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Twinj: In love with an unknown (Shot 04)

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Shot 04:

Once twinkle reached home she ended up locking herself in a room. She just wanted to hide herself for no reason and wanted some time to sort out her feelings.

Twinkle’s thoughts were just like her, Completely crazy at the time and she only had a question answer session all for herself.
Firstly, What the hell did I do??
You just hugged a mere stranger, a reply came.
He is not a stranger for me, I love him, she replied.
Is this Love? Twinkle
Yes it is.
How can you love a stranger? Don’t tell that you forgot the past, a question posed.
I am very well aware of it and I loved him, there’s no need for a plan to fall in love. The day I saw him I felt connected as I took my time to realise the fact of being in love, it was too late and he left.
But why he came back??
That’s what the question is!!! Will he think me as a…..
Are you sure about him coming back only for you? A reality based question stood infront of her.
She kept on thinking…….
What if he was not there for you? Another question!!
I don’t know what he was there for but I am anyways not regretting for what I did, love is meant to be expressed Or else it’s not called as love and I failed to do it long years ago moreover I feel little better for what I did today.
I don’t know what’s gonna happen but if he is here for me I am ready to be a part of his life and if he isn’t….hmm….lets be optimistic at least for a while.
Fate has it’s own plan, don’t forget!! Fact came as a warning.
I know and I am ready for it.
Tomorrow he’s gonna be there, you know that!!
Yes, I know and I have decided to talk to him about today’s happenings.
What if he won’t come?
Then……my life goes on. I think of it as an another day dream which faded as my sleep came to an end.

That day night she had no sleep, numerous thoughts about him, number of questions, number of ways of happening….Everything made her restless.

Next day morning,
This time it was not an another usual morning for her, today was the most expectant one for her. Her excitement and her anxiousness were kept on a balancer where he stood as the middle fluctuating point of her life.
The same series of events recurred, her nervousness was on peaks and heartbeats didn’t care about popping out but this time it didn’t bother her anymore coz she was completely aware about what’s awaiting her on that day.
It was the most expected day of her life even though she felt it as one of her day dream yet the blissful thing was that her expectations met the realities which happens only when your destiny is on your side.

She felt lucky for no reason and the most expected person was standing there expecting her arrival anytime while her expected eyes met his,she couldn’t stop herself from falling for him more and more. This feeling wasn’t new but the depths of them were completely on a new height which fluttered her heart and drowned her more and more into the never ending world of fantasies filled with love and joy and celebration but everything in this universe has an definite end so as her fantasies.

He anticipated something from her, his eyes spoke a lot but her mind stopped her to read the open book of his eyes as it betrayed her every single time.

The next minute her mind strolled her away from the thoughts and she ignored him without any second thought, her legs made their way straight into the class which seemed to be the only escape way, atleast for some time.
She felt the intense gaze boring her back which expected a slight glance in a return but this time her heart was kept on a controlled tab.

Why did I do that?? Haven’t I decided to talk to him?? Heart spoke.
But….this feels so weird and I don’t want to face anymore embarrassment atleast for now.
Oh!!! Girlie’s things huh?? Heart mocked.
What!!! Mind poked.
Girls like guys behind their back and they want guys to run behind them, impressing them but twinkle, this situation is different and you are very well aware of it, don’t you dare to play with your past again!!! Warning came from the heart and sounded completely  like a fact.

True, girls are always not controlled by her emotions. Infact for a normal man it might be only his mind and heart that combat for a firm decision but that’s not the same in a girl’s case.
It’s different as girls are controlled by not only their mind and heart but also so many things; Their eyes, ears, touch and hormones control their each and every action and reaction. May be due to this complexity in their body makes them even more complex in their character as well as in life.

She cursed herself for more than thousand times for her deeds which were not only unexplainable but also irrational. This chain of events had only her and her fragile self control methods.

Firstly, she met that unknown person after a very longtime for whom she had feelings in the past and to be precise even now. This feelings of her were justified when she embraced him at the very first sight when she met him and not enough of these, she acted dumb by ignoring him today even after her indirect confession.

This time the whole day passed in seconds and she had no choice than facing him now. She could feel the invitations given by the unknown person waiting for her desperately. It almost felt like a FINAL SHOWTIME!!!


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