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Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shaan asks Asmita not to marry Hridoy

Yeh Teri Galiyan 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with RM asking Shaan his opinion about Paromita Roy. Shaan says he was neither interested in the girl or marriage. RM asks him to reveal if he had any girl in his life, he trusted his choice, he would get them married. Nivi overhears n fears Shana might snatch Asmita. Shaan tells RM that he did not want to marry. Nivi asks Sir not to force Shaan.

RM explains that he needed to marry for the sake of carrying on family name n getting the next generation n of the correct thing should happen at the correct time n age until he got married his younger bro could not be married.

Nivi says let Shaan take his own decisions, how long would he decide for every one? RM retorts that he will do it as long as he lived. Only with his last breath will his decisions stop. Nivi asks

why should Hridoy suffer when he had already chosen Asmita. RM says he never stopped Hridoy but wanted both bros to be married together. Nivi is silenced. But later taunts Shaan that he wanted to stop Hridoy’s marriage to Asmita, he was interrupting his marriage. Shaan denies but Nivi asks him to stay away from her n her son. Shaan thinks that the day she learnt Asmita was that same Puchki from Sonagachi whom she hated to the core. She will regret this very decision of hers. He was only trying to save her from that day.

At police station, Asmita is reprimanded for turning down Hridoy’s proposal. She does not want to do anything her conscience does not allow her. Also he scolds her for hiding the info that chanda was was visiting Majumdar mansion n met Shaan. ACP says beauty too met them. They were all part of the flesh trade racket. How could Asmita feel this info was unimportant? Asmita assures she was going to be very watchful n report all she notices. ACP asks her to marry Hridoy n get into that household n get the info. Asmita wonders how she could betray Hridoy!

Asmita practices dance. She keeps remembering her boss’ orders. She remembers what all Hridoy did to express his love n the romantic moments she had with Shaan.

As she is dancing she hears footsteps. She loses balance n falls pulling down the other person with her. They get covered by her dupatta. As she removes her dupatta Shaan’s face is revealed. They have eyelock n are lost in each other. Romantic BG song plays…” Tujhey yaad kar liya hai…”

Shana gets up n helps her up, returns her dupatta. They get conscious of each other.

Asmita is surprised at his authority over her. Shaan asks her not to go ahead with marriage to Hridoy. Asmita says he loved her there was no reason for her to refuse! Shaan says this rishtaa will bring only pain for both of them. Asmita asks why n how? She asks for the reason. Shaan is quiet. Asmita asks him why did he not want her not to marry Hridoy? Was it because of some past connection he knew about? Was it because he remembered her as Puchki? Was she a wrong type of girl? Was she right for Shaan then? She goes n leans against him very closely. Their noses touch, lips almost touch… Shaan is shocked as Asmita asks if he thought she was wrong? She knew Shaan was interested in her n was affected by her, she asks him to understand that she was not part of his board room at office to get affected by his decisions.

Bijoy over hears Asmita Shaan interaction n is very happy to see the love triangle brewing. What a lovely khichdi was cooking! Moushumi n Bijoy would love to add spice to it! Bijoy says he will give answer for Asmita’s slap back to her with interest.

Hridoy tries to persuade Paromita to marry Dada Shaan. She is interested in the handsome successful young guy Shaan.. She agrees with Hridoy and agrees to help him. Hridoy tells her about his grand pa’s wish to get both grand sons married at same mandap. They both agree to help each other.

Asmita visits Majumdar house for some work. Nivi asks her to sit, n talk to her. To call her her Mom, as she wanted to make her bahu of this house. Nivi says she had invited her family over to her place. Asmita is shocked as she notices her AVP Patil sir, his wife n her colleague n posing as her parents n brother. Asmita secretly asks questions to her senior officer / boss. He whispers that they were assisting her in her mission. Asmita whispers that he was forcing her into this rishtaa.

Nivi gifts Asmita a shaadi ka jora. Drapes her with dupatta. She calls her Asmita Hridoy Majumdar.

Precap: Shaan enters the house n notices Asmita sitting with a beautiful red dupatta draped over her head. Nivi introduces her to her elder son Shaan. Nivi introduces Shaan to Asmita’s parents n brother. Shaan later grabs her n pulls her to his room and asks what drama was she up to now?? From where did she produce this family of hers? Asmita bites his hand. He confronts and almost manhandles her with full haq.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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