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RadhaKrishn 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Needs An Answer

RadhaKrishn 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna says Radha’s other name is Vrinda and this place is full of Vrindas, so Vrinda’s van/garden should be named. Radha says Vrindavan. Balram thinks Krishna made Radha name the place. Krishna says Vrindavan will be their new place’s name, asks Nand if he liked it. Nand says very much. Vrishbhan congratulates Nand as Vrindavan’s head. Radha thinks why Krishna is trying to unite with her. Krishna says yes. Vrishbhan says they organize competition each year and invites Vrindavanvasis to participate. Krishna says they for sure.

Ayan informs Jatila that Krishna is that forecast boy who will kill Kans. Jatila reminisce all the incidents from baby Krishna killing Putna, Akroor returning back, killing Bakasur bird, Kaliya snake, etc.. and says if all is true, Krishna

is the one; says her mind is blank now and she cannot think. Ayan says he knows what to do. Jatila asks him to act as befriending Krishna to be on the safer side.

Radha sleeping on her bed reminisces Krishna dancing on kaliya snake, naming Vrindavan on her name. She sees Krishna lying above her bed in air and shockingly asks what is he doing here. He comes down and says to meet her. She confront him and after a bit of conversation asks if he did not come to rule on Barsana. He says no. She asks then why did he come. She asks then why did he come here. He says to meet his lost love. She asks what he means. He says when her brain is working now, she can think further and go into flashback from the time they met first. Radha reminisces their first meeting in market, Krishna entering her house, repeatedly talking about his girlfriend, wish to dance with his girlfriend, etc. and realizes he considers her as his girlfriend.

In Kans’ royal court, his aide informs that their spy returned. Kans calls spy and asks what news did he bring. Spy removes shawl and reveals he is Ayan instead who captivated Spy. Aide orders to kill this culprit. Kans stops soldiers. Ayan pulls captivated spy. Kans orders to kill spy and asks Ayan how dare he is to enter his rajsabha without permission, he will be killed now. Ayan says he is warrior and is duty is to fight, when their enemy is same, they should befriend. Kans asks what he means. Ayan says Krishna is their enemy and it is better they reunite and fight with Krishna. Kans asks reason for enemity Krishna. Ayan says he wants Radha and Barsana and rule on it.

Radha realizes that Krishna loves her and nervously asks him. He says yes, but then says his main aim is to get Barsana, if she is a mule and if he gets her, he will get Barsana automatically; their parents will never doubt. Radha continues confronting him and asks to stop that and go away from Barsana.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that some of us feel they are not getting the happiness they deserve, but it is their fate; their fate is decided already like rain water fall on earth and fate decided what they will be, if drops fall on banana leaves, they become wax; if they fall into coral shell, they become pearl; if they fall into snake’s mouth, they become poison; so fate decides one’s life.

Precap: Vrishbhan announces whoever wins in competition will sit on highest seat ever as Narayan. Krishna says even women should compete and whoever wins should sit like Narayani on high chair. He asks Radha to be ready to sit with him.

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