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HATE ? REALLY (A RagSan Fanfiction) Chapter 29

Ragini closed the door and slid down holding her emotions and trying to control from breaking down crying bitterly. Her heart was feeling the pain which she had not felt in her life any time. She bit her hands in the process to kill that cry and sobs which were trying to leave her throat.

Jaane Wafa Hoke Bekarar
Maine kiya tera intezar
Par kabhi tune nahi yeh tab kaha
Jo abb kaha
Dil bebasi me chupke se rotha hai…

The seconds just passed not reducing her pain a bit also. She did not realize for what time she sat there blankly. Broken within.

“Lado” she heard her Dadi’s voice followed by a knock and wiped her face squeezing those muscles on her cheek. She walked quickly to the washroom to get herself freshened up.

Wiping her face with towel she opened the door. “What took you so long Lado?” Dadi whined entering the room and Ragini just followed her.

Whatever her Dadi told just entered her ears but not the brain. She was looking at the ground and trying to control that flood developing inside her.

Every time her eye lashes fell Sanskar’s painful face used to flash in her mind.

“Are you even listening?” her Dadi asked and she looked up at her Dadi. Dadi moved close to Ragini and noticed her swollen eyes.

“Lado. Were you crying? Why are your eyes swollen?” her Dadi asked concerned.

It is rightly said that one question from our loved ones just break us how much ever strong we act.

Ragini collapsed on her Dadi’s shoulder. “What happened?” Parvati was worried.

Ragini just buried her head inside her Dadi’s embrace. She did not knew how to hold these emotions.

“Maa” she whispered painfully. And it made Parvati’s eyes moist. “Maa” she again painfully sobbed. Dadi guessed it that might be Ragini was missing her mother.

“Shhh” Parvati dragged Ragini and tried consoling her. Only if she knew the real reason. “Don’t cry Dadi is there na?” Parvati kissed Ragini’s forehead and a tear tripped her eye.

“Now get ready fast” Parvati caressed Ragini’s cheek lovingly. “Why?” asked Ragini a bit confused.

“Rudr is coming with his parent as Pandit Ji has told he will see the muhurat for marriage today” and those words just made her already broken heart into more pieces.

She just stared her Dadi trying to understand the mortal world around you.

Dadi patted her cheek and walked out and Ragini just collapsed on the ground holding the bed for support. But it wasn’t helping. Her heart was sinking repeatedly.

She buried her head and cried silently. That silence pricked her heart walls.

Rudr and his parent were sitting along with Dadi, Shekar and Sumi. The pandit was looking at the calendar to find the auspicious day. And Ragini was sitting staring the ground.

“Not fair mumma. Without me you people are deciding Ragini’s marriage already” Swara walked in surprising all. After she greeted all Ragini hugged her and silently let out that pain.

Swara could feel it but she thought she will talk to Ragini alone later. And she settled with Sumi.

“You tho did not come to your sister’s engagement also. And when she came to your house you came here?” asked Parvati.

Suddenly that question stopped Sumi and Ragini in their place dead.

“She came to my home? When?” asked Swara and Ragini looked at Sumi whose face was covered with shock.

“Badam khilavo isse Koi” Dadi facepalmed. “Arrey morning only she came from Maheshwari Mansion. And where were you from last evening?” asked Dadi.

“From last evening? But Dadi I’m seeing her just now” Swara said confused. And Ragini squeezed her eyes shut.

Parvati looked at Swara giving death glares. “Lado. Didn’t you meet her in Maheshwari Mansion?” asked Dadi looking at Ragini.

She fiddled with her dupatta and looked at the ground.

When she did not answer Dadi’s anger just boiled. “I’m asking you something” Dadi’s voice jerked her. “Maaji wo…” Dadi showed her palm to Sumi and stopped her.

“When I’m talking to my granddaughter I want her to explain me not anyone” she fumed and expected Ragini to spill the beans.

“I have told you many times Marwaran keep your granddaughter in control. Haven’t I? See what she is doing? She did not even felt it necessary to inform where she will be over night plus she is dragging my Shona with her lies” Dida fumed looking at Ragini.

