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Yaariyaan, friendship and love, part 7

Raglak were coming back from the garden.

Rag: Laksh, please drop me at Sanskar’s.

Lak: Ok.

He leaves after dropping her there.

Ragini told Sanskar whatever happened.

Rag : I am sorry that I took Laksh there,

San : Don’t be, I know why you did it.

She smiles.

San : It’s my birthday day after tomorrow.

Rag : Really, I didn’t know!!

San : Not that, I need something special this year.

Rag : But why?

San : I don’t know whether you will marry Laksh or not, but mostly, by next year, this time, you won’t be Ragini Gadodia. You will be Ragini something. Who knows you will have time for me or not. So I need something special.

Rag : Oh really, so you think I won’t have time for you?

San : I didn’t exactly mean it, but our lives will change after your marriage.

She didn’t say anything.

San : So, what is the plan?

Ragini thinks for a while. Then,

Rag : You remember the camp we had during NSS?

San : Of course, it was awesome.

Rag : What about a similar camping, a night camp, with tents?

San : Amazing!! We will call your bhai and bhabhi, mine are not here na,

Rag: Shaurya and Laksh too…

Ragini became very close to Shaurya by then, and Laksh to Dev.

San: aTehn call other siblings too.

Rag: Good, I will talk to them.

San : Ok, come on now, we need permission from authorities.

Rag: That will be easier, how to convince Ma??

San : No worries, talk to uncle.

Meanwhile Dev calls Laksh.

Dev : You guys went to rider’s paradise?

Dev: Oh, you should have asked me, I would have told you that she won’t like it.

Lak : I am happy that I didn’t ask you.

Lak : (smiling) She took me to another place.

Dev : She never even mentioned about this place to me!! And I am her brother.

Lak : Hey bhai relax, she just took me to make my mood right, she felt that she spoiled my surprise. (smiling) She is such a lovely girl.

Dev: Oh my lover boy, you are defending her from now only, that too to her own brother…not bad…

Next day, she talks to Laksh, and fro agrees to come.

They packed their bags by noon and left after having lunch. Ragini and Sanskar had tents in theirs.

Laksh took Uthara with him, Ragini was with Sanskar, Dev with Durga and Shaurya was alone. Parish wasn’t coming.

The drive took around have an hour. They reached end of forest and there was an office of forest authorities. They greeted them. One of the guards wnet with them as guide. He walked in front.

Ragini and Sanskar were just behind him.

Laksh was walking a bit back. He looked at Ragini, for the first time after he met her, he saw her quite for this long time.

She was actually listening!!

Now he really understood what she meant when she said Sanskar speaks more.

She seems to be very happy. He took her pic. She looked very cute and innocent. She was half turned towards Sanskar and was walking.

He was about to tell her that she will fall down, but before he completing the sentence, she fell.

All laughed. She too laughed and got up. Sanskar teased her.

Lak : Ragini, look forward and walk.

San: Even then she will fall!!

She started beating Sanskar and fell down again.

All laughed even harder. She got up again and huffs.

They continued walking. Shaurya triped on a root and was about to fall, but managed. Still there was a sound.

Rag: It wasn’t me this time, it was Shau,

She fell down before completeing the sentence.

All laughed like anything.

Lak: (imitating her) it wasn’t me it was Shaurya.

Everyone laughs more, she huffs.

San : Come on now, hold my hand. You are still like a five year old kid.

Rag : No need I can walk.

n anger she walked a bit fast and falls again.

All of them sighed. Sanskar held her hand and led her forward. She stared at him angrily as a kid would.

Laksh admired her, she looked cute.

They kept walking.

After a while Durga called Sanskar. He turned back. And Ragini fell for the fifth time!!

San : God this girl, are you looking for a chance fall down??

She smiled, but was not getting up.
Others rushed to her.

San : What happened to you? Are you fine?

Rag : (trying to get up, but fails) I am fine.

Sanskar helped her to get up. She was not able to stand properly. She seemed to be badly hurt.

San : Come on now, give me your bag.

Rag : No I can’t. It’s as heavy as yours!! Maybe more.

San : (holding the bag) You are not going to carry this!

Lak : Sanskar is right, you won’t be carrying it any more.

Rag : Laksh, it’s really heavy!

Lak : (sternly) Don’t argue now!!

Rah : (sighed), Ok then, enjoy!!

She had difficulty in walking, Sanskar held her. They walked likewise for a short distance. She was still struggling to walk.

Sanskar then took her in his arms.

Rag : What are you doing, put me down!!

San : (Sternly)No way, now stay still.

Laksh looked at Dev, he is right; Sanskar is only person whom she obeys.

Laksh admires them, if it was someone else in Sanskar’s place, he would have been angry, jealous, but seeing her in Sanskar’s arm, he was happy. He knew what they are and respected it.

After a while they found an ideal place for camping. Sanskar made Ragini sit on a nearby stone.

The place had a stream nearby. They were all excited about it, especially Ragini. Guard gave them instructions about how to camp and told them to keep the place clean.

Guard : I will come in the morning and check, only after that you can leave.

Rag : Sanskar, Laksh, you guys had enough by now, let others put up the tent, you two rest.

Uth : Yeah bhai, di is right, we four will put up the tent.

Sanskar started dressing Ragini’s wound. She had a cut on her elbow nd her leg was paining. Laksh watched him doing it. Sanskar cleaned her wound with water and was about to put the ointment.

Lak : How can you put the ointment before applying antiseptic? She fell in mud, there is high chance that the wound will get septic.

San : But I don’t have antiseptic with me.

Lak : What ?? You came without antiseptic, how can you be so careless? Now move back, I will do it.

Sanskar stared at Laksh, but he moved back.

Laksh started dressing her wound.

Lak : (concerned) Ragini, please be careful.

Laksh dressed her wound, by then the others had put up the tent and come to them.

Dev : You know Laksh, this one such rare occasion were you can see Ragini resting after being hurt.

Rag: I am not that hurt and I won’t be resting from now.

Dur: She didn’t help in putting the tent only because Sanskar is here.

San : I know that, else she would be jumping up and down in this situation too.

Lak : (astonished) Ragini, why are so careless regarding your health??

Dev : She says its only one life and you have to enjoy it to the fullest, time is less.

San : Yeah right, go on like this, your life will be really short.

Rag : Stop it now guys, just because I am not saying anything, that doesn’t mean that you all will scold me. Now I am resting, but only on one condition that I would enjoy at the night.

Lak : No way, you hurt your leg!!

Rag : Laksh please, this is my idea and I want to enjoy!!

Lak : Ok fine, then stay still for a while.

Laksh takes out a bandage from the kit.

Rag : What are doing, please don’t touch my foot.

Lak : Really, then how do expect me to put this bandage?

Rag : I will do it myself.

Lak : With your injured hand?

Rag : It’s not that paining, I can manage.

Lak: Ragini why are you so stubborn, now stay quite. I swear I will make you rest for the evening.

He held her foot. She felt very odd. He covered her leg with bandage.

Lak: Don’t remove it till night.

Rag : I can’t wear it till then.

Ragini looked at others helplessly. Sanskar stared Laksh.


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