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Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kabir denies Ruksaar

Ishq Subhan Allah 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Ruksaar says to Zara that till this door is open, Kabir is yours and when this door is closed, Kabir is mine.. she closes door on Zara. Zara is tensed and paces around. She recalls how Kabir said he loves her unconditionally, how she asked if he accept her as his wife for life? how he promised to not let anyone come inbetween them, how he said he cannot share Zara with anyone.
In room, Kabir starts dua to God. Ruksaar whispers to herself that I will spend tonight in Kabir’s arms and then tomorrow.. she mixes poison in juice and says we will leave this world tomorrow and be together in after life. Outside room, Reema says to Zara that he wont come, understand and come with me. Zara says he wont come? she breakdowns and cries. Reema hugs her. Reema asks her to control

herself and takes her from there.
Kabir prays to God that I dont know if I am right, I am doing all this for Zara, please dont let me do anything that will tarnish this house’s honor or Zara. He turns and sees Ruksaar smiling at him, he glares at her. Ruksaar says you prayed for Zara and I prayed for you, I will get you today. He looks away. Ruksaar says I signed agreement because I wanted a night with you, now you will have to do what I want. Kabir kisses his praying beads and blows his prayers on her face. Ruksaar says wow, your prayers wiped my sins, I am clean now. Kabir says Ruksaar if.. Ruksaar cups his face and says Ruksaar cant be without sins.. think if this is my last night then how clean Ruksaar would look infront of God? so I will do sin tonight, to tease my husband, I will tease you so much.. so much.. that I will take your life. Kabir is stunned and moves away from her. She holds his arm and says dont move back, you will get Zara for life in return of this night so give this night to me. She hugs his arm. Kabir thinks and stops.

In Zara’s room, she starts packing and keeps crying.
Ruksaar puts her dupatta on Kabir and starts getting closer to him, she smiles at him. Dhal jaon mein plays.. she caresses his face. Kabir holds her hand and kisses it. He says I am sorry.. I am sorry Zara.. Ruksaar is hurt hearing it. Ruksaar says thank you Zara.
Zara says to Reema that I am in this house for Kabir, I trusted him more than me, I trusted my love that Kabir will leave Ruksaar and come to me, but he didnt come, I wont stay in this for a second, I failed my love, Ruksaar was right, this is a black night for me.
Ruksaar looks at bed, she recalls how Kabir rejected her earlier. She takes off her jewelry, takes off dupatta and comes to Kabir. Kabir looks away, she giggles and says you are first husband to shy away from your wife.. he turns to leave but Ruksaar stops him and says Zara is outside and you will get in morning only, if you dont do it then I swear on God, I will not divorce you, what will happen to Zara then? you are my love, your love is Zara and Zara’s love is Kabir, she will not get her love till I dont get my love.
Zara calls Salma and asks her to clean her room, I am coming to my home.
Salma calls Ayesha and says you people did injustice with my Zara, she is coming here, she has decided to leave your home. Ayesha says what are you saying? I wont her leave my son. Zara comes there with her luggage, Shahbaz says if you leave then our respect will be destroyed. Zara says to Ayesha that my love, my identity, everything has broken. Ayesha says understand Kabir, he killed his honor, his identity to go to Ruksaar’s so he could give you life ahead.
Ruksaar makes Kabir lie on bed and lies on him, he is tensed and worried. He recalls how Zara walked on burning coals for him, he recalls how Zara said she can share him. Ruksaar starts moving closer to him but he gets up from bed and thinks there is Zara whom I started loving from far and there is you.. who is close but all I feel is hate. Kabir starts to drink juice but Ruksaar stops him and says I have made this juice with love, when you have spent night with me then you can drink it. She hugs Kabir tighly and says not now. Kabir pushes her away and says its test of love. He takes coat. Ruksaar asks where are you going? you cant insult me like this. Kabir says only Zara and her love is getting insulted, Ruksaar tries to stop him but he leaves.

Irfan and Salma comes to Kabir’s house, they rush to Zara and hug her. Zara says to Salma that lets go from here. Salma says yes my daughter I will take you from here. They turn to leave but Kabir comes there and stops Zara.

PRECAP- Kabir is trying to stop Zara from leaving, Ruksaar comes on balcony of first floor. All are stunned to see her dizzy.. Ruksaar loses balance and falls from first floor.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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