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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman burns the expensive car

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman saying I have got a wedding gift. Ishita plays with dumbell. She sees bank’s incoming call on Raman’s phone. She answers. The man says sorry, bank declined your car loan. Ishita asks what, are we buying a car Raman. Raman takes phone. She says I asked you something. He asks what, how can my loan request get declined, I will be there right away. Ishita asks him to stop, did he buy the car, how expensive is it. He says stop it, surprise will be out, I got a high end car as wedding gift for Rohan and Aaliya. The man calls again and says sorry, the loan is approved, the car is on the way. She says you have bought an expensive thing. He says we can afford it, stop behaving like a miser, I can afford a lavish wedding for my daughter. Sudha says you are right. They

see Sudha coming. Ishita says no need to argue with her, come.

Sudha says you won’t be owner of your company for long. He asks what nonsense. She asks Ishita didn’t you tell him, I didn’t know Bhalla men live in ignorance and women manage everything. He asks what is she saying, tell me. Sudha says she won’t say it, I will say, your company suffered a big loss, it will be mine soon. He gets shocked. He says sorry you are mistaken, my company is doing great. Sudha says your wife Ishita has sold all her jewellery, she bought back some shares of the company by that money. Raman recalls Ishita’s words. Sudha says I get vibes of middle class housewives from Ishita, maybe she thinks you aren’t capable of saving your company, so she has hidden this. He asks Ishita is this true. Sudha says the truth lies in her silence. The car gets delivered. The man says madam, its all done, here are documents and keys. Sudha gives it to Raman and says I heard your bank loan was rejected, I got the loan approved by becoming your guarantor, this car is from my side, take this charity, and enjoy this gift. Raman looks at Ishita.

He slaps the man. He says I had asked you many times Ishita, this is what you were hiding, this woman ruined my reputation. Ishita says sorry. He says you chose this, a woman insults me, isn’t this enough to create a scene. She says I will explain you, come with me. He says you have lost the chance, shut up. He gets the oil container and pours on it. Ishita asks him to leave it. Everyone hears Ishita shouting. Romi says I will see what’s happening. Raman ignites fire and burns the car. Everyone gets shocked. Sudha says what did you do, you burnt the car. Raman asks her to leave. Sudha says your husband has no respect for you Ishita, you two love each other a lot and behave so badly. Ishita asks her to leave. Sudha says one mistake of you will mark my victory, and you Mr. Raman, get used to insults, just wait and watch. Romi and everyone come. Raman leaves. They see the car burning.

Sudha says I had told you, this is a mad family, did you see Raman, he burnt the car in anger, did you see his madness. Ishita says she has been troubling us. Sudha says you lost your mental stability. She smiles and goes. Mr. bhalla apologizes to Kaushalya. Rohan says relax, I know Sudha is troubling you a lot, take care, give me a call if you need help. Rohan leaves with his family. Ishita says Raman got pre wedding gift, Sudha provoked him, you all know his anger. Mrs. Bhalla says Sudha keeps ruining our happiness. Ishita says I will talk to Raman. She goes to Raman. Raman scolds the person on call. She asks him to listen, she didn’t say so that she doesn’t get a shock. He says you think I m useless, you are more smarter than me, you thought I can’t work, don’t act smart, I can manage my company, I have built this company, I had handled myself when Shagun left me, when you went to jail, when Adi left, I can handle myself, should I remind you your false promise, we won’t hide anything from each other, you broke it, as you are great. She cries and says I was just concerned for you. He says I don’t need your protection. Romi comes.

Raman says buy a brain first, don’t interfere in my matters, I can take care of myself and this business. He goes. Romi consoles Ishita. She says he doesn’t understand anything, he would have gone office, go and stop him, I will handle situation at home, please go to him, I m fine. He goes. At office, Raman scolds his staff. Romi comes. Raman says get out, I don’t want to talk to you. The staff leaves. Raman scolds Romi. Sudha says I did the same with them, I created a rift between Raman and Ishita, Raman insulted Ishita in front of everyone, I m at peace, it will be easy to destroy them when they get separated, I have found Raman’s weakness, his problem is ego, I have created a misunderstanding, Raman will never believe that Ishita was helping him. She sees Rajat’s pic and says I swear on you, I will destroy them, I promise you.

Rohan asks what happened to mom. Doctor says she is at third stage of cancer. Everyone gets shocked. Kaushalya asks can we keep Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage next week, I have less time, consider this as my last wish.

Update Credit to: Amena

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