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Barister Babu 23rd November 2020 Written Episode Update

Barister Babu 23rd November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Greenwood giving the stick as gift to Anirudh. He says it shows blind faith on you like you have blind faith on Lord. Anirudh says we have faith on our Lord, blind faith makes us weak and becomes chains in the feet, faith gives us courage. Trilochan says its not his mistake, he will not understand our status, he is meeting us for the first time. Greenwood tells birth details of Trilochan, Anirudh and Binoy. Binoy says wow. Anirudh nods. Saurabh comes. Guard asks him to leave, the party is for rich people. Bondita enters the house and hides. Trilochan asks why did he get our kundlis, Binoy. Anirudh says you have good info about us, impressive, I came to take your sign on this form. Greenwood says come on young man, I just got married and want to celebrate my happiness, I don’t want to work today, be happy with me. Trilochan says yes, take sign tomorrow. Anirudh says its imp work.

Greenwood says okay fine, I have kept the party for my wife, if she gets happy with you, then I will be happy, my pretty wife Betty will come in main party hall, we shall talk there, right, lets see if your magic works on your wife. Anirudh says I don’t have much time Mr… Greenwood says Sir Greenwood. He goes. Bondita signs Saurabh to go, she will go to Anirudh. Saurabh says yes, Anirudh is inside, I m going to village to find the girls. He goes. Bondita looks for him. Trilochan asks Anirudh to stay calm and not worry about sign. Greenwood welcomes his wife Betty. Saudamini comes. Everyone gets shocked seeing Saudamini. Anirudh makes the bouquet behind his back. Greenwood kisses her hand and stands with her. The people give them gifts. She tells something to Greenwood. He says you didn’t welcome my wife, I didn’t like it. He taunts them. Saudamini introduces herself as Betty Greenwood. She taunts them too.

She takes the bouquet from Anirudh and taunts him. She goes with Greenwood. Bondita likes the decorations. She plays with the flowers. Trilochan says Binoy, how did Saudamini marry Greenwood, Bhaumik has become Adharmi and got her married to a britisher, Bhaumik and his mum aren’t here, did you think anything, how will we make Greenwood do our work when she is here. Binoy says I know her well, she would have played many games and trapped this britisher, I will bribe him and get permissions for the factory. Trilochan says you tell him that the farmers will not have any drug plants farming, the lands and farmers are our responsibility. Binoy says don’t worry, I will come. Saudamini sees Anirudh with the form. Anirudh recalls Bondita’s words. He says Saudamini will not her admission happen, its time waste to stay here, I should leave. She sends a servant to Anirudh. The servant drops some drink on his clothes. Anirudh goes to clean it. She says I won’t let you go, you have seen my love, you will see my hatred now. She sees Bondita there. She says oh, Anirudh’s wife has also come. Bondita plays under the flowers. Saudamini says its fun, if she is also there. She asks servant to go to Bondita. The lady asks are you finding Anirudh, come with me. She takes Bondita with her. Saudamini says its big gift that Bondita came here, I have to meet Trilochan first and return the favor.

A servant offers drinks to Trilochan. Trilochan scolds him. Greenwood says Binoy drinks a lot, why don’t you drink. Trilochan says when two fingers of the hand are not equal, is it necessary that two brothers are same, I don’t drink. Greenwood asks why did you come in the party then, you could have gone to ashram. Trilochan says I came here to talk about farmers. Greenwood asks him to have delicious lamp chops. Trilochan gets angry. Binoy shouts and says take it away, Trilochan is a vegetarian. Greenwood says you fool, get out, didn’t anyone tell you that Trilochan doesn’t drink or have non veg. He goes. Trilochan says he is strange, I don’t understand his nature. Binoy says he is mad. Trilochan says I have to go and purify myself. Binoy says fine, you can purify yourself at my friend’s house nearby, then we will come back for our work. Bondita asks why did you get me here. The lady says Anirudh asked me to get you here, he asked me to give this note to you. Bondita sees the A written opposite way. She thinks just Anirudh, Saudamini and I knew about it, but Saudamini is gone now.

The lady asks Bondita to change clothes and dress up for the party. Bondita argues. The lady says you will look different, wait. She gives a joker’s costume. She asks Bondita to wear it first. Saudamini says they insulted me, now I will teach them a lesson, Bondita will become a joker and Anirudh will become a ringmaster.

Anirudh argues with Saudamini and Greenwood. Bondita looks for Anirudh. Anirudh sees her and praises her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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