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Shot 4
The shot starts with Kunj along with Armaan ria Usha Manohar and bebe reaching London where his aunt Anita stays they all were waiting as Yuvi told that he will pick them ..

When this Yuvi will come bebe said while others too looked on ..
Hah still same no punctuality this Yuvi na Kunj cursed him in his mind ..

Enough of waiting I think we shall take a cab Armaan added ..
Even I think so let’s go they started to leave when they heard a voice ..

Sorry sorry Yuvi said running towards them he was breathing heavily .. while others looked at him ..
He greeted them and touched their feets while they blessed him ..

Stay happy long live puttar bebe said ..
Thank you so much bebe and I am really sorry I was stucked up in traffic Yuvi said ..

Hmm we all know that Yuvi Kunj taunted while both of them looks at each other smirking they are of same age and was best friends as settling in their fathers business they started having less conversation ..

Come you all Yuvi said he sended Manohar Usha and bebe in one car and took Kunj Armaan and ria in others ..

5 long years we all are meeting finally Yuvi said driving while ria was quiet and Armaan and Kunj was having conversation with Yuvi ..

After sometime all of the reached and armia(Armaan+ria) left inside while Kunj was going Yuvi held his hand ..
You didn’t hugged me once also he chided while Kunj laughed ..

You are still Same alien Kunj said smiling hugging him while Yuvi hugged him tighter ..

And you are changed bro I didn’t find my old my crime partner in you just look at your face so intense look ?? Is everything fine ?? Yuvi asked ..Kunj was quiet for sometime ..

Yeah why will anything happen I am fine just I am liking this intense look now a days Kunj said sadly ..
Hmm okay I you say but if their is anything I am always there to help you mere bhai Yuvi said while Kunj nodded and both left inside ..

Usha Manohar bebe meet Anita and her husband Surjeet Usha and Anita were real sisters where as Manohar bebe and Surjeet were cousins Kunj and Yuvi were both maternal as well as paternal cousin’s ..

Kunj too met Anita and Surjeet and they asked Yuvi to show them rooms so that they can get freshen up and have breakfast aka brunch with them Yuvi nodded taking them all ..
On the other side ::
The same women who catches the baby was smiling whole the 2 women you both of them hugged the baby …
Elena she is really such a cutie said the 1 woman..

Yeah she is and where is her crime partner ??? 2 women asked…
He is with maa really a Mumma boy no no grandmumma boy said the 1 woman ..
You give me Elena I’ll give her bath said the 2 women ..

Twinkle she heard someone shouting ..
Coming said 1 woman who was revealed to be twinkle she hand the baby girl Elena who was 6 months old to Meher who was infront of her .

She went from there while Meher took Elena to give her bath ..
Twinkle went to RT who called her ??
Haan papa what happened twinkle asked while RT smiled at her

You bhai is on the way to home don’t tell Meher we will give her Suprise RT said while twinkle nodded that so amazing finally he is coming back twinkle said ..
Yeah where are my lovely babies rt asked??

One went for bath and another I don’t have any idea papa he is not mine baby twinkle chided while rt laughed ..
Yeah he is not yours he is of your mother (Leela) he said teasing twinkle more ..

Come we will see where this boy is rt said while twinkle nodded and followed him they went inside lert room to find Leela with a cute chubby baby of nearly 7 months old who was having a great time with his grandmother ..

He never stays this quite with me papa and see with maa twinkle said ..
Yes because I am your mother also Leela added hearing twinkle voice while RT laughed ..

I can’t win in this even Abeer used to stay sticked to Leela that’s why I made you my favourite RT said sidehugging twinkle ..

So what you jealous people’s my Ayaan is ready now Leela said while the baby looked at twinkle with wide eyes ..
What don’t see me like this ? Huh you cheater you always want my mother Haan twinkle said while lert laughed ..

And where is Elena ?? I wanted to give her bath too but she ran away from me while I was handling Ayaan ..she was getting naughty day by day since she started crawling Leela said while twinkle and rt made fun of her ..

Yeah then she is not your twinkle daughter to listen she is Abeer Taneja daughter twinkle said proudly..
Yeah yeah but my Ayaan always listens to me Leela said pecking him while twinkle frown and he giggled ..

Now come to me too twinkle said while Leela gave him in twinkle arms ..
Now you got peace Haan Leela said while twinkle showed her 32 teeths ..Ayaan hugged twinkle tightly resting in her embrace ..

Go twinkle make him sleep whole night he and Elena were just playing now they will sleep whole day and will make us run behind them whole night rt said and they laughed ..

Meher too came with Elena with Ayaan n Elena both were sleepy they were not looking like cousin’s they were copy of each other in their facial features except their eyes ..rt asked them again to put the babies to sleep ..

