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Bigg Boss 12 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen is disappointed

Bigg Boss 12 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 67, 8:15pm

Deepak is crying and says he won’t take people spitting on him, hitting him with sandals. Outside, Megha says she didn’t spit on him. She did it on ground, if it went on him, then she is sorry. Surbhi asks her to at least talk to him. She comes inside and asks Deepak if it went on his feet. He refuses to talk first and then says of course it did. Megha says sorry then. Outside, Jasleen says he won’t accept sorry and create drama. Deepak tells Bigg Boss he wants to talk to him.


Everyone gathers. Bigg Boss says what Megha did today is unacceptable. BB nominates her for next week’s elimination. Deepak says he wants to talk to him. BB calls him to confession room.

Deepak justifies usage of “Chaal chalan” words saying

he just meant behavior by that. But BB says it’s very insulting word, especially for females. Deepak is disappointed and feels bad. He cries.

Housemates tell Megha whatever happened, she crossed her limits. She says Deepak also did by talking about her character.


Surbhi talks to camera about her feeling about Sree taking advantage of what has happened in his life to gain sympathy.

Day 68, 8:45am

Surbhi assigns everyone their duties. No one takes any objection in front of her. Later, Sree and Dipika are happy as they got easy work while Deepak, Romil feel Surbhi was partial and gave them too much work.


Surbhi goes to Dipika and Sree saying they don’t clear garden area every day. Dipika says she will do any work she gives but reminds that they supported her to become captain. Surbhi comes outside and tells KV that Dipika said that. Deepak and Rohit irritate Sree and they succeed. Sree says he will beat them such a way that.. Deepak comes and asks to hit him. Sree says he will definitely beat him up outside, here he is helpless. Surbhi asks do whatever he wants outside, don’t threaten here. Sree goes from there. Surbhi says she knows there is not much work to clean garden area and assigns cleaning pool duty to Sree / Dipika as well.


Megha tells Sree that it’s Deepak’s strategy to irritate people and make them hit him and get them out of the show. Romil tells them that they also talk about hitting him up. Sree says that’s definitely happening. Romil calls Deepak and Rohit there and ask Sree to hit them. But if he hits them, then they will hit too. Megha asks Romil why he doesn’t tell Deepak not to irritate people. Romil says he doesn’t use any wrong words. Deepak again takes out topic of Dipika asking Surbhi to give them less work for supporting her. Sree says she never said that. She just said they supported her and they will do any work she gives.

Jasleen and Sristy tell Surbhi now Deepak is doing this purposely. He again started about same topic. Surbhi says she is not part of this.

Dipika comes and asks Deepak what she said. He says he is not in mood to tell her and leaves from there.

Dipika clarifies with Surbhi. Surbhi says she felt that she was asking for less work. Dipika says, but she never said for not doing the work. Dipika says when Surbhi asked they are not happy with her captaincy, that time she said not to forget, they supported her to be captain.


Dipika says now she won’t stay quiet. She didn’t even say anything and they made scene out of that.

Surbhi requests Deepak to reduce provoking others.


Time to choose who will go to jail. There are pots for everyone with holes in it. Upon buzzer, one contestant will go and put water in the one of the pots and give reason why that contestant needs to go to jail. One contestant can go only once. As Surbhi is captain, she can go 3 times. Whichever contestant’s pot fills up first and water starts falling out of hole, that contestant will go to jail.

Megha reminds everyone that BB has already punished her for what she did. Rohit says, but they didn’t give any punishment.

On first buzzer, Surbhi comes and puts water in Megha’s pot for what happened yesterday. Megha says here person who provokes is never at fault.

Next buzzer, Jasleen comes. She picks Rohit’s pot for his behaviour and breaking a lot of rules.

Romil, Deepak, Rohit now have to make changes in their plan as Jasleen had told them she won’t take Rohit’s name.


Next buzzer, it’s Romil. He takes Megha’s name for never correcting her behaviour despite going to jail repeatedly. Her pot is full and she is the first one to go to jail.


