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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha finds radha.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha reaching a lake and kanha says I know where radha will stay, devi laxmi lives in water and radha is for sure sitting inside that lotus. Kanha says radha, come out! It is kanha, please I want to tell you something. Radha stands out from the lotus and says kanha, I don’t want to talk to you, you have hidden the truth from me. kanha says but radha, it was your wish. Kanha then turns into lord Vishnu and in place of radha, devi laxmi appears. Lord Vishnu says devi, remember you had only told me before dwaparyug that you did not want me to tell you the truth of your form.
In flashback, laxmi and Vishnu are talking and laxmi says swami, I will be born as radha now but I want to live my life as a normal girl as radha and not as laxmi, I don’t want to know

the truth soon! And you don’t tell me as kanha that I am the form of laxmi until time comes.
Lord Vishnu turns back to kanha and laxmi turns back to radha. Radha says kanha you were right, I am sorry it is my mistake that I thought you kept me away from my truth. Kanha says no radha, forgive me I am sorry, but now we have to go back as ekanga’s evil powers have caused a mess in the village. Kanha and radha go.
In the village, ekanga’s evil powers say where is nand and yashoda? Nand comes and says I am here, what happened? The powers say you and yashoda will come with us to ekanga otherwise we will destroy this village. Balram comes and says how dare you say that? when I am here, you will touch no one. The evil powers attack and balram dodges, nand pulls balram behind and says balram wait, I and yashoda have to deal with this otherwise these powers will keep coming here, ekanga has just swayed away from her path, I and yashoda and tell her what her real feelings are. Yashoda says yes nand ji, lets go with them and meet ekanga. Nand and yashoda go with the evil powers to meet ekanga.
In the cave, ekanga waits and the evil powers come with nand and yashoda. Ekanga says you both have done adharma in your life, you abandoned me and forgot about me, I suffered alone in darkness while you stayed happy with your son! I suffered through sadness and I lived alone for years, you both will be punished for what you did. Yashoda says ekanga I don’t know about the past, but all these years I always wanted to have a daughter like you and now you are here back, my motherly love for you is growing, please accept us and come to stay with us, hug me ekanga. Ekanga has tears and she looks at yashoda. Yashoda says come ekanga, hug your mother. The evil powers say no ekanga, don’t hug her otherwise we will be destroyed, no ekanga. Ekanga comes near yashoda but says no, I wont hug you, I shall leave you both! Go back to your home, I don’t want any revenge. Yashoda says but.. ekanga says please go. nand and yashoda go.
Ekanga goes to kansa. Bhadraksh says see ekanga has come, she killed nand and yashoda! Ekanga says no I have not killed anyone. Kansa gets up and says why have you come here?

Precap: Ekanga says I don’t want any revenge. Radha reaches vrindavan and takes her 3 forms of devi laxmi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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