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Episode 14…

ammar sleeping peacefully Kunj just admire him. He bend down and kissed on his forehead. Before he wakes  up kunj oder snacks for him he asked Romir what he likes he tell kunj.. otherside twinkle missing ammar. Just than there Leela and Rt come with tea and snacks they both too joint them..

Rt:what’s going on today all are free.

Leela:haa right nahi toh they are just busy.

They all smiled.. where my bacha..

Twinkle:MAA don’t know where he went?

Rt:he just went his friend house or else where he went..

Twinkle:haa ghar me toh uska maan hi nahi tikata hai.Nowadays new one more friend.. apni age se toh bade..

Mehar:True twinkle.They both too play with kids 😛😛..

Abeer:seemed like both of them is faltu.. no work.they all chit chatting with each other’s. Hiya come and asked about ammar.

Hiya:where is that basketball lover..

Leela:hehe you don’t know.

Hiya:I understand he maybe with that idiot Romir..

Twinkle: you don’t like him??

Hiya:yes massi they both are so annoying.

Top of their new friends.

Ammar wake up and look at here and there rubbing his eyes while kunj is in balcony attending some business calls.

Ammar:mammaaa.. In crying tone., kunj heard his voice he immediately cut the call and went inside and see ammar sitting having puppy face. Kunj went near him sit opposite him..

Kunj:finally wake up.

Ammar:hmm.. Kunj make him sit on his lap and caress his face.

Kunj:acha.Now wake up fully. See your favourite snacks. Ammar see and get happy.

Ammar: how you know dost.

Kunj:I’m dost na I know. Let’s get freshen up kunj take him in washroom wash his face and they both sit kunj feed him. Ammar really enjoying with kunj this all moments he don’t want to leave him and go back to his house but he has too. After sometimes.

Ammar: okay bye dost..

Kunj: bye❤❤. Take care of yourself he sit on his knees and kissed on ammar forehead while he too kissed him back on his cheeks Bebe and yuvi was really happy only with two people kunj smiled first aditi second this ammar he is beyond.

See this kunj give him his favourite nerdy candy box..

Ammar:thanks he give him hug and left for Taneja Mansion with driver.Still they all sitting in lawn. Ammar come there they see him.

Rt: finally you come back.

Ammar:yes I don’t want to come back but can’t do anything 😞😞..

Leela: acha jiii..

Twinkle:come I’ll bring your milk.

Ammar:no mamma I don’t want.

Leela:you didn’t have your lunch too..

Ammar: Nani I have my lunch and everything.

Twinkle: okay what you did??

Ammar:first I play with Romir than have lunch with my dost than again we all play after I sleep. When I wake up my dost bring my favourite snacks for me he feed me. Even give me this too.

Twinkle:yeh bada acha dost hai.. what is this twinkle open and see get surprised.

Ammar:mamma I didn’t he too love this like me. My dost is best..

Abeer:Twinkle soon he’ll forget you. Just become crazy behind his dost..

Twinkle:no my baby. She cuddles him..

Like this day were passing twinkle and Kunj tashan level increasing day by day otherside ammar and Kunj bond too. It’s become so hard for both of them to stay away from each other kunj starts his day to see ammar face he specially went his school and meet with him everyday than went to school.Purushottam busy in his dirty motive.Work going on as per kunj idea.Kunj and yuvi really behind Purushottam to find one proof against him.But everyone went in veins because he is too smart didn’t left any clue Against.

Normal day in Taneja office they all working..

Abeer:finally first session is complete.


Yuvi:let’s go and see the work process.


Abeer:why not you and twinkle go and see till than me and yuvi handle other work.Twinkle look at abeer didn’t say  anything.

Kunj:I don’t mind if she wanted it.twinkle look at Kunj continuously. Just than twinkle got call from Taneja Mansion.

She knows who he is. With a smile she pick up the call.


Ammar:mamma.. when you’ll come back.

Twinkle:why mera baby. They all look at twinkle.

Ammar:I’m missing you.

Twinkle:acha even I too miss you.

Ammar: what about my new car today we are going for shopping..

