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Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya Takes Jaya With Her

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar walks down with Jaya’s bag. Family looks at him sadly. Rama says everything will be alright. Samar leaves home with bag. In temple, Jaya takes care of Chavi’s wedding. Chavi returns in bridal dress and wears ghungat. Jaya asks why she is dorning ghunghat. Chavi says it is her family tradition. Samar reaches temple with Jaya’s bag reminiscing Satya’s challenge to drop Jaya home himself if he fails to find girl. He touches Satya’s feet and returning bag says he could not find girl. He then holds Jaya’s hand and says their togetherness was only till now, he will leave now and not spoil someone’s wedding. He frees his hand while Jaya cries walks towards his car when panditji asks a couple to perform kanyadaan if bride does not have

parents. Jaya calls Samar. Samar joins her and they both perform kanyadaan. Tu Roke naa ruke nainaa…song plays in the background. After rituals, Pandit says wedding is complete now.

Satya says Jaya let us go now and takes her towards car while Samar looks at her sadly. Chachaji and Chachiji bring a girl asking Satya to stop, they found a girl. Samar tries to speak, but Chachaji stops him. Girl says Satya that her Mini and she stayed with Samar that night as it was raining heavily. Satya gets convinced. Chachaji asks if they can take Jaya home then. Satya agrees. Vijay and Jyoti enter next with another girl saying they found girl. Satya shouts enough of their drama and says Jaya let us go.

Rama enters and apologizes Satya on her family’s behalf saying they love Jaya so much that they can go to any extent to stop her, they don’t know Satya needs evidence and does know emotions. She continues that Jaya will not get a boy like Samar and Samar will not get a girl like Jaya, Jaya’s one mother did her bidayi during wedding, now another mother/she will do her bidayi. She hugs Jaya and blesses her to be happy wherever she goes. She tells Satya that she is lucky that her daughter loves her so much. Jaya looks at Samar. Satya drags Jaya with her. Jaya walks with her looking at Samar. Chavi returns with her husband and thanks Samar for his help, calling him bhaiya, asks where is Jaya. Samar emotoinally says she left with her mother, turns and is shocked to see Chavi/the girl whom he was with that night.

Precap: Chavi informs Satya and Jaya that she was the girl whom Samar spent the night with.

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