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Riansh OS (Angry birds love)

Thanks for the support and love that you gave me in my previous Os…I am very happy with your response….your comments motivated me a lot…..keep supporting me the way all are doing….lots of love to all❤❤

This Os is not related to the main storyline of immj2….so lets start….

Vansh and angre returned home after a week

They entered VR mansion and Uma Vansh’s mother was already waiting for him.

Uma: vansh u back. I am so happy… I really miss you my child and angre ,u also bcz u too my child dear.

Angre smiled at her statement.

Siya, Ishani and Aryan all r saying “we also miss u bhai.”

Vansh smiled and said ” yes mom I returned. I am also happy to see you all and I miss u too guys ”

All were shocked bcz vansh basically didn’t speak like this but today he spoke sweetly and also smiled and most important thing he bought flowers 🌹 for everyone

(All Rai Singhania were shocked 😲 vansh rocked 😉)

Angre smiled at their reaction he knew y all were shocked but he didn’t speak anything bcz vansh was there..

Vansh: ok mom. I am going to fresh up.

Uma: ok beta!!

As Vansh left, Everyone jumped on Angre and asked the reason for his weird behaviour….

Angre: what

Ishani: don’t act too smart okay.. u know what we r asking so tell us.. y vansh bhai behaved like that way.

Angre smilingly replied “bcz of angry bird”

Aryan: Angry bird. What r u talking about angre and who is this Angry bird

Uma: I think a girl, right angre!!

Angre: u always right mom

Uma giggle and Siya, Ishani and Aryan” what 😲”

Angre: yes a girl and her name is ‘Riddhima‘. U know guys boss love her.

All were again shocked but I’m a was really very happy and hugged angre.

Ishani: when this happens angre

Siya and Aryan: yes when?

Angre: ‘Kanpur….when we were in labour


Vansh and anger were travelling for Kanpur because of an important deal.They reached Kanpur. It’s really amazing place. vansh felt good in Kanpur.

Kanpur City

Vansh: when we will reach Mr. Kapoor’s house, angre

Angre: just 30 minutes boss.

Vansh: ok

Suddenly vansh started coughing very badly so angre gave him the bottle to drink water…. he was focusing on Vansh instead of driving, so he hit a scooty.

vansh: angre go and check is there any damage or not.

Angre immediately came out of the car and went to the scooty. he saw scooty on road and no one was there. so he got relieved and took the scooty to stand up.

suddenly a girl shouted.

Girl: hey. Who r u? What are u doing with my sweety…

She saw a scratch on scooty and again started growling…” idiot u damaged my jaan . How dare you”

Angre: no no!!! I didn’t touch your Sweety and your jaan. I think you are mistaken.

Girl: arrey Sweety and Jaan is my scooty. U damaged my scooty.

Angre: oh…sry miss. I didn’t do this purposely.

Girl: what? sry.. u know how much I Love my Jaan….my Sweety but u damaged it and it also falls down.

Vansh also came out of the car and went to them…. he heard angre and girl conversation

Angre: sry miss it was my mistake…

Girl: sorry No way I am not going to forgive so easily.

Vansh: hello miss Angry bird 🐦… he said sry na y u shouting like this.

Girl: I am not an Angry bird ok. I have a beautiful name… My name is Riddhima so call me riddhima okay mr. Angry bird boy 🤣🤣🤣

Vansh: angry bird boy!!

Y u calling me angry bird boy.

Riddhima: u were calling me Angry bird na. That’s why I am calling you angry bird boy.

Vansh: oh really….

Riddhima: yes!!

Vansh (angrily): angre what is this u know na I don’t like people who disrespect me.

Angre: vo…boss

Riddhima: wait a minute he is your boss

Angre: yes!! He is my boss and the great VR. No one dares to speak like this bcz they are scare of him

Riddhima: so what …VR PR MR whatever I don’t care …I am not scared to anyone okay.

Vansh:oh really

Riddhima: yes!! I am not scared.. people scared na Bcz of your face like monkey and your height like a giraffe that’s y people scared saying she laughed 🤣🤣🤣

Angre also launched bcz no one dares to speak him like this his boss but this girl really brave.

Vansh glare anger.

Angre seeing this gulped and controlled.

Vansh: how dare you call me monkey donkey and giraffe.

Riddhima: donkey! I did not mention…if u like this name I will happily call u donkeys Donkey

Vansh: Stop it panda 🐼

Riddhima: what? panda!!! me

No.. u r giraffe and angry bird boy.

Vansh: don’t call me this okay.

Riddhima: u don’t like it but I like it..

