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Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update:Rithwik and Prithvi have a fight

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rithwik also pushes Prithvi away asking him to stop, he says that he will make him understand what he really is because he was the one who was giving Rithwik money and giving a percentage of his profits, he says that Prithvi has nothing as compared to the Luthra’s and this will result in him being rich, he says that Prithvi can take his money back and is about to leave, Prithvi says from behind that they all know everything , Rithwik is not convinced and says that they are only showing him dreams and ass soon as he signs then he will tell them the name.
Rithwik gets angry and says that Karan once told him that if Manisha backs out then he will also back out without charging any case, Prithvi says that this means that He wilt eel them the name, Rithwik says that he has to do then he will

really do it, he is only interested in getting rich and will do anything for it, he leaves without listening to anything the Prithvi is saying, he comes from behind and places a knife on his throat saying that if he backs out then Prithvi will kill him.
Sarla is walking Janki when something gets into her eyes and she leaves making Janki sit in the place,Rithwick is begging Prithvi that he will not tell anyone and will not betray him,Prithiv is not convinced saying that he will back out as soon as Prithvi leaves him, Janki’s chair is moving towards the room even she doesn’t understand where it is going,Rithwick sees her and starts to ask her for help, Prithvi seeing that it is Janki starts to laugh, threatening him to show his future, he goes to Janki and starts to blackmail him, he takes her in the room.
Rithwik says to him that he is doing things that are wrong, Prithvi says to him that she cannot help him because she is paralyzed and can do nothing, he did his to her because she wanted to tell everyone the truth about him and that is why he did this to her, he also makes Rithwik realize that he will do the same to him.
Janki is thinking that when someone will realize that she is not there then will come looking for her and see he truth of Prithvi.
Rishab is very worried and talking on the phone, Sarla comes and ask him why he is worried he says that she is the only one who can understand that he is worried, he says that he is like this because he cannot understand what his family has done wrong to anyone and why is that person after him, she says that he and all of his family are very good people so nothing wrong can ever happen to them, he gets very happy, they both hug eahdothr , then Preeta comes and asks what is happening, Sarla says that she is having a hug filled with love with Rishab, they start to joke when Sarla says that if Shrishti had come then she would have gotten jealous of both of them, She start to tell an incident and remembers that she has to go and get Janki. Preeta says that’s he will go, when she leaves Rishab is continuously looking at her Sarla thinks that she is looking at Shrishti, he leaves after this.
Dadi ask Karina if she can do something for her, she ask if her feet are hurting and if she ca massage them, Dadi says that has she ever do that , she orders her to go and get a new pair of slippers for her.
Preeta comes to the hall but is not able to find Janki she wonders that she will be with Dadi ,when he is about to leave she sees Sherlin going away from the hall, just then she falls her.
Prithvi is holding Rithwik ,and threatening him to back 0out from the deal, he almost agrees just then Manisha comes and also pus a knife on his throat they both threaten him that if he does anything that can harm then they will take the charge back, she says that she was fighting with Rithwik to not change ides but concerning hats he has seen just now she will not do anything of the sort and they will take the deal that Rishab has offered, Manisha and Rithwik leave, Prithvi is left standing confused.
Prithvi says to Janki that she will be really happy to see him in this position but she must not be too happy because he is the only one who is capable of destroying, Janki thinks that he has done a lot of wrong and so will go in jail. Prithvi says that he will not go to jail and he doesn’t give up, he will make them both like her.
Preeta is looking for Sherlin and bumps into Rishab, they both start to apologize to each other, he asks her who was she looking for, she ask him how she know it, he says that he cannot take his eyes of her, she takes it as a joke, she says that she knows him and whoever marries her will take his work as a burden, he thinks that he has even said what he feels to her face and what more can he do to make her realize.

Precap: Karina sees the reports which she lost on the ground, she is not able to go to them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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