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Vikram Betaal 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram reasons that Karma is superior than bhagya and lakshmi

Vikram Betaal 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raja’s men coming to the cave to keep the treasure there. They tell that the wealth is not in anyone’s destiny. Bhagyadev tells that the wealth is not in anyone’s destiny. Lakshmi tells that Raja didn’t take the wealth, and any of them will take the wealth. Bhagya Dev says no. Lakshmi says when one gets greedy then take the wealth, and asks him to just wait and watch. Betaal tells Vikram that Lakshmi ji went to farmer. Farmer sees Lakshmi and says I got wealthy seeing you. Lakshmi says you refused wealth given by me and asks you have so much arrogance, and asks if he will work in field in old age. She says if you don’t accept the wealth then your fields will have no more grains. Farmer apologizes and says I didn’t think that it was mine. Betaal says Lakshmi asked

farmer to take the wealth, but the wealth was not in his destiny. He tells that Devi Lakshmi made the farmer greedy to prove her point. Farmer thinks what did I do, I refused for the wealth which lakshmi ji gave to me. His wife comes and says today is the day of justice, when Raja will take judgement about the wealth. Farmer says the wealth is not mine, and I will not give to Brahmin. His wife says you did the mistake that day and asks him to go and talk to Raja.. He says Brahmin might go to Raja first. Farmer meets Brahmin and tells that the wealth is mine. Brahmin says you got greedy.

Farmer says you have become greedy, left Saraswati and running behind Lakshmi. They fight with each other. Acharya ji comes and tells that you have to wait for Maharaj’s decision. Lakshmi tells Bhagya dev that this is Lakshmi’s greed and they are fighting for it. Bhagya says they are greedy and says they might harm each other. Raja comes there and asks what happened to you both. He says you didn’t want to touch the wealth, but now you have become enemy. Brahmin says now I came to know that the wealth is of my ancestors. Farmer says Lakshmi ji came infront of me and told that it is mine. Raja says I will decide and my decision is for everyone’s betterment. He says all wealth is of the praja and asks to deposit it in his Rajkosh. He asks Acharya to take it out from the cave. Bhagya dev says that the wealth is not in their destiny, now you have to accept that bhagya is more superior than wealth. They come to the cave. Acharya ji tells the dialogue to make the water fall go. They get inside and see the box empty. They open another box and find it empty too. Raja asks Acharya where is the treasure. Acharya says it is impossible for anyone to open the cave and asks who can take it. They see the cave other side open. Bhagya Dev says it was not in anyone’s destiny.

Lakshmi says where did it go. Betaal says it was stolen by the dacoits. The dacoits of two roops get happy after stealing the treasure. They call for the celebration. A dancer is seen dancing. Black troop member add poison in the food. Red troop men kill the black troop members. The head of the black troop tell that God will never forgive them. Black troop head dies. Red troop members eat the food and die. Betaal says wealth was not in their destiny, if they had distributed them equally then it would have been good, but greed took their life. He asks Vikram to tell who is superior Bhagya or Lakshmi. He says if you don’t give me an answer then I will kill you. Vikram says nothing is big, neither bhagya nor lakshmi are big and says only karma is big. He says the dacoits couldn’t get the wealth and killed each other. He says karma is big. Betaal says you said right and tells that if Bhagya is good then you will get Lakshmi. He says after this incident, both Bhagya and Lakshmi ji resolved their argument, and says you spoke and I am leaving. Vikram says I am bounded by the promise.

Acharya tells about Shani Dev and Suryadev fight. Brahmadev says Vikram Aditya will decide who is more superior.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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