Vansh: panda

Riddhima: giraffe

Vansh: panda

Riddhima: monkey

Vansh: devil

Riddhima: donkey

They continuously fought for 10 minutes.

Finally, Angre came between them and said ” Stop your Angry bird fighting guys.”

Vansh and riddhima both r stopped fighting and looked at angre.

Angre: we r already late boss..Mr. Kapoor waiting for us.

Vansh understood and calm himself and turn to speak riddhima.

Vansh: so miss panda 🐼

Riddhima glared Vansh

Vansh: ok ok sry miss riddhima… What u want tell me money or anything.

Riddhima: I don’t want your money okay.

Vansh: u don’t want money and sry. So what do u want?

Riddhima: Mr. VR when I said I don’t want sry.

Vansh: what? Angre said sry to you na but u r the one who told him I don’t want sry.

Riddhima: correction I was saying that I would not forgive Angre so easily …I want him to say sry to my jann.., that’s it.

Vansh: that’s it.

Riddhima: yes

Vansh: interesting very interesting

Riddhima: So please say sry to my Sweety

Vansh glare Angry and he understood… went to scooty and said sry

Riddhima: good

Vansh: u happy now We can go

Riddhima: ok and sry for my rude behaviour…so frds

Vansh: Few minutes before u were fighting now u r saying friends… interesting very interesting

Riddhima: so friends or not

Vansh: friends!! saying this he shakes hand with riddhima

Angre was totally shocked bcz Vansh is not easily friends with anyone but it was unexpected

Riddhima: ok Bye…see you soon

Vansh: too

Trio left the place

In car

Angre noticed Vansh’s smile face.. Vansh also noticed angre has seen him so he asked Angre y r u looking at me.

Angre: vo… boss

Vansh: just tell me

Angre: y r u smiling boss

Vansh: I was thinking about that girl… Riddhima

Angre: what boss

Vansh: I mean she is so different na that’s y I mean it. Ok leave it… u focus on driving

Angre: yes boss

They reached Swaroop Nagar. Enter Mr. Kapoor house.

Mr. Kapoor warmly welcomed Vansh and angre.

It was a huge and beautiful mansion. Vansh like it especially the decoration

Vansh asked ” Mr Kapoor who decorated… it’s really beautiful…I am impressed”

Kapoor: my party planner Named Riddhima. She is a good party planner. I am so happy u like it.

Vansh thought “what Mr Kapoor is telling her name is riddhima. I think she is my riddhima.. what? from where she became MY….what I my riddhima..I think I overreacting… focus on your deal…. he can out from Lala land.

Kapoor: would u like to look around my mansion Mr VR

Vansh: yes

Kapoor: okay Mr VR I will show u

Vansh: no needed Mr Kapoor angre discuss about a business…I will go myself don’t mind it

Kapoor: no u can carry on VR

Vansh was roaming all the places of the mansion. He saw Riddhima and she was standing on a stool and doing something but she was about to fall from the stool. Vansh holds her in his arms.

He said, ” your nails really spikes, stop hurting me riddhima.”

Riddhima opened her eyes and saw vansh.

She said ” I m sorry. Her chain got stuck in his shirt. They shared an eye lock

Vansh was the first one who broke the eye lock and said” what r u doing here.”

Riddhima: I am a party planner and u tell me what r u doing”

Vansh: MrKapoorr is my business partner and I am here for a deal.

Riddhima tried to remove a chain but failed and this time vansh tried to remove the chain… His hand touch with riddhima’s hand and a shiver ran to Vansh’s body.

They again shared an eye lock.

Vansh finally removed the chain and said ” u know riddhima, you have really good decoration. I am impressed.

Riddhima: thank you vansh

Vansh: what did u say

Riddhima: I am saying tq Vansh

Vansh: not bad riddhima u called me Vansh I like it

Riddhima: we r friends nah.

U can also call me what u like it expect angry bird and 🐼 okay

Vansh: ok sweetheart but u not going to call me giraffe 🦒 and Donkey 🐎 okay

Riddhima: sweetheart!!!!! Not bad Vansh.

They talked few minutes.

Riddhima : Vansh tomorrow I will take u to my favourite place so r u free or not vansh.. will u come with me?

Vansh: of course I will come with you sweetheart

After hearing this riddhima immediately hugged vansh. Vansh was first shocked and later he also reciprocated the hug & blushed little.


Next is Last part of this os it will be riansh Swaroop nagar masti, Love confessions , marriage and romance

U know guys I have not visited Kanpur but my close friend Lived there. She is very special to me that’s why I added Kanpur to this OS.

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