Twinkle went back to her room taking Ayaan she went inside her room and saw Thier pics rt Leela with Ayaan she n Ayaan Abeer Meher Elena everyone she went to bed and made him laid on it while he held twinkle duppata ..twinkle was Patting his back and he fell asleep in his mother arms twinkle saw him sleeping peacefully and smiled at him ..she pecked his cheeks …I really love my ayaan she said smiling …

I don’t regret loving Kunj …
Loving him was my decision and disrespecting my love was his ..

I never thought that he will back off like this the person who have me courage had only left me but I still don’t regret one thing good happen in this atleast I got my Ayaan who is my heartbeat now.. it’s good that day he didn’t saw me or else I wouldn’t have been here twinkle said ..

Flashback shows ::
After leaving from Taneja mansion that night twinkle met her friend chinki who saw twinkle condition and aksed her about it she told everything to chinki while she was shocked as no one expected Kunj answer like that she wanted to take twinkle with her home but twinkle refused and said that’s it her Destiny now she was very much hurt that day ..but chinki convinced her to atleast stay in her NGO if she didn’t wanted to stay at her place..twinkle agreed to think what to do with her life ahead one week passed with twinkle staying there only she was working in Gurudwara to distract herself her condition was getting worse ..she was continuously vomiting and feeling nauseous but still didn’t told anyone and was been in Gurudwara when Kunj came there in search of her he prayed for her when he gets a call ..twinkle was walking when she sees Kunj she was scared to face him again but angry too she decided to run from there she fell unconscious while others held her and called chinki Kunj saw the crowd he was busy he didn’t focus much and went from there ..

Chinki not being able to see twinkle condition called Abeer and told him about twinkle they all reached hospital and saw her rt was shocked too they shifted twinkle to their home back…

When she opened her eyes everyone was angry on her for her this step ..
I am so sorry papa but I didn’t wanted to see disappointment in your eyes twinkle said crying ..

I am not angry with you twinkle I trust you puttar rt said and hugged her crying too ..
And you are such a idiot twinkle I used to say that you should be at home because I wanted you to enjoy the life without any tension Abeer said while she apologized everyone and they forgave her ..

They were staying in TM when rt and Leela started hearing from the neighbours about ill twinkle character they didn’t wanted twinkle to have another depression and decided to take her from there where no one can point on her anything started taking care of her when they got to know about mehbeer expecting too increasing happiness in their families they started taking care of both of them Abeer and rt used to come back Amritsar from time to time so that no one can doubt on them ..

It was really a difficult time for them handling twinkle and Meher both specially twinkle …they are not letting her feel lonely but twinkle was twinkle she missed Kunj in each stage ..finally the day was there when her little soul her boy Ayaan was born twinkle has a very severe condition and everyone were behind her to take care of her in that time Leela handled baby Ayaan very well and them Elena too arrived in their family after a month completing their small little family …twinkle promised rt that she will become his twinkle back after her health gets fine …

Twinkle gets a call and she started talking hmm okay I’ll check that you send me the pics and also the wedding lehengas it’s urgent Tomorrow is engagement don’t be late …she ended the call and went in some thoughts ..

Twinkle comes out of her thoughts when she heard Meher knocking on the door ..
Have I disturbed you ? She asked teasingly..

Nope bhabhi not at all twinkle said she covered Ayaan with his small bed sheet ..
Come let’s have something I am starving badly Meher said and twinkle nodded lifting Ayaan she went downstairs where 2 cradles were placed she made Ayaan lie so that both the babies can stay infront of them ..

They heard a knock on door twinkle intentionally send Meher as she knew who it was and she went to arrange breakfast table ..

Meher opened the door to find Abeer her happiness knew no bounds she quickly hugged him and whispered I missed you while he too pecked her forehead .

Will you let me in or not ?? Or you want to do romance here only Abeer said teasing her while she hits him with her elbow ..
Come she said and he went inside ..

I am back home he shouted while Lert smiled and he joined twinkle Leela and rt for breakfast
I love you alott maa you made my favourite parathas Abeer said while Leela smiled ..

Where are my babies ??? Abeer asked ..
Slept just now as they knew one devil is coming twinkle said ..
You are devil not me okay 😒 Abeer said while all laughed ..

Soon they had their breakfast when heard them crying ..
Hmm woke up now get ready to run behind them both specially your lovely daughter Meher said while Abeer laughed..

I love my Elena she is good for you both (twinkle and Meher) lazy heads Abeer taunted they went and took the babies and sat in the lawn ..
Give babies to me now rt said while both Ayaan and Elena was with him ..

Hehe papa loves Elena more 😂 now I feel happy papa used to love twinkle more than me it’s karma I got girl and she boy 😂😂😂Abeer said pulling twinkle hairs ..

Huh I am not jealous if papa loves Elena then as usual maa loves Ayaan alott twinkle said ..

