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Thodi Si DIeana Hai Hum….(Carnival – 1)

“No need, I will stay with Maa”, Vikram papa said.

“Oh no! Vikram, you can go. As you all have a pretty good idea about how suffocated I feel in crowded areas, I will be staying here.”, Tej papa exclaimed.

“Enough!, Dadi’s voice boomed making everyone shut their mouth off.

“None will stay, you all will be going to the carnival and get ready by 4 o’clock this evening. Now finish your plates quickly”, ordered Dadi strictly.


We all were ready to venture out in the village carnival. We gathered in the hall waiting for the bus. A horn blew signalling the arrival of the bus. 

“Ahh, I don’t think I can go now as I am suffering from acidity”, Dadaji  dropped the bomb. He was sitting on the couch clutching his stomach. 

“How come..? Everything was fine by now, then this all of a sudden acidity, papa.”, Shakti enquired.

“Yes, you are right. It should have taken my appointment. Oho..Shakti, it can happen to anyone at anytime.”, Dadaji chirped. “Anyway, you all proceed, I will stay.”

“Are you sure, papa? I can stay with you.”, Pinky Maa asked.

“No Beta, go and enjoy. I will be fine.” , Dadaji said.

All rushed towards the bus especially the bacha party, i.e.,Prinku, Rudy and Om.

I took my time to run into the kitchen and brought the salve I prepared for Dadi’s knees. I spotted Dadaji standing near the shelf. I went near him and handed him the salve.

“What is this, Beta?”, he asked.

“I prepared this for Dadi’s joints. It will help to reduce the pain. Don’t worry, she will be fine soon.”

“Thank you so much, Beta.”

I nodded and walked. Halfway, I turned back and said, “Vese, Dadu acidity excuse was awesome!” I gave him a thumbs up with a wink.

His facial expression was priceless. I laughed seeing his whiten face.

“H…Ho…How did you know?”, he asked gulping.

“Your secret is safe with me, now go to her,” as I showed him the zipping of my mouth action and throwing the key away.

He smiled at my gesture.

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