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All I Have Is You (Immj2 ff) ~ #4 The Interview!

Hello everyone! I am back with yet another episode of my ff and today I would like to thank all my readers….you guys really make a big difference and your comments encourage me so very much to write more. I really didn’t expect this much love and appreciation….It really feels special for a writer to have his work appreciated. So thank you so much everyone for your words of love and appreciation!♥️🥰

The episode starts as……

Riddhima is waiting for her turn and is soon called by the receptionist who directs her towards the interview room. She reaches the interview room and knocks on the door. A voice answers and asks her to come in. She opens the door and is shocked to see the scenario there. A man sitting on the chair is kept on gun point by a hooded person. Riddhima is in a state of shock and fear but she easily gave up both of them because of all the things she was going through, she hardly could have been more upset. The old Riddhima would have shouted for help but this one didn’t. She took in the whole situation and suddenly had an idea. Meanwhile the hooded man asks her to keep her hands up and settle on the chair. Riddhima obeyed him.

The hooded person then asked the man on the chair to give him a sum of 25 lakhs. The man reluctantly goes to his cupboard to take out the money when Riddhima takes the vase kept on the table and hits it on the hooded person who(don’t worry he didn’t fall unconscious 😂) drops the guns and was going to pick it again but Riddhima takes it from the floor in the nick of time and points it on the hooded man. She asks him to raise his hands and take off his hood.(Bingo! Riddhima takes the lead😁) The man takes of his hood and looks extremely scared. The man looks at the other man(the interviewer) and asks him to please let him go. So the man(the interviewer) asks Riddhima to let him go. Riddhima reluctantly agrees. The man then comes to Riddhima and forwards his hand for a handshake. Riddhima shakes her hands with his.

Man: Hello Miss Riddhima! I am Angre, Vansh Sir’s PA and I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected as his assistant.

Riddhima is relieved but at the same time shocked.

Riddhima: But Sir how can I be selected without giving an interview!?

Angre: About that…I already saw your resume and was impressed and as of the interview you have just cleared it.

Riddhima (puzzled): But how?

Angre: That hooded person whom you just drove away was not a thief. He was paid by us to act like this to test you?

Riddhima: But why on Earth would you do that?

Angre: You have applied for job at the VR enterprises, that too as Vansh Sir’s PA and here we not only check your professional abilities but also your presence of mind. Vansh Sir is the most successful business tycoon and thus he has many rivals who use unethical means to overtake him. Therefore, we always ensure that he is surrounded by only wise and smart people and that is why this test was conducted and I must say that I am quite impressed by your conduct!

Riddhima was shocked listening to all this and could not help but think how much dangerous people she was dealing with. But she forced a smile and said, “Right Sir, from when do I have to start working?”

Angre: From tomorrow morning, reach the office at sharp 9 a.m.

Riddhima: Noted Sir!

And saying this she left from VR enterprises and on her way to hostel informed the kidnapper that she has got job as Vansh Sir’s PA. She reaches her hostel and thinks about the man she colluded with and could not help but feel that she had heard his voice somewhere but couldn’t remember where!?

Meanwhile at VR Mansion,

Vansh reaches VR mansion and shouts, “Mom, Dadi, Ishani”. They all come there and look really upset.

Vansh: What happened to Siya? I heard that she fell down! How could you all be so careless.

Dadi: Vansh beta…. don’t worry she is fine now but…

Ishani: Vansh bhai…but she had a hairline fracture.

Vansh looked a bit relieved but at the same time worried. He enquires what had the doctor said.

Anupriya: He had advised her bedrest for 1 week and given her some medicine.

Vansh: I….

Anupriya: Don’t worry beta….I have already given her medicines and she is asleep now so you can also go and rest.

Vansh: Ok mom!

(Now because one of my readers, Diha to be specific, misses Kabir so much, this one is specially for her)

At the beach,

Kabir is seen at the beach with a box in his hand. He keeps the box down and opens it . There are his photos with Riddhima, a teddy, a locket and a heart shaped pillow. He pours kerosene on it and lights a matchstick and puts it on fire. He watches the whole thing being reduced to ashes and says, “I have been weak, but now I won’t remain weak anymore. I will erase everything that conects me to you Riddhima!” Saying this he leaves the beach.

Precap: Riddhima says, “I am really sorry!”

So that’s all for today and I made this episode a bit long as requested by Naira. I hope you all liked it. I know how much you all love to predict so start predicting whom is Riddhima apologising to although it’s very obvious. And do drop your suggestions and views in the comment box! Lots of love to everyone ♥️💞

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