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Mariam Khan Reporting Live 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mariam and Fawad romance

Mariam Khan Reporting Live 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fawad and Mariam having an eyelock. Omkar comes in the party and meets Madiha. She thanks him for the favors for Mariam. She says you didn’t even let anyone know that you know her. He says people earn for family and kids, I have faith in Mariam, she will bring her dad home, where is Mariam. Mariam says he should come in a good mood, else I will punch his face. A guy greets Meher. Biji ask what happened, the guy is nice, you should move on. Meher goes. Biji thinks there is someone in her heart, I have to find out. Choti looks on and says you are soon about to be sad, they don’t know how good is our planning. Omkar gives interview about Manjeet and Fawad. He praises them.

Mariam asks Omkar about his family. Omkar says they are away, I will soon make

you meet them, come and talk to reporters, they have come for you. Fawad and Mariam are asked about Majaaz. Omkar looks at her. Mariam confidently answers them. Omkar says enough of questions, lets enjoy the party. Bhakti comes and says congrats. Fawad gets angry talking to Bhakti. Fawad goes away.

Bhakti thinks better prepare for worst, even your good luck won’t work. Mariam gets troubled managing the saree. She sees Fawad drinking and says he will get drunk and create a drama in the party. She goes to stop him. She changes his drinks. Fawad sees her and asks her to come out. Choti spikes a drink for Meher. Biji asks her to have the drink. Choti agrees. She sends the drink by the waiter and bribes him. She says I want to see how Meher entertains. Fawad asks Mariam what’s her problem. She asks him to drink more. She calls him alcoholic and goes. Bhakti looks on. She asks her assistant to be ready. Meher takes the drink. Mariam coughs and takes the drink from here.

Choti gets worried. Mariam goes to room and praises her beauty. She dances and sings. Fawad comes there and sees her. They laugh. She says you are looking very hot today. He says shall I tell the truth, you look amazing in this saree. She asks really. He says I swear, the way you were singing and dancing, sing again. She says no, I feel shy. He says I never request people, I request you, please once. She smiles. Bhakti thinks where did Fawad go, I have to finish my work before the reporters go home. Mariam sings and dances again. She falls over Fawad.

They have an eyelock. He says I used to hate you, but I m getting attracted to you today. She says I m unable to take my eyes off you today. They smile. Jaanun na….plays… He gets close to kiss. His phone rings. She says you are an idiot, who answers call in such a time. He says you are right. She goes. Bhakti sees Fawad and says you are too good, you are making my work easy. He says you are looking superhot. He sees Bhakti. She asks really? Her assistant records them.

Mariam and Fawad dance on Gerua….

Update Credit to: Amena

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