Twinkle:hoo ammar I’ll tell vikram he’ll go with you.They talk and end the call. While Kunj was very curious to listen that baby voice who is his friend little. After sometimes later twinkle and Kunj directly went from office for to see side process.

Kunj was in driving seat while twinkle sitting beside him. After a long time she sit beside him in car remember who they fight in car whenever they went anywhere.

Twinkle looking at outside thinking about her old life just than Aditi call come phone connected with car.. call on speaker 🔊

Kunj:yes babes .

Aditi:BF where are you..

Kunj:aditi I’m going somewhere due to work. I’ll come till morning okay how’s  daee jaa.

Aditi: she is all good think about me. Twinkle Listen this all.

Kunj: don’t worry I’ll try to come soon.

Aditi:great missing you,love you come back soon waiting for you.

Kunj:same take care of yourself. Love you too.After listen this tears formed in twinkle eyes for these words her ears dying to listen from kunj mouth for her but now things changed totally.. Kunj drive the car fastly..

Twinkle:Arey slow kunj..

Kunj:I’m like this. It’ll take time to reached there.Twinkle rest her head and sleep kunj stop the car and bring something for them to and coffee he come back in car.Again starts the car and taking sip of coffee.

Twinkle open her eyes.take your coffee. Twinkle stair coffee that Kunj can see it.

Don’t worry I didn’t mistake anything in this coffee to take my revenge from you back.

Twinkle: don’t cook up stories in your mind Itself get it.She enjoyed the coffee little rain drop started. She open the window and feels. Kunj look at her.Give smile he remember still she is same.Ammar getting bored he went in room and call kunj from landline. Kunj see the number and understand ammar even he too missing him. He didn’t put the call on speaker. Used Bluetooth.

Kunj:what’s up my boy..

Ammar: dost where are you come na I’m getting bored.

Kunj:hoo that’s not good pidhi..

Ammar: huhu come na please play with me. I’m missing you badly.

Kunj:even I too miss my baby. Twinkle see this she listen kunj side of conversation she never see kunj like this but enjoying too. Offo don’t worry I’ll come soon firstly I’ll meet with you only now happy.

Ammar:super happy dost bye.

Kunj:bye. Pidhi..

Ammar: lambu😝😝😛.

Kunj:Lambu hoga Tere baap😛😛😂.. they end the call with laughs..

Twinkle:think who he is this new one..
After long time they reached the side. Both come out of the car and see the work level is going great.. nice na kunj.

Kunj:yes twinkle see what I think same.

Buster puru.

Twinkle: why you and yuvi have so much problem with Purushottam sir.

Kunj:our wishes.

Twinkle:huhu sadu they went inside and see all Work process. After sometimes later they sit in car back again suddenly heavy rain started. Kunj try to do drive properly but due to Fog can’t see anything perfectly. In middle of the road car stop.

What happened kunj??

Kunj:don’t know twinkle. Let me see he went and check the car. Shit Iss ko bhi abhi kharab hona ta. Twinkle car band pad gai hai.

Twinkle:what kunj you have so faltu car.

Kunj: o hello if I’ll sell my car your type of car comes 10..

Twinkle: shut up. Think now.. in this outskirt we stuck here kunj..

Kunj:right.Top of this rain.Twinkle.Come let’s see.Kunj and twinkle walking on roads they both drenched in rain fully.

They come so far kunj eyes went on motel.

We get place to stay.

Twinkle:where this motel Chii.

Kunj: o madam here 5 star hotel will not come for you thanked to god let’s go. Before Teri cream jam jaye..they went inside man standing in reception.

Man: yes sir.

Kunj: we want two rooms.

Man: we don’t have two room one is here. Kunj look at twinkle than see the place and people as well it’s not good to leave twinkle alone.

Kunj:okay.Man seeing twinkle with lust eyes because her clothes drenched fully her body visible slightly Kunj fuming in anger he closed his fist than removed his blazer and warped around twinkle shoulders twinkle see kunj get surprised at the same time she see man’s looking her in bad way. Kunj take the room key he hold twinkle hand went to room while going mans whistling at twinkle.They went in room and closed.

Twinkle:Kunj this is the place to stay here.

Kunj:I don’t have any other way twinkle now sit better than stand in rain.twinkle making face at kunj..

