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Yeh teri chahat (ShaMita) #FS #Shot 3 by Anee

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So here we go:

Shot 3:

After that the engagement rituals started…

She stood with her cousin Anjalii and I stood with my cousin brother Raj because this was Raj and Anjalii’s engagement ceremony.

There were seems all around happiness… all were very happy and were showing their 32 white teethes.

All gathered to witnessed engagement. Some girls were ready to throw rose petals on the couple of the night. Anjalii’s mother confers ring to her and she conferred ring to Anjali. Raj’s mother came near to him by siding me. She looked at me. I grinned. I think she understood my helplessness.

Everyone were grinning, laughing and hooting… and that moment I stole glances to admire her. When she noticed I moves my face to other side. And I saw she was also jerked head with smile. That were some unique feelings that I ever felt.

First Anjali wore ring to him… all claps. Girls’ throws rose petals on them. Some rose petals were came on her hairs…. It was like flowers grown up in the beautiful garden. She was also beautiful as usual but these rose petals made her even more beautiful like an angel. (Honestly don’t know how is angles looks like) She had unique an attraction.  

After that Raj make her wear engagement ring. And the same process continues to throw rose petals giggles clapping and all that.

After successfully completed engagement ceremony now all were went to have dinner.

After dinner they all went to sleep… but I wasn’t slept…. How can I sleep? My sleep faded after seeing her. She was roaming in mind every single moment. I tried to meet her last time because I knew that may be this will be our last meeting but I couldn’t control myself to not thinking about her. I didn’t understood what was happened to me after seeing her.

I waked and started to walk and when I reached in corridor I found everywhere salience. Nobody was there… I peeped in her room by window I found she was lying on her bed. Light was switch off she was using her smart phone.. Phone’s light was glittering her face. She was biting her lower lip… she was looking nervous. It seems she is searching something very curiously.

I was gazing to her. Just then she called to someone and smiled in amusement. I wondered what she found. She hastily called to her baba.

May be ring was going… after few second call was attended by other side.  

She: Hello baba… main Puchkii.

puchkii…. puchkii… puchkiii

By hear this name Earth slipped from my feet… I was dumbstruck. I can’t understood how to react? Puchkii… mine Puchkiii…. Tears welled from eyes. I can’t even express my feelings in words what types of emotions I felt on that moment. It was mixed emotions. I thought she is no more but she was alive… somewhere my heart was saying no she is alive but……….. By having tears in my eyes I looked at her.

Baba: yes beta how are you??

Puchkii: I’m absolutely fine baba… and you know what I got selected in IPS officer exam. Baba I’m really happy now I will become an IPS officer. And I will get success in my aim.

He shocked…Aim?? What’s aim??.

My heart says go and hug your puchkii Shaan…. But another sentence by her stopped me there.

Puchkii: baba please don’t take his name….. He is not for me anymore…. I hate Shantanu because heart’s wounds never heals so easily. A lot of questions I have ask to him. Why he did with me like that he did?? I won’t forgive him in any cost. She cuts the call.

I was just looking at her by having tears in eyes….. 

Shaan: she hates me……. she hates me… alright…….she has right to hate me because I did so much wrong with her…. But please somebody ask me why I did that….why??

I was gone from there saliently.

That night I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully because this was very painful night of my life…. That night I lost everything by getting everything.

I got mine puchkii…. My friend…after hiatus.. But I lost her too by knowing that she doesn’t like me…. even she also doesn’t want hear my name…….. But I was happy that she was alive. And now I decided not to interfere in her life if she is happy without me then it was enough for me….. I will live her happy without me but how can I live without her.. I wasn’t know.

But 20 years ago I took decision to save her life and now after 20 years I have to do same for her… maybe she will never understand this but as a friend I have to do this for her as I can do everything for her. If she’s be happy then I can live… if she’s not happy then I couldn’t live. I gets life from her smile. She was everything to me. She didn’t knew that to whom she was hatting his heart was pumping for her. (Huh he) what was destiny?

to be continue…….

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