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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha comes to vrindavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying ekanga, why didn’t you kill yashoda and nand? Bhadraksh says maybe she doesn’t want revenge anymore bhagwan. Ekanga says kansa, I wanted revenge but whenever I faced my parents they always gave love to me and now I don’t want to kill them, because I don’t want any revenge. Kansa gets angry and says so what? You will stay with them now? ekanga says no kansa! Don’t mistake me for that, I don’t want anything, not their love and not even to kill them, I don’t want any revenge, I just want to stay alone in my forest, I am going back there. Ekanga is going. Rishi charbak says I was waiting for this right moment and it has come. Rishi charbak stops ekanga with his powers and hypnotizes her. Kansa says why were you waiting for this moment? Rishi

says kansa, now ekanga has started feeling love and this is the time when that part of your soul which shows love and peace should be put in ekanga’s body, now she will be of use and then she will help in putting that part of the soul inside kanha. Kansa laughs and says what a plan!
There the evil powers are burning vrindavan with their powers, they attack fire and throw fire balls everywhere in the village. In the village, all people run scared and say save us! somebody save us.
There kanha and radha come in the village and radha sends her blessings on the evil powers, their powers stop working in the destruction of vrindavan. Radha then goes in front of them and thee evil powers say she is that girl.
Radha and kanha go in front of them and radha says you all have to go from her. The evil powers say we will not go, we will kill you and everyone in vrindavan. Radha becomes huge in size as the evil powers and says you all three are because of my powers, I am only laxmi! Radha takes her 3 different forms to defeat the 3 evil powers. The forms say we are evil powers, our armies will kill you laxmi. The armies of all 3 evil powers head towards radha. Radha uses her trident on one army and kills them. Kanha smiles. The other form of radha attacks red spells on the 2nd army killing all of them. The third form of radha uses her yellow blasts and destroys the third army. radha looks at the evil powers. The evil powers say spare us devi! Please don’t kill us. radha says I cannot kill you, but you wont exist there where the Pooja of laxmi is done, where my presence is there you will not exist there otherwise you evil powers shall be destroyed. The evil powers go. radha and kanha then go back to vrindavan.
There kansa is with rishi charbak and bhadraksh. Ekanga is between the circular stones. Rishi charbak says kansa now it is time to put your peace part of soul inside ekanga. Kansa uses his powers and then puts his peaceful part of soul inside ekanga. Kansa then says see chakradhari Vishnu, even you cannot do anything now! while there when ekanga will go with love, kanha will think she is his sister so he wont kill her and by then even my soul will be put inside kanha. Kansa laughs. kansa sends ekanga. Ekanga goes.

Precap: Ekanga goes and picks kanha in her huge form. Ekanga brings kanha toards Mathura. Radha says I have to do something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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