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Muskaan 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji advises Ronak

Muskaan 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak refusing for marriage. Muskaan sees Sir ji smiling. Sir ji asks Ronak why is he refusing. Ronak says I don’t want to talk. He goes upstairs. Gayatri says I will keep a fast to convince him. She goes. Lovely says mum has gone blind in Ronak’s love, you have seen the video, why are you agreeing. He says I can do everything for Gayatri, I can even accept death for her, I m doing this just for her, get ready for this marriage, its my final decision. Lovely agrees. Sir ji says Ronak will try to stop this marriage.

Muskaan says we have to do something, else we will end up playing this drama all life. Sir ji asks what’s wrong, play this game. He asks Ronak and Muskaan to get married, if they can’t, then there is one way, Ronak throw Muskaan out. He leaves the decision

on Ronak and goes. Ronak asks where are you going now. Muskaan says where I should be now. She takes food for Gayatri.

Gayatri refuses to have food. She says ask Ronak to marry you by all rituals, if he is stubborn, I m his mum. Ronak pacifies Gayatri. She emotionally blackmails him. Sir ji looks on. Ronak agrees to marry Muskaan. Muskaan gets shocked. Sir ji says now just see what happened. He asks the matter. He asks what happened to you, you are going as if you don’t know me, I know you hate brothel women, you have my blood in your veins, leave it, I have to prepare for your marriage now. He goes. Ronak comes to room. Muskaan says now this is not a game, we didn’t have this deal, you have all solution. Sir ji asks Gayatri to plan grand arrangements. She says yes, I was thinking to have theme wedding. He agrees. He thinks if she stays so happy, she will be broken down knowing Ronak’s truth, I will be glad that she will never believe Ronak.

Muskaan says maybe Sir ji has thought of some plan, he is Sir ji, we can’t win over him, just think of something. Ronak asks her to shut up. Gayatri says Raja Rani theme, we will invite everyone, but I got to know everything. Ronak says I know Sir ji has some plan, you won’t go anywhere till Sir ji’s truth come out. Muskaan asks will you really marry me then, you can’t prepare yourself, tell me. He says I didn’t lose. She asks how will you lose. He says trust me. She agrees. He gives her word that he won’t fill her maang with his name’s sindoor, we will not marry. Gayatri says I know you weren’t agreeing this marriage as it didn’t happen with rituals, but now you are supporting me, thanks for love and support. Sir ji smiles. He thinks thank me when I stop Muskaan from becoming our bahu.

Pandit says Muskaan’s kundli has dosh, the family head can die because of her. Bua throws out Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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