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Agnifera 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Devi Supports Evil Sakshi; Agni Confronts Sakshi

Agnifera 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

After police arrests Sakshi and takes her along, KD gives water to crying Agni. Revathi says whatever is happening is bad. Devi comes on her wheelchair. She calls Sakshi in. Her husband says she did wrong. Revathi asks why did she bring culprit back. Devi says Revathi’s granddaughter must be wrong, but not her bahu. Kishen confronts her and asks if she does not value her son’s feelings, she did wrong and he will never forgive her for this. Yashi confronts followed by husband again. Devi says rituals cannot be changed, her son took pheras with Sakshi and Sakshi is their family’s dignity. Kishen says he loves Agni and took pheras with her, he will never accept Sakshi as his wife. Devi says if he is accepting Agni, he has to accept even Sakshi, she is her family’s dignity

Daadi shouts enough now, she always accepted Devi’s decision, but not today, let us see what panditji says. till then both bahus will be with Kishen. Chachaji asks how can it be followed by Yashi.

Agni says enough now, Sakshi did this to take revenge from her, she will decide what to do with Agni. She takes Sakshi to her room and points gun on her forehead first, then gives gun to her and points it on herself and orders to shoot bullet and take revenge and clear her anger. Sakshi throws gun. Agni asks she does not have guts to shoot. Sakshi says she can thing whatever she wants to, she will not kill her as she wants her to cry each day and die each day emotionally. She says she loved Agni’s reaction seeing mangalsutra in her neck, she wants to see Agni’s helplessness each day; if she is living without Daadi’s love, even Agni has to live without Kishen’s love.

Sakshi continues that Devi has accepted her as her bahu and soon whole family will, Agni will have nothing left except defeat, pain, and helplessness; this is just the beginning and whole life is left. She gives her tissue paper and asks her to wipe her tears, she loves seeing her crying. Agni confronts her bag and says enough now, she is Kishen’s real wife and will fight for her right.

After sometime, Agni reminisces her and Kishen’s first meeting, his proposal, their romance, etc. Nainaa..song…plays in the background. She drops sindhoor bottle. Kishen enters and wipes her sindhoor smeared hands. Agni says she thought she will start a new life holding his hand tomorrow, wearing his named sindhoor and mangalsutra, everything shattered. Kishen says he knows what she is feeling, but he cannot say to bear pain for sometime as he does not know when this ordeal end, he can only assure that nobody can take her place in his life, thinks Sakshi has to pay for her sin.

Precap: Devi sends Sakshi to Kishen’s room. Kishen throws water on Sakshi and says he will not accept her. She says things change, let us see if Agni will be out of her life or their relationship will change.

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