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You are not alone, Forever yours (Episode 3)

Ep 3

Hey guyssssss I m back after 48 hours,and i just love reading your comments thanks for that it encourages me to write more about it so now without any chater pater let’s go onnnnnnnn

After class prachi went to meet rhea

Rhea  pls di don’t  talk to me in college  i don’t  want anyone to know that u are my sister I don’t want or need anyone to babysit me k so don’t mind me

Prachi was about to  say something but rhea  left

Prachi got hurted

Shahana  and Prachi  left

In corridor

Prachi was going to  leave  someone  pushed  her Prachi  was about  to  fall  from stairs

Suddenly  someone  caught  her hand  and pulled  her back  to him

Prachi saw his face and yelled  you

Everyone  looked  towards them

Prach embarrassed sorry   😳

Ranbir: usually  normal  being  are saved  by  someone  so they say thanks  and u shout  at them  ohh whom m i asking  u  are not normal  atall right

Prachi: ohhhh ,uuuuu!

Suddenly  there was made an announcement  everyone  pls gathered to  hall

Principle: hi freshers  and seniors  to make u know each other  better  we have organized  a week natural  campaign  so get ready  we are leaving  tomorrow  for it as a educational  trip

So se u tomorrow  morning  sarp at 9.30

Everyone:woow  ! Cool 😎🆒

Everyone  left home

At mehra mansion

Prachi ,rhea maryan enter excited

And  tell everyone  about the trip

and go to their  rooms for packing

The next morning  around  8.00

Everyone  gathered  in hall

aryan: Rhea  😲😱! Three bags what are u carrying we are going  for  a week not a year

Everyone  laughs 😆🤣😂😄☺🙂

Rhea: ha ha aryan so funny these are only essentials

Prachi aryan Shahana  : what!

They left

In bus 🚌

Sits were filled aryan Shahana  , rhea her friend

Ranbir  entered   there was only a sit left near prach ,professor  sit there Ranbir  we are about to leave

Ranbir  and Prachi  : no way!

Professor: just sit

So guys  the journey is  of 5 hours  so be comfortable  and submit your  mobile 📱  this whole week there won’t  be  any  devise  with u only  a natural habitat life

Everyone: what!why! Ok

All submitted  there  📱📵

Bus started all were enjoying  but Prachi and  Ranbir  were  irritated 😤😒😑

Aryan: hey prachi are u missing  these !he offered  her chocolate 🍫

Prach: thanks  I really  need them ( praci is fond of chocolate 🍫)

After sometime  there was a speed  breaker  prachi’s head felt on Ranbir

Sorry !

Ranbir:what!what come again

Prachi : u r such a

So that’s  for today   I hope  u guys like see u next time if u likeand leave a comment  belowit pls co

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