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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update Angoori learns Putan is lying

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hapu scolds boys for bribing him,boys ask what he wants, Hapu says i want medicinal herb it will help me rebuild my strength i have become very weak,teeka says tyats because you keep having kids one after the other,Hapu says give me the herb. they hear lion roar and get scared,and run away. putan says very good Saxena and clicks pictures, saxena in lion outfit, vibhu walks to them and says fake lion, Putan says look ots between me and Tiwari stay away, its to get money from him,vibhu says i shall keep mum just say that i made to lion unconscious,putan says oh done, they hear lion roar and run away.

Tiwari abd Angoori in jungle,angoori says my brother can never cheat anyone, Tiwari says neither my ears and there is no lion in jungle, they hear lion roar, tiwari says look that fake

lion is Putan and I will catch him red handed, Tiwari realises its actual lion and both run away.

Boys on their escape find medicinal herb, they again hear lion roar and run away, putan Saxena and vibhu climb on a tree house, putan says that what you think can lion get here, saxena says may be i saw on television,vibhu says keep quite he wont. putan says this tree house looks weak, tiwari and angoori climb on same tree house,angoori gets scared seeing Saxena,tiwari says look putan,vibhu says yes putan was fooling you, Angoori says why did you do so, Tiwari says later for now keep quite,boys and Hapu climb too.

vibhu says this is weak you guys came later so get down, malkan says even our life have value,teeka says lets run together lion wont get us,malkan says also may be he will call his friend,vibhu says tiwari go check status,vibhu and Tiwari get in an argument, vibhu finally agrees to go down.vibhu about to get down,lion roars,and tree house starts shivering,angoori says this is our last day on earth,we are gonna die,i hope some lioness come and takes the lion away,putan says good idea and looks at Saxena,saxena says i like it and about to get down.

putan says didi i agree i did it but because Tiwari misbehaved and insulted me, Angoori says look its all because you did that to my brother,he is a good man,you always do this to my brother,im calling amaji, Tiwari says dont, heres some money go have fun.Angoori sayd calm down brother and forgive him,he is not a bad man,putan says just for you I’m forgiving him.Vibhu walks in and asks you called me,Angoori says im sorry i insulted you, vibhu says its fibe,angoori says im worried about saxena now,vibhu says i see very less chances. saxena walks in,vibhu says im so happy you are back.

Angoori says im happy to see you back but how are yiu alive,saxena says we played all night we are good friends now i named him sheru, lion roars,saxena days my sheru is here shall i get him, all deny,saxena says okay i shall go play with him


pre cap: vibhu eats beatle nut cut by tiwaris late grand mother. Vibhu starts acting like tiwaris grand mother

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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