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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: AJ’s life at risk

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Guddan throws hot oil on Parv and his hand gets burned. Bahus come and ask what happened. Guddan says Parv is not paying attention these days and he got his hand burned from diya. Parv doesn’t say it was done by Guddan. Siddhi takes him for the aid. Saraswati sends Siddhi to take milk and asks Parv he is not lying right. She knows very well how despo he is and she asks he didn’t misbehave with Guddan. Parv says it was just an accident. He gets message from Revati and smiles. Siddhi brings milk for him. While he drinks it, Siddhi manages to read the messages.

Guddan is going to celebrate Diwali. AJ sits in his room, reading books. She laughs and asks who reads book on Diwali. He says he is not interested in celebrating Diwali and asks her to go and enjoy herself. Guddan

comes out of room and plays song “Kya Karu Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya”. Dadi tells her that AJ was not always boring like this. He used to celebrate Diwali when Antara was there. Guddan says when her mother left her, she was also sad and all, but her father made her realize that her mother wouldn’t be happy seeing her sad, so since then she always tries to stay happy. She decides to make AJ celebrate this Diwali and calls it Operation AJ Ki Khusiyaan. Dadi is happy.

Guddan sees Siddhi crying and asks her what happened. She doesn’t tell her anything. Guddan tells her to share what’s in her mind with someone she trusts. She sees AJ and goes to him. AJ shouts at his employee which scares Siddhi and she doesn’t say anything. Guddan gets disappointed.

Guddan and Dadi are doing fireworks and celebrating Diwali. Guddan hopes fireworks sound will make AJ come outside. Bahus stand and watch them. Guddan tries to make them join too, but they are not interested. They get irritated seeing Guddan doing fireworks like a middle class girl. AJ also gets irritated inside the house. He comes to study room. Dutta comes there and makes him unconscious. He takes him outside and sets him up with fire crackers all over him and spreads it to area where Guddan is doing fireworks, so fire crackers are set on fire by Guddan only.

Siddhi cries on terrace reading messages on Parv’s phone. He comes there and she confronts him. She says Guddan was right about sharing all this with someone and she says she is going to AJ to tell everything. Parv gets on edge of terrace and pretends to be committing suicide. She goes to stop him. He comes inside and pushes her off the edge. He’s still holding her hand.

Bahus decide to go inside. Dadi asks Guddan to leave them and continue celebrating Diwali. She goes inside to get dinner ready. Guddan throws one of the sparklers which sets Dutta’s crackers on fire. She notices it and goes outside and is shocked to see AJ unconscious and fire crackers all over him.

Precap: Guddan thinks how to save AJ.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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