Twinkle: still kunj I’ll not stay in this place just than her phone ring. She picked up. Yes vikram..

Vikram:when you’ll come back.

Twinkle:vikram here I’m stuck this rain don’t worry I’m safe I’ll come soon.

Vikram:okay.Kunj look at twinkle. Suddenly lights went off.Twinkle get scared she started screaming.

Twinkle: MAA..

Kunj:Twinkle calm down. He went to her twinkle immediately hugged him tightly started sobbing. Shhh twinkle.

Twinkle:kunjj please don’t go and leave me.

Kunj:haa I’ll not go anywhere don’t cry. Kunj lit the one candle little bit light.

Kunj cupped twinkle face and wiped her tears both looking at each other face their face glowing in candle brightness.Both fully drenched in rain water.kunj caress her face tucked her hairs behind her ears kunj going near her while twinkle in backwards due to wall she stop now there is no way to go.Kunj place both his hands on the wall above twinkle head.She looking at him just while he too.It’s look very hot they both fully wet and this make more Impassioned.Kunj slowly going near twinkle face they were very closed easily listen each other’s heart beats.Kunj touch his nose with her.Twinkle clutch her dress.

Twinkle closed her eyes immediately Kunj place his wet lips on her wet cheeks. Kissed her.Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck.Giving her wet kissed gently twinkle breathing heavily.Her hands automatically went to kunj hairs and she caressing his hairs.Kunj give her love bite she moan slowly.. kunjjj..!

Kunj closed his eyes and remember twinkle betrayed him.He become wild started kissing so expeditiously.While twinkle fully lost in his touch she don’t care what he did and how?? Everything flashing in kunj mind his eyes  become red totally.He leave her neck moved towards. Lips didn’t wasted any second just sealed his lips with her.Twinkle open her eyes and realised kunj lips on her.He too paused. Both looking at each other eyes.twinkle blinking her eyes kunj nimble his lips on her upper lip. Twinkle about to moved but kunj locked his hands around her waist tightly. And started kissing her in full speed in his eyes anger clearly visible that twinkle can see.Now twinkle too started kissing him with same passion.Both make this kiss so deep and passionate.Biting each other lips than started the fighting with their tongue their war.Twinkle closed her eyes and caressing his hairs while kunj become mad didn’t leave twinkle lips. After longest and deep kiss twinkle can’t take the breath she try to break the kiss but kunj can’t do it and let her do it. At last twinkle has to push him. Both breathing heavily.

Twinkle: are… yo…u m…ad…. how dare you?? Come near to me haa. Kunj pulled her.

Kunj:today you have to answer me why you cheated me why?????..

Twinkle:what nonsense is this??

Kunj:today I’ll not leave you twinkle past from more than 4 years I m bearing this pain why you leave me and went with that Vikram what I have done with you. He cupped her face.Where in I m less that I didn’t fulfilled my husband duty haa.. I give you each and everything whatever you ask I’ll give you.Never try to hurt can’t see tears in your eyes and what you have done give me this unbearable pain twinkle.tell me.never support my mother against you still. Tears escaping from twinkle and Kunj eyes rapidly. What makes you sleep with that vikram.We are in same room but I didn’t cross my limits always make you comfortable I think lot about you what you give me in return this betraying haa.

Twinkle: I never cheat you kunj. For got sake understand this..

Kunj: did you think I’m mad haa than from where that baby come twinkle. He hold her from her both shoulders tightly.


Twinkle:Kunj leave me your  hurting me.

Kunj:laugh out painfully.You can feel your pain can’t you see this pain in my eyes. What I wanted from you haa just love you return me pain. Don’t know when I sleep peacefully after that night.You know what twinkle after you I don’t have guts to trust on anyone.This eyes become stone due to lack of sleeps twinkle why because of you whenever I closed my eyes your betrayed didn’t let me sleep.Give me reason that Kunj there you didn’t stoop behind me here you are wrong haa.Twinkle didn’t said anything. Kunj screams loudly answer me damn didn’t moved on with me in our marriage life Twinkle. But you can with vikram why.??? You were right in our shadi just Tashan is there there is no love and this is your tashan what happened you why you put lock on your mouth didn’t you think once before doing this with me. If you love vikram this much come to me tell me I’ll not stope infect I’ll help you both.You break me down that time twinkle I healed my passed wounds become so happy don’t know what to do everything is dream for me.Become crazy for you.What jerk you give me till now I can’t cope up with your betraying.I was scared to love anyone can’t open my heart doors once I get from Alisha that you know very well still you did. I never point out finger on your and vikram friendship MAA numbers of time told me see today I stand here. I just wanted little trust from you.People saying love give us reason to live they don’t know  this love only snatch the reason to live back..


