jokers so married Juman lal, Amaji says Tiwari do a thing, call Joker.Angoori says but Jhonny Joker died, Tiwari says i have someone in mind.

Vibhu reads jokes on husband and wife and gets irritated, Tiwari walks in and says i want to favour from you, its Amajis birthday, and im inviting you for her birthday party, Vibhu says thanks for the invite, Tiwari asks about fees, Vibhu asks what fees, Tiwari says you have to entertain others as joker, Vibhu feels humiliated, Tiwari says you will also get tips from audience and that will help you whole month expenses, Vibhu says stop playing with my emotions, get lost.

Vibhu prepares himself as joker and says model colony get prepared storm is coming its gonna be bomb and looks at his joker outfit.

Everyone at Amajis birthday party, master and boys wish Amaji on her birthday, Amaji says Tilu to work hard and get married soon, Gupta wishes Amaji. Angoori asks Tiwari about Joker, Tiwari says i tried hard but didnt find anyone, Angoori upset, Amaji says you always upset my daughter, boys says we will use master, Vibhu walks in says im here. Angoori asks who it is, Vibhu says Joker, Angoori says oh Vibhu, Vibhu says no no its Jhonny Joker, and starts his act.
Amaji asks Angoori to dance, Angoori performs, Amaji and Tiwari join her. Everyone who had drink from Vibhus hand except Angoori start scratching themselves and Angoori smells a flower and keeps laughing.

Tiwari after party also sees Angoori laughing and gets irritated, and says joker made fun of me and you were laughing, Angoori says i wasn’t laughing on you, i was laughing on Joker.
Tiwari gets irritated.

Boys irritated by scratching themselves, and blame Vibhu, Vibhu steps in as Joker and says its not Vibhu its Jhonny Joker, they get scared, Vibhu ask them to drink whiskey, they ask why does it taste so bad, Vibhu says because it’s donkeys pee.

Angoori in garden singing, Angoori sees Vibhu and start laughing, Vibhu asks why are you laughing, Angoori thinks who he doesn’t know because it was Johnny joker. Tiwari scolds Vibhu, Vibhu says it must be boys not me, Tiwari says it must be Jhonny Joker, Vibhu says then why fight me, Tiwari gets irritated.

Pre cap: Tiwari says to Saxena that Vibhu is possessed by Jhonny Joker.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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