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Tere Bin #RiAnsh TS by Tanya K (Intro)

Hi guys, I’m back with a new TS (two shot) story on Riansh hope you’ll will like it.

Vansh Raisinghania:

A billionaire of India. A business man. Currently suffering from alcoholic paralyzes. Ex boyfriend of Riddhima. Still loves her a lot.

Riddhima Raichand:

A sweet and bubbly girl. A doctor by profession. Owns Lifeline Hospital. Ex girlfriend of Vansh. Still loves him a lot but got separated to him because of some reasons. Going to cure Vansh from the disease.


Riddhima: I don’t know why but today my heart is beating so fast as if it will come out any second. I’m feeling so restless 😞 and today I’m missing him also. I don’t know what these feelings are of.

Vansh: Today my heart is dancing in happiness as if my peace is going to meet me and come to me. Today I’m missing her so badly. I don’t know what these feelings are of.

Prologue Ends.

So basically the idea of this story is taken from punjabi song HAAYE VE by Ammy Virk.

So hopefully you’ll will like it.

This is a two shot story to know about how Riddhima will react when she will get to know that Vansh is suffering from alcoholic paralyzes and she is appointed to cure him…

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