Twinkle:kunjjj leave me I said please.

Kunj:today I’ll not.You was only the one who told me about Alisha truth why she wanted to marry me just because of my money m I right na twinkle.the way I love you that I Didn’t do her half of yours twinkle.How much love I give you you neglected everything haa.. if she wanted my money even you to just for money you give yourself to someone after being my wife you did this haa..don’t you feel ashamed on yourself tell me.Today wait. Kunj take out money and put in twinkle hands take it. Even I give you money did you give me yourself and let’s have a one night stand twinkle shocked to listen this from kunj. She look at money which is in her hands..

Kunj:Joh bistar pe zabaan dete hai …
woh aksar badal jaate hai.(People who promise on a bed they usually change.)

Twinkle don’t know how to react on this. She never expected this from kunj.Twinkle throw the money on bed and look at Kunj she didn’t think once immediately slapped him so hard..

Twinkle:Chii today whatever little bit respect and sympathy in my heart for your

Left today you vanished.How dare you kunj you said this to me.She throw money at bed. And look at Kunj with anger can’t tell her anger level. She garb his collar.

Go and asked this to someone Not me.

I know I’m pure and will remain.. for this paper I’ll sell myself at least think once before speaking what you were talking to me and asked one girl. So cheap question kunj.

Kunj:acha If you are so innocent so you didn’t do anything give me one answer. Than how that baby come. He falls from sky twinkle. Kish ka bacha hai woh bol na.

Twinkle:woh bacha…t..u she stop didn’t complete.Kunj you are so bad.You asking me from where my baby come good. I’ll not answer you because you didn’t deserve it after today never ever.

Kunj:Meri biwi hoge you cheat me is it good haa. If I asked you you become so angry. what happened that time when you were busy with him just fulfilled your needs and pleasure.

Twinkle:if my son is abused even you are too before him remember this thing Kunj Sarna.Go and asked same question to your mother than you’ll know how it’s feel when someone asked Existence of your baby.I’ll stand one night with you.Twinkle will die before this.Twinkle push him.Due to this they both falls down on the bed. Twinkle beneath Kunj top of her. Both looking at each other’s with full hatred.
Kunj interlocked their hands.Kunnjjj don’t. Kunj rest his forehead on her forehead. Tears dropping down on her face.. twinkle closed her eyes kunj see her fear he get up and stand. While twinkle didn’t feel any weight on herself she open her eyes and look at Kunj who standing numb.. she get up and stand.

Kunj:don’t worry I’ll not do anything with you. When I didn’t touch my own wife didn’t cross my line never forced her went against her will to go near her.Today I’ll not touch someone wife. He said this and went in side look at alcohol bottle just open the bottle and gulps in one go. Like this he drinking bottle and bottle. Smashed the bottle in his hand fist and break it down twinkle see and get shocked to see this.kunj hand full drenched in blood. But he didn’t care at all punched his hand on wall. Injured himself more. Twinkle rushed to him.

Twinkle:kunjj stop your madness.Kunj turned and look at her.

Kunj:don’t show this fake care.. twinkle hold his shirt.

Twinkle:shaking him what you wanted from me now kunj already you broken me lot. She started crying loudly.. Kunj resting his face on her cheek..

Kunj: I hate you twinkle..


Twinkle:even I too hate from the core of my heart kunj.. one day you’ll regret lot kunj for your words even you can’t forgive yourself too.
both crying badly. Joint their foreheads


Both sit down their back facing to each other. Both resting their head on their knees and sobbing slightly.

