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Leap of 6 months
@sanskar’s home
Ram:when r u going to bring my DIL to our home?
San looks on
Ram:atleast tell me where is she living???i will go and bring her..
San:plzz pappa understand…i dont want to spoil her happiness again…
Ram:so u wont change ur mind
Ram went angrily before he says furthur….

San in mind i cant live with this feeling anymore but at the same time i didnt have courage to say my love towards u…i know u r happy after a longtime ,i dont want to break it but (his eyes become teary)

His mind /heart were fighting ….atlast he decided something…..

Rag:thank u sanskar
Rag:daily 1 hr u r spending ur time for me even in ur busy schedule..
San:i already told there is no formalities between us…If u speak like this,i will go
Rag:sry sry..
San gives a glare
Rag:kk no sry no ty…fine
San nods
Rag:how is uncle??
San:(stammering voice)he is more worried abt me ??abt my marriage?
Rag:y sanskar?u have to marry??didnt u like any girl?
San:not like i love one girl ragini but im scared to convey it to her..
Rag:yeah y r u thinking like this?u r very good human being
San:cuts her no ragini,im not,how she will behave when she came to know abt my past(reg his first marriage)
Rag:omg u r thinking too much..if thats the case,i will speak to her…see U didnt do any mistakes..its just a situation in which v both were pushed into..and v both r not affected in it..i willingly only signed it(divorce)..so plzzz…
San:face fell
Rag:dont u believe me?k i promise the girl who is going to marry u is the most lucky girl to get u as her husband…
San:then y u cant b that lucky girl
Rag:(shocked) sanskar
San:yes ragini…i cant hide it more..i love u ..i love u truly ..i thought i only respect u but i reliazed my love towards u when u go away frm me..do u knw how much i searched u after u left me???by god’s blessing i have seen u after 2 mnths but in different situation..im scared to convey my love at that time and many things happened..i dont want to lose u again ..i realized ur importance in my life..plz give me one more chance…plz ragini.(with moist eyes)
Rag was numb
San:ragini (touches her shoulder)
Rag immediately rushes inside without giving him a glance……
San eyes become teary by knowing her reaction
@night both were shown crying

@next day
Rag:thank u very much for loving me sanskar but i dont want any new relation in my life…u r my frd….i started smiling sanskar i dont want to ruin it by myself..definetely u will get better person..im scared..this children r enough for me…
San:i know ur answer but i dont want to hide my love…..u r my first and last love
San:no i wont compel u like wise u dont compel me to change my decision

Days r going sanskar daily spending 1 hr time with ragini and with the orphanage children…all other women who were working came to know abt sanskar’s love and ram came to know where ragini is living and all changes her mind…atlast she agreed to marry sanskar again with half heart (as she is scared abt it)…..

@ragsan room after marriage
Rag is sitting in the bed in wedding attire..san who entered into the room…
San:sat beside her and holds her hand…thank u for giving me a second chance..go and change urself
Rag:nods and went hurrily In mind god i dont know wat i did is righr or wrong…
As soon as she came from the restroom ,goes towards the couch
San:wat r u doing
Rag:going to sleep
San:but y there
Rag:its my usual place na
San:yeah but v r frds at that time and now v r husband wife…v can share a bed
San:no but and vut ..sleep here…gud n8 wifey(stresses last word)
Rag sleeps by looking at him with wide eyes

@dinning area
Rag:serves food to ram
Ram:beta u also eat
Rag:no uncle i will eat later..
San:who desends saw her and goes towards them
Ram:come beta..see my dil made best foods
San nods and make her sit beside him by serving a food in plate
Rag:sanskar wat r u doing ?i will eat later
San:family should eat together wifey
Ram giggles
Rag:eyes become moist by hearing family and wipes her tears before they saw it…
All had food together

San:come i will drop u
Rag:its k sanskar i will go by bus(she is still working in orphange)
San:wifey its ur husband car..u can use it nots ur formal frd
San:cum by saying drags her
After they reach
San:i will pick u wifey..before she reply he went…..

Hope u like it
Guys within 3 days i will update cousin love..plzzzzzzzzz……..sryyyyyyyy
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