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Chandragupta Maurya 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Captivates Magadh Youths To Catch Thief

Chandragupta Maurya 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Chandragupta takes stolen effigy head to his boss’ hideout. He and his friends laugh that they escaped jail 2 times. Stulbhadra holds stolen box happily. Chandragupta jokes they will not include Stulbhadra in their next task. Stulbhadra sees Chandragupta’s mother’ bangle band missing and asks where is. Chandragupta gets tensed and tries to leave. His boss enters and says his slave cannot leave without making him happy. Chandragupta breaks box’s lock reminiscing his mother and opens lid. They are all shocked to see Dhananand’s golden effigy’s head. Boss asks why did he get it, what did he replace this head with. Chandragupta smirks reminiscing replacing head with donkey’s head.

Sarvathasidhi reminisces thief boy and looking at her husband’s

weapons says she sensed their son Chandragupta today. Dhananand’s soldiers forcefully capture all young boys in Magadh. Chanakya notices that and tells his disciples that youth/Chandragupta will try to escape from Magadh.

Chandragupta’s boss panic that king will not spare them, whoever gave him this task tricked him. Chandragupta asks if he knows who he is. Boss says he did not see face, but just royal ring in his hand, asks Chandragupta to take box away and melt golden head. Chandragupta says he finished his task and as promised wants to be free now. Boss says he will not and orders to melt head first. Chandragupta says he will break chains himself, points sword on boss, breaks his anklet band and tries to leave. Boss asks if he does not want to know about his mother. Chandragupta holds his neck and asks why did he hid this secret since so long. Boss says he wants to keep the final move for this day.

Dhananand tonsures someone’s head reminscing Sarvathasidhi insulting him and angrily kills man. On the other side, Sarvathasidhi does her husband’s sword’s tilak and cuts her finger accidentally. Dhananand enters reminiscing Sarvathasidhi insulting him in front of whole Magadh citizens and says he will kill her today. She says he cannot kill as she is trophy of his biggest win where he killed her husband, else he would not have kept her as slave to insult Khatriya’s each day. He says she is right, he will kill thief and insult her tomorrow. Once he leaves, she picks her husband’s sword and keeps it back, praying for her son’s long life.

Chandragupta hidden in chariot tries to escape and sees soldiers punishing youth to catch golden head thief. Soldiers check chariot and let it go seeing vegetable bags in it.

Precap: Chandragupta accepts his crime in front of Mahamartya. Mahamartya orders soldiers to captivate Chandragupta.

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