Twinkle in heat.How I’ll tell you kunj he is your own baby.On whom you were pointing finger ask me.He is  ansh(part) of yours Today I’m cursing myself lot that day only I should killed your blood in my womb.She turned and look at Kunj. 



Whole night both stay like this don’t know when twinkle sleep kunj get up and look at twinkle she shivered he went near her carry her in his arms place her on bed covered her too. Went out of the room and sit beside room door and sleep there only.


Next day in morning twinkle wake up and find herself on bed and look at here and there get up finding Kunj..

Twinkle:where he went.she open the door and see kunj sleeping blood still oozing little bit.Why this pain is in your love kunj even hatred too.Twinkle went from there kunj wake up and went outside and pay the bill and see twinkle standing in side. Kunj already call driver tell him get another car. Both didn’t said anything just sit in car and drove off.Their eyes is become so red and and their lower eyelids fully swollen and face become so dull.In whole ride they didn’t talk one word and didn’t look at each other’s.They reached Amritsar they stuck in traffic.kunj come out of the car.

Kunj:drop madam okay.He went from there while going twinkle see him. Soon twinkle reached Taneja Mansion she went inside Leela and rt or fuzail was there they look at twinkle.

Rt:you come back beta.

Leela: are you okay na.

Twinkle: hmm MAA just tired. She went in her room and run inside the washroom stand under shower recalling what happened last night twinkle touch her lips and feel kunj touch.kyuuuuuuu.she cried woh bacha tumhara apna hai Kunj still how many times I’ll give you explanation once I give you with all proof that he is your I’ll not forgive you.

While same with kunj too. He went to where daee jaa And aditi Leaving run in his room and get freshen up. At their rooms both sit and drink coffee and tears escaping from their eyes.

Another scene..
Aditi sitting with Yuvi at restaurant Yuvi holding her hand kissed on her hand aditi give smile..
Their face is very close..

Aditi:we are in public place Yuvi.

Yuvi:so what.. nobody is here. Yuvi kissing on her neck. Aditi on his cheeks

Aditi: if anyone will see us here Yuvi.

Yuvi: let them I’m here he kissed on her forehead just than Yuvi See kunj call. Finally his call come. He pick up his call.

Hello bro.

Kunj: where is aditi.. Yuvi and aditi look at each other’s.

Yuvi:here with me we come for lunch.

Kunj:come back now only.Kunj end the call he was already in tension.Yuvi and Aditi went from there.they went to kunj and sit beside both understand he is upset.

Yuvi:what happened bro haa..

Kunj: nothing you just tell me what you did last night.

Yuvi:kunj I went again his office and just find some papers on the papers it’s clearly written that my Papa and your Itself ready for this brothel projects and they too helping Purushottam selling girls here and there.

Kunj: what nonsense you speaking.

Yuvi: wait when I know about this even I’m too shocked. He went bring that papers and show kunj. Kunj read and see Manohar and Yash signatures.

Kunj:no Yuvi something is fishy we don’t know everything I mean why’ll they both sign this papers they both unaware of Purushottam Yuvi we have to find real truth who behind this master mind.

Aditi:But how??

Kunj:just one Confirmation Aditi. All allegations this world put on my father.

Yuvi: with wet eyes because of this buster Aditi I become fatherless😭😭..

Kunj:and I 😭😭😭.. tears dropping from their eyes Aditi see this hugged both of them together and consoling them.

Aditi:don’t cry guys just faith on yourself we are very near don’t be weak.. she wiped their tears and kissed on their foreheads. They sit for sometimes while Yuvi and Kunj become so sad Didn’t said anything just busy in their thoughts this daee jaa And aditi See and feels bad for them.Leela and Rt went in twinkle room.

And see her sitting alone. They sit beside her.

Rt:Twinkle did anything happened haa.

Twinkle:no Papa I’m fully fine where is ammar.

Leela:down.You didn’t have your lunch too twinkle.

Twinkle:MAA mood nahi hai.

Leela:Twinkle you went with kunj na.. did he tell you something as soon as Twinkle heard kunj name twinkle can’t control on herself started crying Rt and Leela shocked. She hugged Leela.

Rt:kya hua??

Twinkle:Papa why he always hurt me. What I have done with him.leela caressing her back..

