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You are only mine- ragsan- part 6

hi sissy’s. so here’s the next part. If u liking this ff so pls give 50 + likes atleast. So that I can continue this ff.

lets start now

Rag: he’s mr.sanskar maheshwari.

Sanskar’s juice glass fell from his hand. He was super shocked after listening wat just she said. His mind got stuck. Suddenly light focus on him. Everyone was glaring at him. There expressions were not of happiness not of sad. It’s just unexplainable.

Rag: sanskar, pls come on stage and join me.

Sanskar doesn’t understand anything. Al were pushing him towards stage. She forwards her hand to come on stage. Without knowing himself he gave his hand in hers. She pulled him on stage. Karan and Naina who were standing at different entrance of hall were also shocked seeing this.

Rag: thanku all. He’s mr.sanskar maheshwari. My fiance. Soon we will b engaged. Soon we’ll announce the date also. I request u all to attend and bless us. Thanku.

All claps for them. All media gathered around sanskar showering many questions continuously.

Reporter1: sir, when u met miss Sinha?

Rep2:sir u proposed her or she proposed u?

Rep3: is it arranged or love sir?

Sanskar shouts: stop it. Wats going on here.

Rag: all media, pls give us privacy. We’ll keep interview one day. U can ask ur questions on that day. Now pls leave.

All left place by saying congratulations to both ragsan. Ragini was responding to their wishes. But sanskar stood like statue.


Ragsan were standing at little distance facing eachother.

San: can I ask wat is this?

Rag: of course u can. U r my fiancé.

San: when I became ur fiancé.?

Rag: when I announced from that time.

San: I don’t like these kind of jokes. Call media and tell that whatever u said it was not true.

Rag: its true. I want to marry u.

San: oh. Really? Why?

Rag: coz I love you.

San: wat nonsense.?

Rag: my love is not nonsense.

San: we just met yesterday. We dint even know eachother.

Rag: so wat.? Now we will spend time with each other, and u can know me.

San: Now its enough. Tmrw m going to tell media that it was just a joke.

He was abt to leav. She stops him by holding his hand.

Rag: u r not going to do anything. I love you. And we r going to marry. That’s it.

San: can u tel me when u started to love me?

Rag: usually I don’t give explaination to anyone. I don’t think that I need to explain abt whatever I do. But u r my wud b hubby. So m going to tell u., the day when u saved my mom. Not only for saving her but I fell in love with u from that time only.

San: but I don’t love u. then there is no question of marrying only.

Rag: (little serious tone) I love u. this is enough for our marriage. U have to marry me.

San: (serious and little anger) wat if I don’t?

Rag: u have to. Coz YOU ARE ONLY MINE.

San: listen, I agree that u r beautifull, and anyone can fall for u. but I don’t love u. now close this matter here only.

Rag: don’t u understand wat I said? Am ragini. Ragini sinha. I’ll get whatever I want. Ive got even smallest thing which I like. Then u r my love. How can I let u go.? U shud be thankfull that I love u. many guys r behind me, but I only love you.

San: am not a thing to get. Am a human being. U cant force me to love u. and u cant force me to marry u. keep in mind.

Rag: fine. I’ll not force u. but u only will tell that u’ll marry me. I’ll not let u be to anyone else’s.

San: I also said. I’ll not. Being a girl u have such an attitude. Then m a guy. Wat wud u think of me? Money is not everything. I’ll not love u just coz u r rich.

Rag: ur this thinking only made me to fall for u. u r not like others. U r different than others. Ragini sinha’s choice is always unique.

San: but for me u r an attidude, egoistic girl. I don’t like such kind of girls. Love is far away. Well. Its of no use to argue with u.

He just started to move outside. Just then ragini said.

Rag: 48 hrs. only 48hrs. within 48hrs u’ll come to me and will say yes to marry me. I’ll not force u.

San: oh, u r going to buy me in these hrs? then let me tell u, I will not.

Rag: (weird smile) its none of ur buiseness that wat will I do. But I am making u sure that u will come to me within this 48 hrs.

San: we will see.

Rag: we will see.

Sanskar leaves form there, at entrance both nairan were shocked witnessing this. Sanskar angrily holds karan’s hand who was still in shock luking at ragini. Sanskar drags him with him to bike, then they left for home.

Naina goes near to ragini.

Nai: ragini wats this? Wat u r going to do? And wat u did?

Rag: I love him and I will marry him. That’s enough for u to know.

Nai: ragini its not so easy. He doesn’t love you.

Rag: but I love him. And I’ll make him to love me. Only me. Ragini sinha always wants perfect. And he is perfect for me.

Nai: but ragini its..

Rag: I think its late and we shud move to home. Ur remaining questions ask there.

Both left for home.

Screen splits in 2. One side Angry sanskar’s face. Other side ragini’s smirking face.

How’s this part guys? I know its short one. But I want to know whether u liking this concept or not? Real story of ragsan starts from now. Let me know through ur likes and comments.

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