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Love Story Of Demi-Jinn And Ayaana ~ Destined To Be ONE – Episode 10

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The episode starts with Salma giving Roshni ring to put it into Aman’s finger, Roshni remembers his words, Aman forwards his hand without looking at Roshni, who puts it on into his finger. Everyone clap, while there is a slow shake from the fire spiral as Rakh jinn continues to chant verses. Adaa gets frightened furthermore. Parveen hands over the ring to Aman, Roshni forwards her hand, Aman takes the ring and thinks, “I hope you get freed from me and my CURSED LIFE soon, Roshni” and he puts on the ring into her finger. At that very moment, Sifrati Jinn emerges from the fire spiral, there is a huge earthquake in Junaid Mahal, all the family members are displaced, Roshni is about to fall, when Aman caches and pulls her forward towards him, they have an eye lock. (Kahani hamari plays).

Adaa runs towards the living hall of Junaid mahal with the emergence of Sifrati Jinn. Rakh jinn smiles seeing him and greets him, bowing with her left leg backwards, right hand cupped and touching her forehead. Soon, Sifrati jinn marches towards the living hall, the whole family are shocked to see him. Parveen comes and catches Aman and pulls him towards her, Aman is stopped as Roshni is catching his hand tightly. But then she looks towards Parveen and remembers Salma and Aman’s words. She leaves his hand slowly (Kahani hamari plays). They get separated into two different parts of the house.

Sifrati Jinn comes forward and asks Aman, “Where have you hidden my ashes??” Aman shouts back, “I know you don’t have powers until you get them, I will not give them to YOU” Sifrati Jinn becomes infuriated, he let out his giant hand to catch Aman when Roshni comes in front of HIM. Both Sifrati Jinn and Aman are surprised. Aman scolds her saying, “What are you doing here Roshni, MOVE!!! It’s my fight!!!” Roshni replies, “Allah knows best Khan baba!!! This GIANT DEVIL won’t reach you until he crosses me!!!!” Then she shouts “Al-wahid, Al-mateen”, and throws spinning wheels towards Sifrati Jinn, he moves backwards when the spinning wheels scratches his hands and his forehead. He comes forward to attack Roshni, she shouts again, “Al-wahid, Al-mateen” and this time a huge gust of wind slaps onto Sifrati Jinn’s face and he moves more backwards. All the family members are astonished to see Roshni’s powers, while on the other side, Sifrati jinn opens his giant eyes to look closely at Roshni. He realises something about her powers.He signs towards Rakh Jinn who uses her powers to stop Roshni, she throws ash into her eyes. Roshni falls down. Aman runs to help her before which Sifrati Jinn swiftly moves his hands and clasps her into it. All including Rakh Jinn and Adaa are shocked. Aman shouts, “Leave my WIFE alone Jinn, you want me, TAKE ME!!!!” Parveen shouts out “AMAN!!!”. Jinn brings Roshni closely towards his face and smiles maliciously, he turns back to leave. Aman calls out Baazigar and tries to stop him, but then he is attacked by Rakh jinn, Aman takes out his demi-jinn form, all become bewildered. Chotu cries in fear. He fights fervently with Rakh jinn but is also wounded badly. His family members and Adaa get concerned for him. Parveen asks him to stop as he is risking his own life, but he does not as his mind keeps wavering towards Roshni. Finally, Aman overpowers Rakh Jinn and is about to kill her when she disappears into ashes.

Aman who is not in a state even to move limps to the exit where Sifrati Jinn had taken Roshni but as he reaches there, he finds no one there. All come outside. Salma starts crying, “Hai rabba!! That jinn has taken my laado!!! What will he do with HER!!!” Aman falls down on his knees on hearing Salma’s words. His tears roll down from his eyes, falls onto ground and produce fire sparks, he reminisces his last moments with Roshni, and how he had hurt Roshni. He shouts out, “ROSHNI!!!!!”, his voice echoes in the woods, in the JINAAD’S PALACE.


To be continued.

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