Leela:don’t wasted your tears for him twinkle. She cupped her face. Twinkle sobbing so badly. Tell me what happened actually??

Twinkle: MAA he asked me just where is baby come if I didn’t cheat him.

Rt:when you tell him once still twinkle.

Twinkle:yes Papa. If he don’t know I don’t wanted he come to know that ammar his son not vikram.

Leela:Twinkle Puttar one day he will get to know about ammar real identity.

Twinkle:don’t know MAA he is not ammar father he didn’t deserve as his father. I’m cursing myself MAA why not I didn’t listen chinki that day she is right I should abort this baby in my womb Rt and Leela shocked.

Rt:in stern voice twinkleeee😡😡😡.. what are you speaking did you know haa.

What ammar did in this. It’s your and kunj mistakes twinkle not ammar.You can’t put all blame at him..
next time don’t say this word again no one will worse than me. Ammar mother and father is culprit not ammar what this small soul did. Just because of your carelessness once you lost in your womb now what you have understood his value.

Leela:yes twinkle.puttar.Just because of your this thing.You lost your another twin baby.Twinkle closed her eyes and remember that day
[email protected]@@@@@@@@@

when she give birth to twins babies.Yes twinkle expecting with twins.Due to lots of stress levels twinkle didn’t take care of herself.Till delivery they don’t know about twinkle expecting with twins babies this they come to know at delivery time they all very much happy but happiness can’t stay no longer in twinkle life.Twinkle both babies was very weak beyond their levels in whole during pregnancy twinkle didn’t pay any attention on herself.Doctors immediately keep baby in observation they both babies having breath problems.Twinkle and they see both babies and give smile.Second baby breath sound echoed so loudly feel so painful.Twinkle and her whole family thing if babaji snatch one reason from twinkle to leave kunj leave her but babaji give her two life’s.But happened only what god wanted. Twinkle request them to take her babies in her hands.Nurse bring babies and twinkle see ammar and kissed on his forehead. Nurse take him back Twinkle caressing her another baby girl face. She closed her eyes. She didn’t feel anything and look at baby no move moments put her finger near her nose and get shocked no breath.She screamed loudly Leela and Rt come and see twinkle.

Doctor: what happened.

Twinkle:baby. Nurse take baby and operate the baby. All doctors giving their best but in heart beat monitor nothing is coming doctors get shocked but can’t do anything. They went outside Leela and Rt standing. They saw doctor and rushed to him.

Rt: Doctor how’s baby. Doctor keep his hand on his shoulder.

Doctor: I’m so sorry.. baby is no more.

They both Hell shocked don’t know who to react just few hours ago they get to know about this happiness twins baby in just few second god snatch the happiness from them.Tears coming from their eyes.

Leela:please don’t.

Doctor:I can understand your pain.Sorry baby girl just breath for some hours she come go back to heaven.we are too sorry first we can’t found out twinkle having twins because a girl beneath baby boy. More over their growth process we all know. In both babies don’t have energy to take breath itself Mr and Mrs Taneja. We should think about now baby boy..

If we had blood we’ll do something their blood groups is very rare we try in all blood banks but. Most important twinkle blood group didn’t match with her both babies their hemoglobin level is very low.
If babies father is here than anything can happen at least we save baby.

Leela: please docter save him my daughter will die she have her babies only now one is she lost. On the same day when she born.

Rt: yes:

Doctor: yes right now twinkle too in critical condition so it’s better don’t tell her about baby. It’s good for her we’ll do our best.

He said and went from there while Leela and Rt or fuzail crying lot.

Leela: ji what we’ll say to our twinkle.

Rt: Leela god wanted this only.We lost one now can’t anymore..present..

Leela: twinkle please.

Twinkle:MAA I didn’t forget MAA I lost my few hours born baby 😭😭.. this all happened because of kunj.MAA I’ll never ever forgive him.I hate him. What type of father he is.. just than ammar come there and see twinkle crying. He went to her.

Ammar:mamma what happened.

Twinkle: in irritated voice nothing ammar. Please go from there ammar become sad and went.

Leela: twinkle it’s not good whenever you are upset with your fate you shower your anger on ammar.

