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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update – Brahman is always restless due to his Prabhu’s idol vanishing.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Brahman insisting Raja Dudhasingh’s son & his Rani to return his Prabhu’s idol while they tell him that let Meera sleep then they’ll return immediately.

Meera is feeling sleepy but can’t close her eyes due to Prabhu also awake so she requests her Prabhu to also close his eyes too then only she can sleep while her parent’s come to see if she slept but not yet then Raja’s son tells his Rani to sing prayers so that she’ll sleep & her mother asks Meera why she didn’t sleep & Meera tells her unless her Prabhu doesn’t sleep how can she & her mother says might be after singing prayers he’ll too sleep & Meera advises her to sing Bhajan but the Bhajan is sang by Brahman itself where Raja’s son reaches. Brahman asks Raja’s son why they are testing his patience while Meera’s mother comes telling him that now she is adamant if her Prabhu closes his eyes then she’ll too sleep.

Meera is insisting her Prabhu to close his eyes too & Prabhu watching this closes his eyes & Meera as well closes her eyes thanking Prabhu & sleeps watching Prabhu who closed his eyes.

Meera’s mother sees her being slept hence takes away the idol & returns it to Brahman who becomes very emotional hugging it & keeps it near his side table to guard & sleeps but he hears a noise & sees his Prabhu’s idol isn’t there hence shouts loudly where is it while Raja’s son, his Rani as well as Raja himself come to see what happened & Brahman complains them that Meera has taken away his idol again which is wrong but Raja tells him she can’t do this thing at all & whatever she receives is returned by her but Brahman tells him to let’s see in her room & they all see the idol in her room again hence her mother again picks it returning to him & this time Brahman thinks of guarding it without sleeping.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji who was keeping Prabhu’s idol again in Meera’s room & he says it was nobody else but Prabhu himself who was getting attached to Meera.

Brahman doesn’t sleep but hears a noise again while he checks outside the room but after returning finds again his idol not on his table hence this time again he comes out going towards Meera’s room but sees her parent’s coming from her room while he blames Meera for taking away but Raja tells him she is sleeping which they have seen & he insists them to let’s check again & they find idol again while Meera wakes up asking Brahman what has happened & he is blaming her for taking away his Prabhu’s idol while she tells him Prabhu never went from here instead when she had brought him here he is here only & Brahman this time takes away the idol himself saying he’ll leave from here right now while Meera breaks into tears asking her parent’s what about her Prabhu without whom she can’t live now. Brahman keeps it in the table & prays Prabhu saying we’ll leave from here now but it becomes difficult for him to lift the idol so again blames some trick might be done by Meera & now Prabhu himself tells him it’s not Meera but he himself use to go to her because he is attached to her now while Brahman asks him what about his devotion & Prabhu tells him he has done lot of devotion with this idol for him & he’ll get new one again hence to give this to Meera which is her need while Meera keeps crying for her Prabhu’s idol.

Precap: Ganeshji says the way Meera had served her Prabhu she was gifted by his blessings to begin her journey towards Prabhu’s devotion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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