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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Yash dies

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rajguru and Rajmata finding Akshay unconscious. They wake him up and ask what happened. Akshay tells them everything he has witnessed. Rajguru and everyone get in the music room and see the Dhol nagada untouched. Rajguru says Kaal Bhairav didn’t forgive you, Yash has played a game to trick Kaal Bhairav, so Kaal Bhairav has played this dhol nagada game to get him out, Yash is in danger, just pray that Yash is safe, Kaal Bhairav won’t spare him. Yash goes to pray inside the temple. Everyone smiles. Rajguru and everyone are on the way. Yash takes the crown to Kaal Bhairav and shuts the door of the temple. He keeps the crown. He hears some sound and gets shocked seeing the snake. Rajguru, Gauri, Rajmata and Akshay reach the temple.

They run upstairs.

Vandana says Yash is inside, he too the crown to take Kaal Bhairav’s blessing. Rajguru says you all have done a big mistake by getting Yash out of palace. They hear Shuvaan’s voice. He says Shuvaan’s anger didn’t calm down get the door opened. Veer and Kashinath bang the door and ask Yash to open the door. Yash tries to get away from snake. Rajmata asks them to break the door. They see Yash coming out holding the snake in his hand. He drops the snake. Everyone gets away from the snake. Yash drops dead. Everyone sees his back stabbed with a trishul. Snake gets on Yash and doesn’t let anyone remove the trishul. Rajmata asks someone to save Yash.

She asks Kaal Bhairav to forgive her clan. They see Gauri possessed. The snake goes to Gauri’s hand. Gauri says this is Kaal Bhairav’s curse, Kaal has come in the form of death, no heir can cross the age of 30 in Kanakgadh, this family can never get free of this curse. She says stop my puja for three days in this temple, its my command. She gets released and faints down. The snake goes away. Everyone look on shocked. The women take Gauri. Yash is still alive. Veer says nothing will happen to you. He tries to remove trishul. Doctor stops Veer and says this can make him bleed more, we have to take him to OT. Rajguru says temple will be shut for three days and will open after purification. Archie thinks what did this happen, who has stabbed Yash inside the shut temple, and that snake….

Veer stays by Yash’s side. He says nothing will happen to you, don’t worry, I m with you. Yash says Kaal Bhairav……He breathes his last. Veer gets shocked. He shouts and asks doctor to check Yash’s pulse. Doctor says sorry, Yash is no more. Veer cries in shock. Everyone is at the temple. They sit crying. Archie looks on. He gets in temple and thinks there was no one here, so did Kaal Bhairav really come. She slips on the floor. She checks the oil on the floor. She turns and gets shocked seeing the dog. She chants Hanuman chalisa. Rajguru asks what are you doing here. She says there was a dog here. He scolds her and asks her to go. He asks Rajguru to open the temple and perform purification. She asks isn’t there any end of this curse. He says no, we can just pray to Kaal Bhairav to save the leftover heirs. Archie says Yash is still alive, he can get saved. Rajguru says you are new here, I forgive you, Yash can’t get saved now. Kedar comes running. He says Yash is no more. They get shocked. Everyone consoles Vandana. Archie comes to Veer and hugs him. They cry.

Police comes to take Yash’s body for post mortem. Rajguru says its not a murder, its a curse. Inspector says its a murder in the eyes of law, so we have to get finger prints from trishul. Veer says Yash’s post mortem won’t happen. Inspector says calm down, its a murder case for me, I have to investigate it, you can’t stop me, its better you cooperate with us. Maharani asks Veer not to stop inspector, let them do what they want, the law don’t believe Kaal Bhairav curse, we won’t become a hurdle in their way, Kaal Bhairav will answer them. Inspector fails to remove the trishul from Yash’s body. He takes help from constables to pull the trishul. Rajguru asks them to understand and pray to Kaal Bhairav. Inspector doesn’t listen. Constable prays to Kaal Bhairav and removes the Trishul with ease. Everyone gets shocked.

Inspector says keep this weapon in police station, come with me to temple. Rajguru gets informed. They get shocked seeing something inside the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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