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Muskaan 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak looks for Muskaan

Muskaan 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bablu asking Ronak to think whom will be save, Muskaan or his friend. Ronak moves back. Bablu drives off. Ronak thinks I didn’t ask where is Hanumanth. Bablu says Ronak didn’t support you. Ronak runs after the jeep. Bablu says he is running behind to ask for his friend’s address. He throws a paper and leaves. Ronak checks the note. Bablu smiles. Ronak asks what map did he give me, I knew he will change color, if I don’t get my friend, I will show what I can do. He thinks whom to ask. He sees the villagers. The old man scolds him for breaking their trust. Ronak says my friend is in danger, sorry, truth is that girl was auctioned, I kidnapped her to save her, now I have to save my friend. The old man helps. Sir ji comes home. His sister praises him and blesses. He asks where

is Bunty, he needs to do work. His son in law comes to take his signs. Sir ji jokes that he maybe taking his money.

Lovely says dad loves us a lot. Sir ji hugs her and goes to get ready for puja. Ronak reaches place and looks for Hanumanth. He finds him and saves him. He hugs Hanumanth. The lady says we got to know everything. Ronak says the goon took Muskaan, now we won’t need to take risk, its good she left. The lady says we have forgiven you for lies, you did good thing to get her from brothel. Ronak says sorry to risk your life, what good can we do with a dancer, we have nothing to do with her. The lady asks why did you do this drama, you would have left her. Ronak says I want to be away from her, I don’t want to risk your life, thanks. Hanumanth says we will help her and find her mumma. Ronak asks him not to try to become hero. Hanumanth says she is innocent. Ronak says its enough, thanks for help, sorry.

Hanumanth says you are doing wrong. He stops Ronak and says I understand you, please save her. Ronak says I won’t save a dancer, its time to get selfish. He leaves. Clients get angry on Tabassum. Muskaan shouts for help. Bablu says I will take you far from here. He gets a call. He asks Muskaan not to make any sound, else he will shoot her. He answers Sir ji’s call and says I didn’t get the girl, I will call you when I get her, don’t worry, I will do your work. Ronak comes to brothel and shoots the guard. Everyone looks on shocked. Hanumanth asks Muskaan to come out, they have come to get her. Ronak greets Tabassum. He asks where is Muskaan. She says you took her, you are asking me. Ghosh messages. Ronak asks him not to think much. He makes him keep phone. Suzaine thinks why is he finding Muskaan, she was with him. Sir ji says I just know she called here and asked for her mum, I don’t want no from you now. Bablu says don’t worry. Sir ji says kill those two guys as well. Bablu says as you say. Sir ji goes.

Ronak’s pic is shown on the wall. Ronak asks Suzaine where is Muskaan. Suzaine says she isn’t here. Ronak says her goon took Muskaan, I thought he will come here, tell me where is she. Tabassum says she isn’t here. He says just I can get Muskaan. Sir ji’s wife Gayatri does puja and comes to him. She smiles. He calls her a moon. She does his aarti. He praises her. She asks where is my son. He says he is missing, now you have come back, and he will also come, festivals are for family union, if Ronak was here in Kanya pujan, I would be glad. She says he will come, everyone is waiting come. Bablu gets Muskaan to his place. Goons tie her up. Muskaan cries.

Bablu says Ronak doesn’t care for you, else he would have come here. Ronak beats the goons and comes to save Muskaan. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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