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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Salim saves Anarkali

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anarkali standing in the river. Salim looks at her. Rukaiya scolds her maids and asks them to get information about Anarkali. Mahabat comes to Salim and says you punished Anarkali. Salim says I hate her, she is just a servant, she doesn’t hear heartbeat, but just command. He drinks more and recalls her. He says I want to forget her. Mahabat thinks Anarkali didn’t do right to reject his love. Anarkali stands in rain. Salim says I have left from palace with sorrow, when I returned, I got sorrow, I want to forget this. Daniyal and Murad come.

Daniyal says just one thing can help you. Khala feels restless. Husna says I didn’t get Anarkali anywhere. Khala looks for her everywhere. Daniyal says Abu fazal can trouble us if he knows this. Mahabat asks what are you

saying, this thing can’t be right, stay away from it. Salim says I m a prince, I will get what I want, don’t forget you are also a servant. He goes with Daniyal. Daniyal gets him some drugs. Salim says I m not scared of servants. Anarkali stands in the river. Salim thinks of Anarkali.

Anarkali thinks I can’t live with your love but I can die, I will take your name for the last time. She prays for Salim. Salim talks to Anarkali and says you are the biggest intoxicant for me, how shall I hate you, I love you a lot. Anarkali gets sinking. He says I commanded her to stand in the waters, when its raining so much. Salim rushes back. He sees Anarkali sinking and shouts to her. He jumps in the river and swims to her. He gets Anarkali out. Husna prays for her. Salim asks Anarkali to get up, open eyes. He worries for her. He says nothing can happen to you. She gets conscious. He says nothing will happen to you. She says if anyone sees us together, you will get insulted. He gets angry on her. He says you are ready to give life, but not confess love, I can’t stay away from you, I don’t want to get you forcibly. He asks her to go. He goes.

Khala and Husna come. Anarkali makes an excuse. Khala takes her home. Salim thinks Anarkali could have died by my madness, she is my love. Jodha asks where is Salim. Maid says he hasn’t returned. Jodha says where did he go. Anarkali looks on. Ammijaan asks what’s the matter. Jodha says Salim isn’t here, he left his sword, I m very scared. Ammijaan says don’t worry, he will come soon. Anarkali worries. They pray for Salim. Anarkali looks for Salim and says where did he go, did he go to bhool bhulaiyya. Salim is somewhere far.

Anarkali runs to find Salim.

Update Credit to: Amena

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