Ohhhh no no even I love my Ayaan too rt hugged playing with his grandchildren they both became soul of them since their birth ..their naughtyness being awake whole nights just for them playing with them whenever they are in mood running behind them all the day their were an unknown happiness in their life after a lot of struggle …
Meher twinkle you both go shop something for you Tomorrow engagement is there and you all don’t look excited bhai Leela said ..
Are Haan mumma (Meher mom) is calling me to come home too Meher said ..

So you should go na Abeer said ..
But Abeer you came today how I’ll go leaving you Meher said while Leela rt and twinkle coughed making them blush ..

She is right bhai twinkle added
Huh even I am very much happy I can enjoy the wedding too I came on right time or else I would have missed my sister wedding ..abeer said while all smiled …

Okay you both get ready I am taking you both for shopping Abeer said ..
But babies ?? They both looked at them ..

They both stay happily with papa and maa rather than you both Abeer teased them again ..while the babies giggled again ..
Soon Abeer took them for shopping ..
Luthra mansion :::
Hey hey hey Kunj wake up kab tak soyega Yuvi tired waking up Kunj who was in deep slumber being tired …
Yuvi ja na yaar I am hell tired Kunj put blanket over him while Yuvi snatched ..

Bhai it’s my engagement tomorrow come we will go and shop something Yuvi said ..
You go and shop whatever you want Kunj said again in sleepy voice ..

Areyyyy tu yaha sone aaya hai kya come with me PLZZ tujhe meri Kasam Yuvi said ..
Okay fine Kunj got up while Yuvi pulled his cheeks thats why I love you alott he said while Kunj freshen up and they left for the shopping mall too ..

It was the most popular mall their twinkle along with mehbeer reached there ..
You both go and enjoy your time I am going to buy something for my babies and also for engagement twinkle said ..

Thanks behna Abeer said while twinkle laughed seeing his desperation ..
Kunj and Yuvi too reached the same place ..and was shopping when Yuvi gets someone message he smiled ..

Kunj I’ll be back in a minute he said and left leaving Kunj ..
Kunj started for roaming there to let his time pass and he can go back to Luthra mansion .. he went towards baby section and sees baby clothes his eyes welled up remembering twinkle and his baby again ..

I don’t even know if it is he or she I had so many dreams which left undone Kunj said …there was so much of crowd there …he unknowingly touched someone …and was trying to took at the girl(twinkle) who was back facing him ..

Suddenly someone pushed him from back he collided with the same girl ..
Sorry she said …she was in hurry she left her one bag and left from there…

Kunj heard her voice and was going to held her when someone from back pats him to move ahead in mean time twinkle left from there …

Kunj saw her leaving he was sure that it was twinkle only he looked at the bag on floor and picked it to find boy clothes ..he was hell sure that it was twinkle only he hugged it …

He ran from there in search of her but she left ..
She informed mehbeer about her leaving
I am sure that was twinkle only babaji plzz give me one hint to find her Yuvi pats Kunj back ..

Whose bag is this bhai ?? Yuvi said ..he checked to find baby clothes ..
Kunj you don’t fit in this clothes yaar Yuvi said teasingly ..
Shut up it was of someone else Kunj said ..

Okay drop it here only ..
No we will keep it with me Kunj said ..
Neither me or you or Armaan bhai have kids what we will do Yuvi said that’s the other things I’ll have kids soon he blushed while Kunj looked at him ..

Saale Kunj said hitting on his stomach ..
Where you went ? Kunj asked ..
Arey I met my Fri..end so that’s why yuvi said ..

I can’t believe you are having arrange marriage Kunj said ..
Even I can’t believe but what I can do mom and dad has choosen the girl for me ..Yuvi tried to sound uninterested …

You should have not agreed then Kunj said ..
No I can’t go against their decision well leave it … chal chale Yuvi said he and Kunj started walking while Yuvi turned and passed flying kiss to someone without Kunj notice and left from there ..
While mehbeer was still in mall spending their time together ..
Let’s go yaar Meher it’s too late I have to help twinkle too abeer said ..
Haan you are right let’s go she said and with abeer …
Next day :::
The arrangements were done for the engagement in a resort which was quite far from the city Yuvi along with his family and Kunj reached there they were astonished to look at the arrangements ..

Kunj was standing with Yuvi while he was nervous …
What happened Yuvi ?? Kunj asked
No nothing he said ..

Are you fine na ? Kunj said ..
Yeah bro absolutely …Yuvi replied crossing his fingers ..
When Yuvi in laws will come ??? Usha asked ..

Arey they are here Anita said looking at the door while sarnas looked at tanejas who entered and was shocked to see them after so long ..
While Kunj too was shocked finding them and hoping to see twinkle too ..
Screen freezes ..
So how was the shot ???
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