Next buzzer, Surbhi comes again. She takes Jasleen’s name for eating footage.

Next buzzer, Surbhi comes again for the 3rd time. She again takes Jasleen’s name as she really wants to send her to jail. Jasleen says unbelievable. Jasleen’s pot is full now and she goes to jail now. She didn’t expect Surbhi to take her name twice and tells Surbhi that she’s misusing her powers. Deepak’s behaviour was so wrong, still she didn’t take his name.

Dipika also disagrees with Surbhi and asks she really finds her more wrong than Deepak and Rohit and even Romil. Surbhi says it’s not necessary that her decision matches with Dipika’s. Everyone attacks Surbhi for being extra partial. Dipika says she better not say now that she always stands by the right thing. Romil asks Dipika why she’s taking his name. She says for making personal comment other day. He says he has realization for his mistake. Jasleen is crying saying this is not fair. Megha says they are doing good for her only. They talk about ethics and now world can see what they are doing.


Everyone is ready to run. Buzzer rings. Deepak is first to reach. He takes Dipika’s name for bad sanchalan. Dipika says they can only see 1 reason.

Deepak and Somi are upset with Romil as he was sitting with Jasleen. Romil says he was just sitting because she was crying. He never said he wouldn’t take her name.

Sree tells Dipika how they are playing. The worst is Sristy from all of them.


On next buzzer, Sree blocks Rohit from running and KV reaches first. He takes Dipika’s name. Dipika goes to pack her stuff. KV says he is not finished giving reason. Surbhi asks Dipika to stay there. Dipika says people are using wrong words and they are not sent to jail.

Dipika comes back after changing. KV says when he was captain, many blamed him for sending innocent people to jail. He doesn’t want people to raise their finger at him for that reason in future. Surbhi was also one of those people, but she is captain, so he can’t take her name. Dipika’s pot gets full. She is last one to go to jail.

Jasleen tells Romil if she can be a good friend, then she can be a good enemy as well. He says she’s most welcome. She says she doesn’t have any issue with him. Inside, Somi is frustrated with Romil for going behind Jasleen all the time. Sree asks Romil who he thinks should be in jail. Does he really think Jasleen, Dipika should be there. Romil says quiet. Sree says he knows it’s all his plan. He can sit and enjoy now. Jasleen tells Romil that he has changed.


Romil tells Deepak and Rohit that they shouldn’t have saved Sree. They ask who they would keep out then? Jasleen. He says yes. Deepak says Jasleen is fine too in jail. Romil says he felt bad seeing Jasleen crying.

Megha says people are fake for while, but eventually their truth comes out. This is Romil’s truth. Jasleen says she gets too emotional sometimes and says she will make sure that Romil also said he was fine sending her to jail. Megha asks why she still thinks that. It’s Romil who plans everything and others execute.


Sristy is not feeling well. Surbhi asks if she will take Appy Fizz. Rohit says he will go and get it. Dipika, Jasleen, Megha think he’s stealing. Jasleen asks Romil what was that. Romil says for Sristy as she’s not feeling well. Jasleen asks so? BB will send doctor.


BB scolds Rohit for stealing Appy Fizz. As he’s doing it over and over, BB decides to send him to jail. BB asks Surbhi to choose who she will want to free and send Rohit to jail. Surbhi chooses to free Dipika. Sree comments that BB is a legend.


Sristy is sorry for Rohit but tells him that he does over. Megha and Jasleen say they love twists by BB. Inside, Surbhi tells KV that BB gave a tight slap to them. Rohit should have been inside. This is his karma. He’s deserving candidate.

Sree tells Dipika that life has taught him a lot, but this journey is just a different experience.

Precap: Salman thrashes Deepak for using wrong words and misbehaving. Salman then tells Megha that it seems she is not able to make space for herself in the house and she looks lost. She has used such a words that they can’t show on TV. There is a limit for everything.

Update Credit to: Jenny

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