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Unknown to each other- Riansh TS

Unknown to each other- Riansh TS

Hey guys, I’m back with a TS (two shot story). This is requested by @Riansh Fan

@Sumisha, I’m working on your request too. Hope you all like it.


In a dark and isolated place, a petite figure entered a room. She talked to the person who was seated on his throne facing a huge screen that emitted a bright blue light showcasing some analysis and coding. The person on the throne handed over an earring to the lady.

“Here keep this (handing over the earring) It’ll be a useful communication device. Anything I want to inform or you want to inform will be done through this. And as usual when I call you here, you’ll have to immediately hand yourself over to me.” He said in a commanding tone.

“Yes sir, I’ll always be available for this country…but Noel sir why are you informing me all this, I’ve known this from before.” She asked.

“Agent Shaina, you’re stepping into a new world, a world of two people together….you’re married. Your life will change now!” He explained.

“I’ll take your leave sir!” Saluting him she turned to leave when he stopped her.

“Keep in mind, you’ll have a partner in this mission!” He added while she nodded and left.

After leaving from there, she walked down the street to bump into a guy who had a hoody covering his face. He apologized while she looked at him suspiciously. He progressed to walk to his destination when she bent to pick a chain that was dropped by the man. She tried calling him but it was too late so she left it and took it with her.


In a huge mansion, in a room a woman waited for her husband with a pillow and blanket in her hand. She was wearing a heavy wedding dress with all the jewelry and her nose flaring in anger. Just then a man entered wearing a royal blue sherwani. He stopped and looked at her.

“Direct me to the guest room! I can’t stay with you here!” She said in anger.

“Oh hello, I know you’re doing this to only get sympathy from family and to put me in trouble but not anymore….you’ll stay in this room whether you like it or not. I’ll be on the couch, you can take the bed Riddhima.” He replied gently but in anger.

“Vansh, as if I was going to sleep on the couch (chuckling) Anyway I don’t care about what you think, all I care about right now is my sleep so not so good night! Horror dreams.” She responded.

Riddhima headed for the washroom with her bag she had carried while Vansh ignored her rants. Riddhima in the washroom unpacked her bag and removed a chain and keenly examined it. She noticed a little “v” embedded on the side of it near the hook. She kept it aside and removed the earring and wore it, testing it if it worked she pressed it and it connected to somewhere.

“Agent Shaina! Testing?” A voice called out.

“Yes Agent Noel! It works…over and out!” She whispered and pressed it again, switching it off.

She returned the chain back in the bag and changed to her comfy night dress and came out to see Vansh arranging his bed on the couch. She went to her suitcase and stuffed her bag in it, locking it. She went to the bed and covered herself with the duvet leaving Vansh half hanging from the couch.

“I hate you!!!” Riddhima shouted in a sleeping Vansh’s ears, early in the morning who woke up in a jolt.

“I hate you too!!” Vansh replied sleepily and closed his eyes.

“Uhh!! How dare you Vansh….you never made any space for me in the wardrobe! And you’re sleeping here peacefully…huh, you had snatched all my sleep a few years back and you’re sleeping here shamelessly! Get up!” Riddhima shouted once again in his ears.

“What’s wrong with you? Want to blast my ear drums off! Do whatever you want but don’t disturb me!” He yelled back.

“Won’t listen right! Now see!” Saying this Riddhima went to get the jug that was full of water and poured it on him.

As the water touched his face he jerked and fell down on the floor not before pulling Riddhima with him. He fell and she fell on him, sharing a cute eye lock. Riddhima getting intoxicated in his eyes mumbled away.

“Why did you do that Vansh? You spoilt my entire career otherwise we would have been together like we’re right now but instead of I hate you, we would have been saying I love you!” She mumbled

“I didn’t do anything” Vansh said softly looking in to her eyes.

Riddhima realizing the situation, feeling awkward she got off him and shouted once again.

“It was all because of you Vansh! Anyway I’ll always hate you for that. Now tell me where I should put my clothes!” She yelled again with pain.

“Keep them wherever you want, because I don’t give a damn. Want to blame do it! Do everything in this world!” He blasted at her and left for the washroom, drenched.

Riddhima smirked and went to the wardrobe, throwing each and every pair of cloth that hung there on the floor, scattering the entire room with his clothes. She replaced it with her clothes and smirked. She left the room and went downstairs, joining everyone for breakfast. Vansh came out of the washroom and saw his clothes scattered, he grit his teeth and stormed out of the room.

He went where the rest were and started shouting at Riddhima.

“You do know you’ve made a zoo out of a room! Clean it up now!” Vansh shouted

“You know…it’s all your fault, I had asked you in the morning but no you didn’t give an answer, so that’s not my problem. Clean it up yourself!” Riddhima yelled back.

“Woah!! You guys are fighting as if you hate it each other!” Aryan chuckled.

“We do, we hate each other to the core!” Both of them said together, glaring at each other.

Riddhima left from the dining table in anger and went towards the poolside while Vansh also went back to his room. To calm herself down she dipped her legs in the pool when she felt a beeping sound from the earring. She pressed it and received a message from Noel.

“The drugs are being delivered to Aredole Street….in a blue container, make sure you reach there and get the rest of the information and your partner; Agent Veer will also reach there.” Noel commanded.

“On it Agent” Riddhima replied.

She went to her room while Vansh was in the study room. She got her bag and left the house saying she had some work in the market. Vansh meanwhile in his study was going through some files when his watch beeped. He tapped on it and got a command.

“Agent Veer, your partner Agent Shaina has been informed, I want you to go for the mission too. Aredole Street.” Noel commanded

“On it sir!” Vansh replied.

He got up and went from the mansion to the area where the drugs were supposed to arrive. On the other hand in the mansion, an inquisitive Aryan went to Uma and asked about the hatred that Vansh and Riddhima had for each other. He had been abroad till he got the news that they both were marrying. Uma sighed and recited their story.

Vansh and Riddhima were best friends from school till college. Riddhima wanted to be an IPS officer and Vansh a businessman just like his dad. They used to hang out with each other all the time and they gradually fell in love.

Precap: Reason



I hope you all liked this first part. Do comment on how you found it.


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