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Siddhi Vinayak 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shankar breaks his ties with Siddhi

Siddhi Vinayak 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector tells Shankar not to worry. We will try our level best to find your DIL and keep you informed. Shankar thanks him. Inspector leaves. Shankar wonders where Urvashi might have gone to. I have installed CCTV cameras in the house since the last time when Vin was kidnapped. Manjari tells him not to talk about kidnapping. It worries me a lot. Rajvir notices Siddhi smiling and asks Prachi if she got Urvashi kidnapped. Prachi says I am clueless but she is indeed smiling.

Urvashi convinces the guys to open her ropes. She dances seductively in front of the guys. She manages to pull out the cell phone of one of the guys while dancing. She covers one of the guys lighty with the ropes while the other is dancing happily. She runs outside the room and closes the door from outside. They realise

that one cell phone is missing.

Prachi asks Siddhi what’s happening. Siddhi replies that even too does not enjoy seeing her family like this but this is her only chance. I need Urvashi’s confession to make everyone believe in me. It is very important to save my marriage.

Urvashi calls Vin. Please save me. I have been kidnapped. I got out of the hold of these people but I am still stuck in this area. These people are very dangerous. They have locked me somewhere. He asks her who she is talking about. Who has kidnapped you? She takes Chota Raju’s name. Chota Raju, Sheila and their goons enter just then. Sheila slaps Urvashi and then hold her tightly. Vin is unable to hear much and the call disconnects. He realises that only he and Siddhi knows about Chota Raju. Does it mean? He looks suspiciously at Siddhi. Vin takes leave from his family. He walks out while looking pointedly at Siddhi. She gets tensed at his reaction. Where is he off to at this hour?

Sheila warns Urvashi to speak up now or she wont spare her. She gives phone to Pakya and puts a knife around in front of her. Urvashi manages to tell everything. She thinks where is Vin till now. Hope he comes soon.

Vin is driving hoping Urvashi will be fine.

Sheila threatens to hurt Urvashi who agrees to tell everything. Urvashi realises she has to save herself now by telling them the truth. I will see it later. She begins to confess when they hear a sound. They all turn towards the main door and see Vin entering. Vin glares at Chota Raju.

Next morning, everyone at Kundra Mansion is worried for Vin and Urvashi. Siddhi realises that Vin must have gone to find Urvashi. He might have gotten that info on phone. She thinks of alerting Raju when Vin and Urvashi enter. Vin holds Urvashi’s hand and brings her inside. Manjari asks her where she was. What happened to you? Shankar asks Vin about her as well. Manjari asks him why he isn’t saying anything. He retorts that what he should tell. He brings Siddhi forward. Will you tell everyone now or should I? I never thought you will stoop so low! You dint see any other way to stop our wedding so you got Urvashi kidnapped? You were a cheater but now you are a culprit as well. Urvashi tells him not to say anything to Siddhi. It was my mistake. Why blame someone? He praises her on her behaviour. You risked her life yet she isn’t willing to hear a word against you! He tells his parents that Siddhi got her kidnapped so they cannot marry. Siddhi tries to say something but he does not let her.

Shankar questions Siddhi. We were so concerned for Urvashi but you dint think about us even once? I feel like I should call police right away and hand you over to police. She requests him not to say so. Urvashi also requests him not to do anything like that. I don’t want media to malign our family’s name. Shankar tells Siddhi to learn something from her. She is still so worried about us after what all you had done. He requests her not to call him Papa ji again. It does not suit you! We share nothing from now onwards! Vin tells Siddhi to understand that he will surely marry Urvashi. You can do anything to stop it if you want! He asks Gauri to nurse Urvashi’s wound. She is very hurt and it must be paining. Gauri takes Urvashi with her. Siddhi thinks he can feel Urvashi’s pain but not her. I don’t know what would have happened to me if it wasn’t Chota Raju who had kidnapped her. Prachi asks Siddhi why she isn’t saying anything.

Gauri asks Urvashi why she saved Siddhi in front of everyone. Urvashi knows that police might have found out about her truth too. I had to act sweet. I am marrying Vin tomorrow. Once it happens, I will throw Siddhi out of this house! She practises calling herself Urvashi Kundra. I will throw her out of the house after my wedding!

Precap: Siddhi pulls Vin in a corner. You cannot marry Urvashi as you are still married. I am still your legal wife. He accepts her challenge. I will marry Urvashi at any cost. You can do whatever you wish to!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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