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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nikhila comes to Gopika’s house

Tera Mera Saath Rahe 23rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Gopika says Kanha ji please help me. I don’t want to marry him. How do I make her understand? Aashi says to Ramila you want to get Gopika married before me? SHe says Nikhila is looking for her. when she finds out Gopika is already married, she will go ahead with you. That shoe will fit your foot. She says but Gopika and I have different sizes.

Tejal says Badi ba this shoe can fit a lot of girls? How will you decide? She says you will know at the right time. Ramila puts Aashi’s feet in the cold water to make them smaller. She rubs her feet. Aashi says what are you doing. It’s hurting me. Ramila says you have to do this. The shoe fits in a lot of girls’ feet. She says we will decide whose shoe is this. She lights the fire. The girls run. Nikhila says why are you running now? You saved me from fire. Why are you running now?

Aashi says you can’t make my foot smaller. Nikhila says Saksham that girl will be your wife and my DIL. I will find a way out.

Scene 2
Ramila comes to Gopika and says why are you crying? You aren’t leaving us forever. Aashi loved your shoe. Can you make a similar one? She says but stuff? I have to go to the market. But I can’t go alone. Hitain isn’t here. She says I have got your permanent driver. Jignesh comes in. He says, sweets. Ramila says he’s so nice. Go with him.

Gopika says Tejal check this shoe and let me know about it. Saksham aren’t you overthinking? Tejal says this isn’t branded. It’s handmade and the fabric was purchased from Gol market, second hand. A lot of girls get this fabric from a kaka’s shop at Gol market. Nikhila says let’s go there.

Scene 3
Gopika comes to Gol market. Nikhila comes there with Tejal. Gopika walks fast. Jignesh says where are you going? This is our first date. Let’s have ice cream. She says no I don’t want it. The shopkeeper makes Gopika wear the shoe. Jignesh slaps him. He says how dare you to touch her. Gopika says don’t hit him. He says why? Do you have an affair with him?

Nikhila asks kaka if the fabric is from his shop? He says yes a girl got it from me. She is very talented. She makes very pretty things. Nikhila says I want her address. I want to meet her.

Jignesh hits the man. Gopika tries to stop him. He’s about to shove her. Saksham stops him. He says how dare you.. Don’t be cheap. He says this man touched my to-be wife. Saksham asks Gopika is he right? He says you don’t have to answer him. Let’s go. Rani and Nikhila tell Saksham they got the address. Nikhila says you go to the office. I will meet her.

Scene 4
Gopika says to Ramila he got so angry at the shopkeeper. I don’t want to marry him. She says I know you’re scared. Go start making the shoe. Your mind will distract. He cares for you.

Nikhila comes outside. They try to find the house. Gopika is making the shoe. They ask people about Joshi house. Nikhila rings the bell. Gopika opens the door. Ramila stops her. She says go work, I will see. Ramila is shocked. She says you.. Aashi is shocked too. Ramila says you here? Nikhila says what happened? Ramila says we are grateful. She says I want to meet the girl who lives here. Ramila says that’s my daughter. she met you. Nikhila says to call her. I want to see if this shoe will fit her.

Episode ends.

Precap-The shoe fits Aashi’s foot. Nikhila says how is this possible? Ramila says so it’s a yes. Nikhila says I don’t back out from my promise. I said the girl whose foot fits this shoe will marry Saksham.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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