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SNS – Tera Mera Rishta Purana-Season 2 Part- 100:CELEBRATION

Before starting would like to say only one thing…..

Without you guy’s this FF wouldn’t have reached this milestone…..Now let’s start….

Part 100-






Pari is in kitchen making her first rasoi after marriage….She is preparing a sweet dish😋, while the servants are making other dishes…. 


Dining Table

ShivaKti, UdYal, Janki and Roopa are waiting for their turn, as Pari is serving Adi with their eyes fixed on each other’s eyes😍💖😚…..”Hum bhi hai yaha😉” Shivu making everyone laugh😂😂😂…..

AdRi gets embarrassed😛😛….Pari serves them too and then sits besides Adi😗….”Umm😋….Itna acha halwa meine aaj tak nahi khaya😋” Shivu….”Haan sachme bohot hi tasty hai😋” Shakti….

”Tumhare hatho mein jadu hai…Maza aagaya😋😋” Janki and Roopa giving nek to Pari☺….”I told before only😉😉” Payal….

”Tumhari baat ho sakti hai Bhalla😜” Uday teasing her😛…..”😒😒….Jiju aapko pasand nahi aaya😕?” Payal….”Arey aise kaise pasand nahi aaya hoga….Itna acha banaya hai, toh pasand toh ayega hi naa😊” Uday….

”Haan….😍😍” Pari….

”Kab huva yeh?” Shivu and Payal in unison….”Mujhe sabdo ki zarurat nahi hai, yeh batane ke liye” Adi….”Ohho😜😜…..Uhu uhu uhu uhu” All teases them😛😜….. 


Late Evening


DhiRiya’s room

Priya is getting ready…. 

“See what I brought for you….I want to see you in that😍” Dhruv….”Tum late hogaye baby….Ab mein change nahi karne wali🙅” Priya….”Change toh tumhe karna hi hoga….Tumhare paas koi option nahi hai jaan😛” Dhruv walks out from the room, keeping the gift on the bed….

Priya opens the gift and gets surprised☺☺❤….. 




Whole palace is beautifully decorated for the reception party of AdRi❤❤…..HeRag, Urmila, Jeetu, Umang and Trupti are already there….Guests are coming….ShivaKti welcomes them….DheEra with ViVaan and Dhawal comes there…. 



TanAm with Ruhi arrives….

JiYa with Rishi arrives….

Naiya with GauRag and Medha arrives there….

Dhruv too comes and everyone asks him about Priya….Just then they hears a voice from back “I am here❤☺”…..All gets surprised seeing Priya in princess look, especially Dhruv who just can’t take his eyes off her❤❤….. 

“Princess Priya😍💖” All….Priya blushes😶….. 



They all comes inside and ShivaKti welcomes them…..They are served welcome drinks and bites😋😋😋….. 


Uday just can’t take his eyes off Payal, who enjoys his full attention on her😉❤💖….. 

All are enjoying the party, when the lights goes off and a spotlight falls on the stairs….AdRi are descending the stairs with Pari holding his arm❤…..All cheers and claps for them…..😍😍💖❤ 

They meets and greets everyone…..”So before starting the party we have a surprise for you all😍” AdRi…..”Wow😍😍❤” All excitedly….. 


A projector is set….AdRi plays the video of their stay in the palace from the time of their arrival including all the pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals, everyone’s fun and enjoyment…..All feels nostalgic and happy too…..”This is our way of thanking each and every one for taking their time out and making our wedding a memorable and grand affair☺☺” AdRi….”It’s our pleasure that we could be a part of this grand wedding💖” Jinal as everyone seconded her❤……”Let’s cut the cake now☺” Shivu….

”Yes☺❤” AdRi….. 


A servant brings in the cake….AdRi cuts the cake together and feeds each other first….

Medha struggled hard to get off from Dharam’s grip, and in the end she gave up😛😛…..AdRi fed her cake too, making her happy😛☺…..”Now let’s play the music😍” Shivu…..

Song is played ~ 

Ho aavi gayi raat
Mann bhulo badhi baat
Prem niya mausam chhe
Ab aao mere paas
Reh jao mere sath
Prem niya mausam chhe x (2)

Mil jaaye mujhko agar sath tera
To bhoolun main saara jahan

Everyone dances to it’s beat…..Shivu and Meera shakes their legs….. 

Chogada tara, chabila tara
Rangeela tara
Rang bheru jue tari vat re
Chogada tara, hoye chabila tara
Hoye rangeela tara
Rang bheru jue tari vat re

Chhup chhup ke tumhein
Dekha main karoon
Saari saari raat
Saari saari raat

Chhup chhup ke mujhe
Dekha tu kare
Saari saari raat
Saari saari raat

Meera gets a call but she cuts it…..Again she gets call, so this time she picks it and goes out…. 

Mil jaaye mujhko agar sath tera
To bhoolun main saara jahan  



Meera “Kon hai” 😠
Person “I am your neighbor….I want to talk something really important….”
Meera “Say fast” 😠
Person “That…..”
Meera “Are you sure?”
Person “100%”

Meera cuts the call and turns around to see Dharam standing in front of her….”Kya huva Meeru, tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?….Party andar hai” he looking at her….”Haan Dharamji, mein aahi rahi hun andar….Aap jao” she making him go inside…..She looks at her family enjoying and thinks “You all will be very proud of me….I know it☺”….. 

Chogada tara, chabila tara
Rangeela tara
Rang bheru jue tari vat re
Chogada tara, hoye chabila tara
Hoye rangeela tara
Rang bheru jue tari vat re

They burns the crackers….


BG “Aakhir konsa kadam uthayegi Meera?…..Kya soch rahi hai woh?…..Kya esse badal jayenge rishte ya rahega sath hamesha?….” 


So before I officially end S-2, I have some questions for you all….Do answer that❤….

Q.1 Fav scene/scenes until now and why you like them?

Q.2 Fav character/characters and why you like them?

Q.3 Fav couple/couple’s and why they are your fav?

Q.4 A word or two of what you felt about the newly wedded couple (read AdRi)

Q.5 What you felt about the phone call?….Who’s that person who called Meera?…..Is she inviting trouble or is it pretending to be?

Q.6 What is Meera planning to do?….What is that which made her think that everyone will be proud of her?

Q.7 Should Meera have shared this with Dharam or not?

Q.8 Who are Raman’s bro and Bhabhi? (Any guesses)

Q.9 How was the last episode of this season?

Q.10 The most important question – Should I really (really) bring S-3?

That’s all and I officially end S-2 here☺☺☺❤❤…..





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