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Bigg Boss 12 23rd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Karan in jail

Bigg Boss 12 23rd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Elimination Day
Varun comes on stage and does rapping. He welcomes Salman Khan. Salman sings nikamma, Varun does rapping with him. Salman welcomes everyone to Bigg boss, Varun says set is nice, Salman says theme is beach. Varun says I have seen you do beach sport a lot. Salman says Varun came for Judwa 2 before, Varun says I have made a jacket for you, you are a superstar. He gives him a jacket which says ‘made in India’. Varun says we have skilled labor, Salman wears that jacket. Salman says three pairs are nominated, Sourabh-Shiv, Saba-Somi and Roshmi-Kriti. Salman says Varun went in house, lets see what he did.

In house, Varun says to inmates that you people are trending. Varun says to Shiv that you like western things but now you have to wear dhoti. Varun says lets do

a task, they all come in garden. Varun says you people have to put cotton in a bag and cushions, Sree is captain of singles and will do quality check of other team, Somi is captain of pairs and will quality check for singles. He says cotton will come from conveyor belt. Buzzer plays, all inmates are running to get cotton. Shiv takes pillow cases. Neha and Sristy are running to get things. They start making pillows. Varun says time is up. Varun says singles have made 4 pillows, pairs have made 5 pillows, Varun says I am leaving but do fair quality check, I will comeback. Varun leaves from there. Sree does quality check for pairs. He says good work, he says to one pillow that its not stitched, he approves 3. Somi checks their pillows and check them while pulling on them. Bigg boss asks Sree how many pillows he approves? Sree says I approve 3 pillows. Shiv and Saba asks Somi to pull and check, Sristy shouts that they cant do it like this, they are pulling on them, they have so many people and shouting a lot. Neha asks her to calm down, Deepika says to Sristy that you have to accept that they are more in numbers. Sristy says I dont have a problem in losing. Somi says singles have one pillow fine only. Bigg boss says pairs won.

Sristy says to Deepika that whole team was commenting and Somi was pulling on them. Shiv says sorry to Deepika, Deepika says to Somi that your sister and team was guiding you whole task.

On stage, Varun says I like Jasleen and Anup, they are entertaining but also handling well. Salman says lets go in house. They connect call to house, inmates greet them. Salman says Varun was praising you all, Shiv shows his dhoti, Salman asks if he is comfortable wearing loose clothes, Kriti says we are seeing him in loose clothes for first time, all laugh. Varun asks Kriti what kind of boyfriend she wants? Kriti says mix of east and west, Varun says look at Shiv, Kriti says we are friends. Salman asks who was best performer? Somi says Jasleen made pillows nicely, all clap for her. Salman asks Anup to give shield to pair team, Anup gives it to them. Salman asks Singles who was weakest performer? Sree says I did what I could, I was not strict in checking, I was worst performer. Salman says he will have to use canon. All go in garden, Sree puts face in canon, Somi lights bomb, Sree’s face is blackened, all clap for him. Sristy says he is a good captain.

On stage, Varun says to Salman that I learned kneating and swinging. He asks Salman to use swing, Salman and Varun does challenge of embroidery, Varun says e is homely man, such a nice man and still bachelor? Salman says my mom made me learn it. Salman says my mom used to knead sweaters for me. Varun says he did ver nicely, you actually know it. Salman says we will take out props and say dialogues, they find beer bottle andenact chal mere bhai scene. Salman says you have to be drunk to act drunk, all laugh. Varun shows sindoor, Salman says keep it away from me, Varun says deepika’s dialogue. Salman says I didnt know you have a woman in you. Salman shows Anup’s CD, Salman says what makes him young? Varun says love, they sing aisi laagi lagan. Varun takes out prime master costume, they renact Andaz apna apna. Varun promotes his movie sui dhaaga. Salman takes selfie with Varun, Varun hugs him and leaves.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says to inmates that caller said that you people take KV’s side, he also said that KV asked Anup to make Deepika captain but Anup’s decision was not based on that but you people blamed him and punished him, I am sorry. Anup says no its okay. Salman asks to bring KV, Nirmal and Romil to jail. Salman asks what bigg boss wanted for weak performer? Deepika says he wanted us to choose the weak performer in whole week. Deepak says Nirmal did most work in house but Romil said he is up to go to jail, KV broke door in task so he was deserving to go. Deepika says Karan didnt want girls to jail so KV decided to go. Romil says I felt Shiv-Sourabh is not working in tasks and in house but all people took my name, I wanted Deepika to go to jail as she is bossy. KV says Deepika did a mistake in task so she should have went to jail. Salman says its good to sacrifice but not for useless things. Salman asks to send them to jail again.

On call, Salman says to inmates that you people will have first fight, it will be Saba-Somi and Deepika-Sristy.

In house, Sristy says to Deepika that its time to take revenge. Jasleen asks Saba to fight nicely.

In activity area, Salman says first will be verbal fight. Saba and Deepika goes for first round, Saba says Deepika is not providing any entertainment, Deepika says she started fight in house, all are against them, pairs become weak because of them. Saba says she is too diplomatic, Deepika says I am not the one to argue, Deepika says there is a way to put your point. Salman asks inmates to vote for them. Sree and Neha votes for Deepika. Pairs vote for Saba. Saba-Somi wins first round.
Salman says round two will be kabaddi, Deepika and Sristy gets 2 points by touching them and running to their home. They get 2 points and wint Sultani fight. Salman gives meddles to singles. Salman says winners get a special power that they wont do any work of house till next captain is chosen, Sristy and Deepika thanks him.

On stage,

Rest coming

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