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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 8

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The episode starts Roshni still lost over the words heard from Salma and standing still in front of the mirror, Aman comes there and sees her disturbed. He asks her, “Aren’t you ready yet, the engagement ceremony is going to start soon!!!” She turns towards him frowningly and asks, “Allah know best, Khan Baba, you had married me earlier in a jiffy to save your Ammi from the curse of the RAKH JINN, but why are marrying me once again now in front of the WHOLE WORLD???” Aman is surprised to hear that question from Roshni, and questions her, “Why are you asking that now Roshni???” Roshni replies him, “Because I want to know whether you will ever except ME AS YOUR BIWI or not!!!” Aman is left confused and speechless over that question, as he has no answer to give her, he tells her nervously, “Roshni, don’t waste your time on such useless stuff, get ready and come downstairs, the whole family is waiting for you!!!!” He turns around to leave, when Roshni points out loudly, “What happened Khan Baba??? Don’t have any answer for that question right!!! Well I know your answer!!!” Aman turns towards her in amazement while Roshni continues in tears, “Isn’t it a NO” Aman eyes too fill with tears, he is unable to comprehend why he is feeling bad when Roshni is saying the TRUTH to him. Roshni says, “Allah knows best, Khan Baba, I knew it, I just wanted to affirm it from it you, and SILENCE revealed everything!!!!” Aman is unable to control himself, he says, “Roshni get ready and come downstairs       !!!” Roshni interrupts, “You can never ACCEPT ME all because I’m a COURTESAN’S DAUGHTER right, Khan Baba!!!” by now Aman has lost his patience, he replies in anger, “You are right!!! I can never accept you into my life, because you are a COURTESAN, a woman who knows only to destroy a family, a woman who was ready to marry an already engaged man only for his money., and a woman who married me for MY MONEY, I hate such WOMEN , because I lost both my AMMI and ABU all because of ONE SUCH WOMAN!!!” Roshni is taken aback at his words, Aman continues in pain, “My Abu left my Ammi for a courtesan like YOU, and from that very moment we also lost our Ammi because she went into a CLINICAL DEPRESSION after that!!!!” Roshni is heartbroken to hear that, she feels sympathetic towards Aman, but Aman had already started losing control over himself, his eyes had turned blue and nails grown longer. Roshni keeps her hand over his shoulder, but then, he catches her hands and twists it badly with her back held tightly towards his chest, she cries in pain saying, “Khan Baba please leave me!!!” He murmurs into her ears, “All because you are AYAANA, you are necessary for me to PROTECT MY FAMILY from MY CURSE. And once my family is SAFE, there will be no place for you neither in my LIFE, nor in my FAMILY.” Aman pushes Roshni forwards, she goes and hits the dressing table, and gets hurts. Aman rushes outside ignoring Roshni.

Aman goes to the bathroom inside the guest room, closes it and then vents his complete anger onto the mirror, by hitting it hard with his fists, “I’m sorry Roshni, I don’t want you to share a cursed life with me.” his hands start bleeding and blood droplets fall onto the floor, soon Aman eyes fill with tears and he starts weeping bitterly, he thinks, “But why is that I’m feeling pain when I see her in pain, why is that I feel miserable every time I hurt her???” He catches his head unable to control his emotions.

On the other side, Roshni is still in tears remembering over what Aman just told her, she gets up and bandages her wound. Baazigar flies towards her and sits on her shoulder, his tears fall on her wound. Roshni wipes her tears and tries to cheer up Baazigar. “What happened Baazigar, you feel bad that I’m crying??? You really LOVE me right, unlike you attitude ridden owner, Khan….” She stops herself from taking out Aman’s name. then she continues smilingly, “Don’t worry for me, Baazigar, because I’m going to find a biwi for you soon, but promise me Baazigar, you will ACCEPT and LOVE your biwi no matter she is poor or comes from a DIFFERENT FAMILY BACKGROUND!!!!” Baazigar rubs his forehead on Roshni’s face” Roshni brightens up with a smile.

However she is saddened thinking, “Khan Baba has gone through a lot in his life, but still always cares for his family and keeps them his priority, if KHAN BABA need me just to protect his family, then I will stay here until they are safe and leave YOU FOREVER after that.”, On the other hand Aman who just recovered himself from Jinn form continues crying miserably thinking, “I wish you get a more deserving person than me Roshni, who can take care of you and with whom you will happy forever without sharing a CURSED LIFE.”


To be continued.

Maddie the fairy narrator says, “Both Aman and Roshni are heart broken with the fact of getting separated from each other, but still are ready to undergo the pain of separation just for the sake of the other, what is this CALLED??? Does anyone know!!!” Maddie asks mischievously.

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