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Twinj: In love with an unknown (Shot 03)

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Shot 03:

Twinkle’s POV:

That was again a usual morning for her but when she woke up some weird feeling reached her mind from the bottoms of her heart.
Her heart kept knocking harder each time, her mind tried getting the predictions but failed to interpret it.

Even without guessing further, this mortal brains are capable of doing miracles but what if mere brains also had a capacity to interpret the predictions??
Life becomes less adventurous and quite boring!!!

Ignoring the uneasiness of her heart she somehow made it to the college. All alone on her way she tried to find a reason for her nervousness.
Special day??
Project submission??
Elocution competition??
Weekly Quiz test??
Presentation work??
Class test??
Academic Results declaration??
No….not at all!!!

Then? What is it?
Every now and then her heart said something which she failed to hear, she experienced nervousness and that made her anxious.
For no particular reason how can a person be nervous??
Nothing special is going to happen out of the normal boring daily life.

She attentively attended her classes, somewhere when she paused her heart knocked her about the happenings further but she had only one choice at that time and that was to ignore. Since she can’t go into future unless experiencing it, she decided just to wait and watch. She made herself comfortable and sat back to watch the things going to happen, she prepared herself and became ready to face the circumstances and it’s consequences.

By the end of the day nothing great happened and that gave her a bit of relief. Happily, cursing her heart for all the disturbance it caused she moved out of the classroom.

She was done not only with the day but also with the disturbance caused and the vibes of emotional disturbances, amidst of all these things her heart travelled back to the past memories of her college years. It reminded her of that rainy day where she was fooled by her thoughts and emotions. She tried brushing away those thoughts but her heart didn’t let her do so,infact it gave clear reasons for her internal turmoil. As his thoughts came running, her heart pounded at greater levels and the barriers of adrenaline were met every now and then.

She strolled in the corridor and tried to figure out her current state of feelings and emotions but nothing seemed to help her, finally in despair she decided to head back home for a hot coffee- a solution for most of the problems.

Chinki was not there to cheer her up and that made her condition even worse and still in a tormented condition and a furious battle between her fragile emotions and cold heart, she exited the corridors.

As she was about to leave the place, her eyes caught the uncommon sight of her life but which was also quite common sight in her fantasised world. Her pupils dilated, adrenaline broke the barriers reaching up her spine, her heart almost paused for a while and she was Completely bewitched by seeing him standing infront of her with the same infectious smile.

The bitter fight between her cold heart and the fragile emotions finally came to an end. Sometimes, the overpowered things can be easily broken because of their rigidity and this time her cold heart was broken into thousands of pieces by her fragile emotions.
She responded according to the natural way of stimulus, she didn’t let her mind to disturb that moment and this time her emotions, her love for him, her feelings conquered the situation and she was out of control from her conscious.
Ignoring the presence of world, facts of life, problems, consequences, past and present she just ran into his embrace giving him a bone crashing hug.
All at once her longing for years came to an end. He reciprocated taking his time to come out of the sudden shock.

It was just a few seconds in his embrace and the reality dawned upon her. Her reflexes acted and she pushed him away releasing herself, she had no might to face him or herself. Unknowingly, she just strode away from him as far as possible and all the time it was only her mind which directed a way out of the situation.

This is the worst thing about heart, at times it forces us to follow it’s ways overpowering our mind and keeps completely num when the time to face the consequent circumstances come, leaving all the burden on the mind to think the way out of the worse, never expected situation.

She swiftly got into the bus heading back home and this time not only the past events but also recent happening started to hit her like a mighty waves of an outraged sea.

She wondered what had got into her?
She felt as if she was possessed for a while??
She just messed up not only with him but also with her emotions and feelings. They never talked to each other for god sake, they never passed even a smile to each other and here she was at the state of hugging him, Hugging a mere stranger!!!!
A mere stranger whom she loved from years. She loved him without knowing the basic facts about him and just expressed herself without any fear for further consequences.

Is this Love?
Can love be like this as well?


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