Twinkle: MAA what I’ll do whenever i remember my pain and past and look at ammar in him I see kunj MAA.

Rt:we understand but this is not right way to deal with your pain.after sometimes later Mehar and Abeer come and rt or Leela they all planned to go out for dinner. Just to cheer up twinkle mood.somehow Abeer and Maher Convince twinkle she get ready.They left for restaurant..

Aditi and daee jaan playing with veggies. They both see kunj and Yuvi sad faces.

Daee Jaan: today I’m not in mood to cook anything.

Aditi: yes even I too get bored to eat this normal food.. let’s go for dinner whats say guys. No response from Yuvi and Kunj..

She get up and went towards kunj incircle

Her arms around kunj neck. What is kunj.

See you both got new project didn’t give me treat as well.

Daee jaa: yes me too.She went near kunj and cupped his face.Kunj look at me don’t be sad. See we are with you.

Kunj:I know.I had everything still her place no one can’t complete in my life.

Daee jaa:I can understand you pain kunj and Yuvi but this not the way.Now don’t be sad I’m hungry. She said in very cute way Yuvi and Kunj smile slightly.

Kunj:okay let’s go.I can’t deny you both.

They four of them left too.They reached and take their seats well twinkle and all’s too in same restaurant.Their table beside them. Aditi and Yuvi tickling each other while kunj resting his head on table.

Aditi:uff Kunj bhai shab please don’t become now sad queen.

Abeer:twinkle hows the project work??

Twinkle:good Abeer.

Vikram:today you are not in your zone. ( he too come with them) just than Abeer eyes went on Aditi.

Abeer: Arey Aditi.. is here. He waved to her. She see and give smile. Get up and went towards them.

Aditi:hi you guys here what a surprised.

Abeer: yes even you too here.Where is your partners in crime.

Aditi:here only. Leela and rt see Aditi.She back to her table.Soon their Oder comes they all having Their food while twinkle eyes went on Kunj and see him resting his head on table and his eyes were closed.

Yuvi:Kunj you are not come here to sleep.

Kunj:you all have na I’m fine..

Daee Jaan: kunjjj..he raise his face and daee jaan feed him.Twinkle and rt or Leela get confused to see Yuvi and Kunj with some others people.Kunj resting his head on daee jaan shoulder.Pain clearly visible on his face.After dinner Yuvi and Aditi laughing passing jokes. Abeer went towards them.

Abeer:hi Kunj and Yuvi.


Abeer:what happened Kunj..

Kunj:nothing you tell..

Aditi:meet with my daee jaan Abeer.

Abeer:yup namaste..

Daee jaan: namaste beta..

Abeer:Arey Rt uncle and Leela aunty meet with our project partners.They all look at each other’s..specially rt and Leela or Yuvi and Kunj don’t know how to reacts..

Aditi: you both are twinkle parents na.. they nodded in yes.. Kunj see Vikram refresh his pain more.

Kunj:daee jaan lets go..

Daee jaan: haa what happened..

Kunj: chalo na..
he hold her hand and take her from there carefully can’t walk so fast.They all went outside.Twinkle and kunj giving each other painful glares.They all went from there.

Whole night twinkle and Kunj can’t sleep just crying inside in their hearts..

Next day twinkle and Kunj control on their emotions..ammar didn’t talking to twinkle.

Twinkle went to meet with Purushottam his office to give her file.. she went in cabin and see Purushottam sitting with his friend.

Puru:hi you come good see. Purushottam friend see twinkle with full lust.

Twinkle: sir this file. She give the file immediately left from there.

Purushottam: why you lost my friend..

Man:in this hot chick I’m mean never see this type of maal.

Purushottam:same me too.Just controlling on myself.

Man:let’s try na man.Who’ll win..

Purushottam:why not idea wasn’t bad I mean.. I’m thinking to give my birthday party in that we can enjoy 😉. Both laugh out like a devils..

Episode end..


How’s the episode I hope you all enjoy… 

Let’s see what will happened next. 

Sad for twinkle baby😛😭.. 

Give your views.. thanks likers and dislikers.. no proof reading so leave it 

Bye love you all. Now I try to post soon. 

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