“Maa please” Sumi stopped Dida. “She was in her friend’s house. I had told you the lie Maaji. Not Ragini. She just covered it for me” said Sumi.

“And Sanskar Jeth ji wasn’t at home either” Swara said and Dadi fumed hearing it. Rudr looked at her for the statement. “Does that mean whoever was not at home will be with my Ladoo?” asked Parvati furiously.

“Dadi I was just saying it. Not meaning anything” Swara looked at Dadi whose nose flared up hearing Swara.

“Ladoo. Tell this half sister of yours that you were not with her so called Jeth Ji” Dadi brought Ragini in front of Swara.

Ragini was silent now. She had no words to talk. Staring the ground she stood lost.

“Ladoo” her Dadi’s voice jerked her. Dida had that mocking expression on her face.

“I…” “Yes she was with me” Sanskar walked inside and shocked everyone. “I mean she was in my apartment” Sanskar said and Ragini looked at him disappointed.

“Enough” Rudr screamed this time. He walked to Ragini and stood in front of her. She could not raise her head to look at him.

“Look at me Ragini” he said and Ragini looked up at him with tears filling her eyes.

“I don’t need your explanation. Because I trust you” and those sentences had the power to break her soul into pieces.
He moved his hands to cup her face and Sanskar’s eyes turned intense and fist formed a ball. He pressed his palm as hard as possible.

Closing his eyes he took a deep breath.

Sau Dard hai… Sau Rahtey
Sab Mila Dil Nasheen
Ek tu hi nahi

“And nothing matters” Rudr smiled at her and she smiled through her twinkling eyes.

“I’m sorry” she painfully whispered. “What for?” asked he. “For the mess. I am a mess” she said and he moved forward to kiss her forehead making Sanskar fume with the volcano bursting inside him.

“I love to handle this mess” he smiled at her and she chuckled a bit.

And when the pandit announced that he had found a suitable muhurat Swara distributed the sweets brought by Sumi from the kitchen.

She stood in front of Sanskar holding the plate. Sanskar was looking at Ragini painfully while others enjoyed the good news these two were extremely pained.

“Tchu tchu… Jeth Ji. Poor you. I thought to help you by spilling the bean. But my bad” she said faking the sadness.

Sanskar looked at her narrowing his eye brows.

She smirked looking at his facial expressions. “Oh I know I did not clear you” she said bringing those innocent expression on her face.

“I just hit the guess and it was a hit. Ragini was really with you” Swara smiled. “Why are you doing this Swara?” asked he as pain covered his face.

“Because you snatched my Laksh from me and now you think I will let you pursue your love? And moreover I don’t want my sister to have you as her life partner. You don’t deserve her. And mind you this is just the beginning Jeth ji” she walked and stood beside him.

Sanskar frowned looking at her. He was trying not to burst.

Swara turned her gaze to look at Ragini who was being congratulated by Rudr’s mother. Ragini smiled weakly taking the blessings.


Swara was so happy while she was walking out of Badi. “Bhabi” she heard Sanskar’s voice and stopped.

She turned to look at Sanskar who walked to her with clear annoyance on his face. “Why are you doing this?” he asked and Swara laughed. “Ahh I love this expression on your face. It gives me peace like I can’t explain you how I feel when I see that pain of losing your loved one in front of your eyes and not able to do something. Remember you made me to go through all this” she smirked.

“My sister….” “Half sister” Sanskar screamed this time. And his annoyance cleared and smirk played on his lips while Swara stared him in confusion.

“She is your half sister BHABI” he pressed the last word as his smirk deepened.

“And thank you so much for initiating my plan” he nodded his head in appreciation. Swara narrowed her eyebrows.

“You know you are the best Bhabi in the world. You made my mission more easy” he twitched his lips. “Oh I know I did not clear you. My bad” he twitched his lips faking a sorry expression.

“You will know soon” he wore his shades and walked passing her while she just stared him.

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