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Mere Sai 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni’s Punishment To Madhav and Sahdev

Mere Sai 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sai passes by Mhalsapati’s house and seeing his baby Martand crawling and falling from cot picks baby. Parvati returns and seeing what happed calls Gowri angrily and slaps her for being careless and not taking are of her brother. Gowri crying says she does care of her brother. Parvati tries to slap her again, but Sai stops her and says it is not Gowri’s mistake, she laid Martand properly, he crawled aside. Parvati says even then. Sai says even she could have done this mistake.

Govinda returns home and shows paper currency boat to his mother saying he made it. Kulkarni notices it, snatches boat, walks to his locker and sees only 6 currency bundles present instead of 7, alleges Govinda for stealing money and asks where is remaining bundle. Govinda says Udhav gave this paper and

his uncle Sahdev gave it to him. Kulkarni realizes Sahdev is Madhav’s BIL and hid this fact, asks Anta to bring Sahdev and Madhav. Anta brings them. Kulkarni whisks Sahdev and shouts he hid the fact that he is Madhav’s BIL, why did he steal money. Sahdev says he did not. Kulkarni shows note and says he brought it from city, where is remaining money. Madhav asks Sahdev if he is stealing even now, he told his kleptomania illness is gone. Sahdev says he did not know it is money, he saw colorful papers on floor and thought of keeping it back, but clerk called him just then, so he kept bundle in his pocket and left, he must have dropped bundle at home and will bring it from home. Kulkarni says there is no use of it as Udhav distributed notes among village children who all made boat and drowned notes in lake. He says if currency is not found, Madhav will pay 1000 rs.

Sai explains Parvati that she loves her children a lot, then why did she beat Gowri. Parvati says due to fear of losing Martand like Malhari. Sai suggests her that Martand is god’s gift and nothing will happen to her, she should stop worrying about him, she is losing her peace of mind and not giving equal love to her all children, she should love her children equally and forget her worries. Parvati apologizes Gowri and pampers her. Sai smiles seeing that.

Udhav takes Sahdev and Madhav to lake. They see all currency notes drowned in water. Madhav tries hard to retrieve them in vain. Govinda apologizes them. Sahdev apologizes Madhav for his mistake and trouble faced because of him. Madhav gets tensed thinking how will he pay 1000 rs to Kulkarni. They return back to Kulkarni. Kulkarni orders Anta to call police, then thinks his name will be dragged and he may have to give explanation for his wealth mismatch, orders Madhav to return 1000 rs in 3 days, else he will sell all his goods and send him to jail. Madhav gets more tensed.

Precap: Sahdev shows lake to Sai in which currency boats are drrowned.
Sai does his leela and water disappears.

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