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Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranvir comes to the same resort to torture Ishika

Roop: Mard Ka Naya Swaroop 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roop and Ishika take keys from the reception of the resort. Photographer clicks the pics and asks them to say cheese. Roop asks who are you? Photographer introduces herself as Geet and says she is their photographer and videographer. Roop says we didn’t hire you. Rupesh calls Ishika and asks if she liked photography surprise. Ishika asks did you send this. Rupesh says there was no pic of your marriage so I thought to have memory of your honeymoon. He says Geet is his friend’s daughter and asks her to enjoy. Kanchan tells Ishika that Rupesh is very happy. Geet tells that she will send him pics every two hours. She asks why she was going to separate room. Roop makes an excuse. Geet says she took her room near their room and asks what happened to their condition.

Roop says it is a big story. Rupesh tells Kanchan that she did right by not telling Roop and Ishika about the gas incident. Just then he hears buzzing noise and asks Kanchan to check. Kanchan checks and sees beehive outside their window. Roop and Ishika come to the room. Manager comes and tells that there is special arrangements for honeymoon couple and says it was Rupesh’s request. Roop says daddy is romantic and daughter is unromantic. Ishika says my mood depends on company. Manager says you will enjoy here and tells about the masquerade party in the evening. Roop says sure. Ishika says I am very tired and can’t go. Geet says you have to go and asks her to drag her body and do some swag.

Roop says you are wasting your energy at wrong place. Geet asks Roop to call her Ishu. Ishika says only my papa calls me Ishu. Geet asks why she wants to waste her papa’s money. Roop asks her to get ready for her Papa and not to do nakras. He says my clothes must be in the lake now because of you, and says he will go to market and get some clothes for me. Ishika says if you want then you can wear my clothes, and will look beautiful. She opens her bags and finds Roop’s clothes. She says you have thrown my bags. Roop says you will look handsome in my clothes and says you can wear my shirt also. Ishika says I will die, but will not wear your clothes. Roop says it seems your memory got weak and reminds her of jungle incident. Ishika says you was not my boyfriend and will never be. Roop says you said right, I am your husband.

Ishika beats him and asks him to go. Roop asks her to try Himani’s gift and tells that he will check in market for her clothes. Ishika asks him to go. Later she comes out of bathroom and sees Ishika weds Ranveer written with flowers on the bed. She shouts Roopendra and goes out to Roop. She takes him inside the room and sees Ishika weds Roopendra. Ranvir is outside their room and smirks. He thinks thank you Fayi baa. A fb is shown, Bua asks Ranvir to take Purvi to resort and says Roop took Ishika to sunshine resort. She asks him to take Purvi to some other resort. Ranvir says Sunshine resort. Roop asks Ishika if she got seeing this and says it must be from your Papa. He says there are no shops here for clothes and the shop is miles away, and will be closed now. Ishika thinks may be it is my perception.

Ranvir comes to his room. He asks Purvi to get ready for masquerade party, and says your face shall not be seen by anybody, and if anyone sees your face then….Purvi asks why did you marry me? Ranvir holds her closer and asks her to ask again. She asks again. Ranvir says as you love your sister a lot and will do anything. He asks her to get ready and thinks I will make this 4 nights 5 days package more dangerous, and thinks you will get scared of yourself. Himani and Himanshu come there and thanks Rasik bhai. Kanchan and Rupesh thank them for solving their problem. Himani says we asked you to call us if something happens. Rupesh asks them not to tell this to Ishika and Roop. Himanshu gets doubtful. Himani says it is really strange. Himanshu says we have to keep an eye on this house. Praful, Dhawal and Pramila are behind the beehive attack. Dhawal says Ranvir must be troubling Ishika and Roop. Pramila says next attack shall be big so that these Police couple can’t solve it. Roop comes to the party wearing suit.

Geet says you are looking handsome, I wish you are a bachelor. She says joking. Ishika comes. Geet says Ishika is wearing my dress and looking stunning. Rishta tha plays……Ishika comes to Roop. Roop is speechless seeing her.

Roop and Ishika dance in the party. Roop says you are looking stunning. Ishika says I am wearing this dress because of you and accident happened. Ranvir and Purvi are also in the party. Ranvir says I will search Ishika.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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